Dog Wash Stations for Car Washes

Make Your Car Wash a “One Stop Shop” for Cars and Dogs

The Evolution Dog Wash offers car wash owners the best solution for integrating a coin-operated dog wash into their facility. Our dog wash is the most technologically innovative self-serve dog wash available on the market. There are many advantages of including a self-serve dog wash at your car wash. These include:

  • Increased Revenue Stream: A self-serve dog wash offers an affordable way to grow your customer base and revenue stream.

  • Loyal Customer Base: Pet owners treat their dogs like members of their family. Tap into this loyal customer base by adding a self-serve dog wash to your car wash.

  • Real Time Income Analysis: The Evolution Dog Wash features state of the art digital technology, which allows owners to look at real time income amounts to see how well their dog wash is doing at any time. This allows owners to quickly see how well their dog washes are doing out in the field.

  • High Quality Construction: The aircraft steel construction of the unit allows car wash owners to use the unit either outside or inside. Our self-serve dog wash will last for years due to its high-quality construction.

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car owners also own a dog

Adding an Evolution Dog Wash to your space is an easy way to grow your customer base and expand your revenue. You’ll keep car owners on the property longer and the pets looking fresh.

People will drive farther for the dog wash. I think it’s the quality and cleanliness of our dog wash. On a Saturday, we’ll do 15 dog washes a day.”