Veterinarian Conference Recap

Veterinarian Conference Recap

At Evolution Dog Wash we’ve always had a real passion for dogs that extends throughout our personal lives. One of the reasons we created our revolutionary self serve dog wash was to make washing a dog easier for the many dog shelters and veterinarians who most often encounter neglected dogs. When we went to sell dog […]

Two Great Animal Welfare Groups

Being a dog lover and advocate for the welfare of animals, I like to recognize different organizations that share the same goals I do: to end the cruelty towards animals and educate society about the plight of neglected animals who have no voice of their own. These two organizations not only improve the lives of […]

Fundraising for Animal Shelters

In order to raise funds to keep non-profit animal shelters running, many reach out to people who’ve adopt pets from them. Adopters are typically already concerned with the welfare of animals and represent the greatest opportunity for donations.  However, donations don’t always meet the budget needs that most animal shelters must meet each month.  Therefore, […]
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  • On December 20, 2013
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