Evolution Dog Wash is proud to introduce customers to their new virtual showroom where visitors to the Evolution Dog Wash Company’s website are able to get a virtual preview of our popular Evolution self serve dog wash.

New Virtual Showroom Features a 3D Model

Taking advantage of the latest technology, Evolution Dog Wash Company is excited to announce that we now offer an interactive 3D model of our premier dog wash system.  View the interactive model of the self serve dog wash here. With the new interactive 3D model, prospective owners will be able to better visualize the dog wash unit prior to purchasing and installing.

Easier Installation Using a Virtual Showroom

The virtual showroom will enable prospective buyers to not only have the dimensions of the dog wash system, but to also get a pretty clear idea of exactly where and how they will be able to position their dog wash unit in their facility, right down to the rough in for utilities. Once the owners have a clear 3D visual of the size and scope of their new dog wash system, installation should pretty much fall right into place.

Manufacturers Using Virtual Showrooms is a Trend

Home designers and the architectural industry have been using 3D technology applications for space planning for a few years now. The trend seeing an upswing now is manufacturers and marketers using this technology as an effective sales tool.

For manufacturers and distributors of exclusive and/or larger items such as Evolution’s dog wash, there is an obvious benefit to using a 3D virtual showroom. The customer is not likely to be able to readily make a trip to the actual sales floor to view the product prior to purchasing. This gives the manufacturer the opportunity to allow prospective buyers to truly view the unit from all sides and from different perspectives.  Clickable bullet points located on specific positions on the 3D model are used to highlight special features of items.  A zoom-in function allows for a close-up view of the product and a zoom-out function gives a birds-eye view.

3D Virtual Showroom is Not Evolution’s Only Technological Advance

The new 3D virtual showroom is not the first technological advance that the Evolution Dog Wash Company has taken advantage of with their dog wash systems.  Evolution is leading their industry with their newest and most technologically advanced self-serve dog wash system. This advanced dog wash keeps owners abreast of their business and features with live system monitoring and the ability to access data from a smartphone or tablet.

Visit Evolution Dog Wash at The Car Wash Show 2015

Evolution Dog Wash Company will be an exhibitor at the Car Wash Show 2015 in Las Vegas April 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Come and connect with us for a hands-on demonstration of our Evolution dog wash.  Car Wash businesses have been experiencing overwhelming success with the addition of Evolution dog wash systems. Visit our exhibit at the Car Wash Show 2015 to see our dog wash up front and to learn how your car wash business will benefit by adding one of our Evolution dog wash units.


The Evolution Dog Wash self-serve dog wash has attained CE Certification and now carries the CE Mark.

Evolution Dog Wash

What CE Certification Means For Evolution Dog Wash

Evolution Dog Wash is proud to announce that our Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash now carries the CE Mark, a visible sign of its compliance with the relevant product supply law, and our conformity with the relevant product safety directives. There are specific requirements of the European health, safety, and environmental protection legislation that the manufacturing of our dog wash has complied with.  Products that are CE certified and marked are entitled to move freely throughout the European market which includes a total of 28 countries. The CE Marking is also known as the “trade passport to Europe” for products that are not manufactured in the EU, so the Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash is now also available outside the US.

CE Marking 101

Once specific requirements have been met, a product can affix the CE Marking. The letters “CE” stands for  “European Conformity”,  and the CE Mark is a distinct symbol displaying the letters “CE”.  When you see the CE Mark affixed to an Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash, you know that it has met these requirements and can be legally placed on the market in certain countries outside the US.

Our CE Certification Process For CE Marking

Evolution Dog Wash went through a number of complex steps specific to our dog wash system in order to earn CE certification. Between testing, quality system assessment, and inspection, we are proud to have completed the required steps that shows our conformity with all the relevant legislations.

The Evolution Dog Wash Is Also ADA Compliant

In addition to CE Certification, we are proud to announce that the Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash system is ADA Compliant. Technically, this means that our dog wash machines have met the standards set by the Americans wish Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) in order to accommodate individuals with disabilities.  For our customers, this brings great news. ADA compliance means that the Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash is accessible and usable by those with disabilities. Opening up accessibility of the Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash means we can open up our dog wash machines to new customers who are wheelchair bound or who have limited mobility. Guide dog owners and therapy dog owners with disabilities will be able to appreciate the independence of using our ADA compliant self serve dog wash, and will find our machines even more convenient than bathing their dogs at home. Using the Evolution Dog Wash, individuals with limited mobility may find relief in not having to strain or bend to reach their dog while washing them. And overall, the time savings and convenience of our self serve dog wash machines will be appreciated by all.

Evolution Dog Wash Is Always Looking Ahead

There’s a reason why you’ll find the Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash in so many different types of businesses. Not only have we perfected the self serve dog wash machine, but at Evolution Dog Wash, we are constantly considering advancements to our dog wash machines that can benefit both our customers and our pets. Learn more about our dog wash company here.


At Evolution Dog Wash, we have some exciting news to share as we welcome in Spring! Even though our Evolution Dog Wash system is considered the “gold standard” dog wash in the industry, we’re not resting on our laurels. We are constantly working on ideas of how we can expand our product line to benefit our partners, and we never stop looking for ways to improve our products with features that provide both our business partners and our pets with added benefits. This Spring, we are excited to announce that Evolution Dog Wash has news on both fronts: We have introduced a new model of Evolution Dog Wash, and we’ve made an eCommerce improvement that will enhance your customer experience with us!


Introducing A New Model Of The Evolution Dog Wash

The newest Evolution Dog Wash model, the Evolution EZ is ideal for those who want a more affordable version of the Evolution Dog Wash, without losing the features that make the Evolution Dog Wash the best in the world. The Evolution EZ is constructed using the same 304B Aircraft-quality stainless steel material as the original, and includes the same one-year warranty, and interactive 3D modeling, but does away with touch screen controls and additional electronic functionality to save your business money up front, while still helping you generate income.


The New Evolution EZ & CE Dog Wash Models For Your Business

With the Evolution EZ, customers will benefit from our triple-filtration drain system, contoured non-skid platform, low maintenance easy-to-clean basin, and they’ll be able to use all the same conditioning, shampooing, drying, and specialty treatments as our other models. Since the new Evolution EZ functions just as any other Evolution Dog Wash machine, minus the electronic controls and monitoring, we expect businesses such as veterinary clinics and smaller apartment complexes to get the best use out of the new EZ model. For businesses that like the savings of the Evolution EZ, but would require an add-on feature such as a credit card reader or coin and token acceptor, those additional options are still available with the new EZ model.

For our overseas customers, we’re proud to offer the updated Evolution CE Dog Wash model. This updated model offers all of the features you’ve become accustomed to from our U.S. model, but with additional support for a variety of European currencies.


Purchasing Supplies and Evolution Dog Wash Machine Parts Just Got Easier

We are proud to now offer online shopping as part of our website. Now our customers can conveniently order supplies by the bottle or by the case using our new online store. And ordering additional or replacement parts just became easier with our eCommerce store where customers can buy anything from additional tokens and leash attachments to replacement pressure gauges. Of course, you can still contact us at anytime if you need customer service assistance.


Learn More About The Evolution Dog Wash System

We are excited about expanding our line without compromising the quality of our dog wash system or our customer’s experience. Use our online form or call Evolution Dog Wash today at 1-800-426-0760 to learn more about our premier dog wash system and how it can benefit your business.


Have you ever considered adding self-serve dog wash equipment to your business? If you haven’t, you’d be surprised at how beneficial it can be. Once dog owners have used commercial dog wash tubs, they never want to wash their pets any other way. In addition, your business becomes more competitive and gets a new revenue stream.

What Is a Self-Serve Dog Wash?

dog wash is a self-contained piece of equipment. It provides commercial dog wash tubs that are connected to existing water and power systems. The equipment also stores shampoo, conditioner and even a blow dryer. It’s very user-friendly and can complete a standard wash in 10 minutes. Customers love using self-serve dog wash equipment for a number of reasons:

  • They don’t need to get anything dirty at home – no bathtubs or towels.
  • They don’t need to clean up the tub used to bathe their dog and all the other places where the dog creates a mess with wet fur and paws.
  • They don’t need to quarantine their dog until it’s completely dry to avoid grinding dust, dirt or mud into the fur of a clean animal.
  • They don’t need to control their dogs, who are notoriously opposed to getting a bath until they can prepare a place to give them a bath; the self-service dog wash equipment is always ready to go.

Can Your Business Benefit from an Evolution Dog Wash?

Installing self-serve dog wash equipment makes sense for a number of businesses.

  • Multi-Family Apartment Buildings: Typically, apartment dwellers don’t have access to a garden hose in order to wash their dogs outdoors. Tenants are typically delighted to bathe their pets someplace other than the bathtub.
  • Car Washes: What is more natural than getting the dog clean while the car is getting clean? Besides that, it gives your customers something to do while they’re waiting.
  • Pet Stores: You probably let dogs in to browse with their owners, and with a dog wash, owners can kill two birds with one stone.
  • Veterinary Clinics: Pet owners are in your location for their pet’s health, and getting clean is a natural extension of your services.
  • Gas Stations: Many dogs claim the “shotgun” seat in their owners’ cars. It doesn’t usually take a separate trip to go home to get the dog; the owner can get gas and a clean dog at the same time.

How Can an Evolution Dog Wash Benefit Your Business?

An Evolution Dog Wash can help you attract and retain customers and improve your bottom line. For example, a dog wash will:

  • Provide a Competitive Advantage: It doesn’t matter if you’re managing an apartment complex or selling dog food, you’ll stand out in your marketplace if you have an Evolution Dog Wash. Given the option to frequent your business or one of your competitors’, the convenience you provide for your customers who own pets will factor into their choice.
  • Attract New Customers: The number of pet owners is growing all the time. When you provide a popular service for them, you’ll gain more loyal customers.
  • Impress Customers with Quality Construction and Products: High-quality self-serve dog wash equipment will impress your customers and become a revenue generator that makes you proud.
  • Add a New Revenue Stream: Dog washes pay for themselves quickly, and from then on provide a continuing stream of additional revenue that will enhance your bottom line.
  • Help You Calculate Return on Investment: Dog washes with electronic monitoring systems make life easy by letting you know when you need to refill products like shampoo, and when maintenance is due. Besides that type of information, electronic monitoring will also track revenue, allowing you to make sure you’re reaching your goals.

Adding an Evolution Dog Wash could be just the thing you’ve been looking for to help you expand your services, increase revenue and beat your competitors. Do you want to learn more? Contact us today!



Whether you own one apartment building or a portfolio of properties, you love providing residents with a comfortable, safe place to call home. You also love improving your bottom line, which is why you put your focus on your residents and learn which amenities will attract and retain renters. Let’s take a look at the amenities that appeal to pet owners, starting with a coin-operated self serve dog wash.

Dog Washing Stations

People love their pooches, and even if they don’t own their own home, they still like sharing a space with their canine companions. Of course, snuggling up to a fresh-smelling pup isn’t always so easy to achieve in an apartment setting. That’s where you come in! Setting up a commercial dog bath like the Evolution Dog Wash will give tenants a place to wash their pet; it will also help you stand out from the competition.

Dog Runs

What could be better than a nearby space to let dogs and their people run around? Even though your property is listed as pet-friendly, not all residents own a dog or want to interact with them across the complex. That’s why a dog run or fenced-off dog area is the ideal compromise. Inside the dog area, pets can play and socialize off-leash, and owners won’t have to worry about them running into the street.

Grooming Services

Many of your renters are likely working professionals, yet as pet owners, they still want to give their pooches the best care possible. You can make their lives easier by providing access to grooming services right on your property. Perhaps once or twice a week you could invite a local grooming service to offer on-site appointments. From nail clipping to ear cleaning to hair brushing and trimming, readily available pet services will appeal to renters and give them one more reason to renew or sign a lease.

Indoor Pet Play Areas

You wouldn’t likely need this amenity if your property was close to parks and walking trails, but you’d surely see the benefit if your property was located in an urban area. Plus, an indoor pet play area would be a definite draw during inclement weather. Dogs love to run around, but residents don’t want their furniture and breakables damaged. Solution? An indoor pet play area that lets energetic pups run around no matter how rainy or snowy it is outside.

Walking Services

As with grooming services, walking services are important for a healthy and happy pet. Your tenants may put in long hours at work and be unable to give their dogs an appropriate amount of daily exercise. To help them out, you could set up walking services as an addendum to their lease. Professional dog walkers will take pets for walks at the designated time and then secure the apartment once complete.

Dog Day Care

If your tenants have lively dogs, they may not want to leave their pets home alone all day for fear of costly damage. As the property owner, you will also appreciate their concern. A good solution is to set up a doggy day care room where especially active dogs can enjoy their days with human supervision.

Dog Parties

Instead of hosting parties just for residents, don’t forget to cater to their pets, too. Setting up pet-friendly parties can help residents and their dogs socialize and find new friends. Termed “yappy hour,” this event can occur on a regular basis and bring together like-minded people for a strong community, happy renters and well-cared-for pups.

Are you considering setting up a self-serve dog wash at your apartment complex? Contact us to us today to learn more. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Evolution Dog Wash professional dog bathing system, as well as explain how it can help you attract and retain renters.


Perhaps you own a car wash and have overheard customers discussing self-serve dog washing stations, but you don’t know what they look like or what they require. Then again, perhaps you own an apartment complex, where many of your residents own dogs but struggle with cleaning them in such a compact space. In any case, you know that you want to improve the lives of pets and their people and help your business at the same time. Investing in an Evolution Dog Wash is just the solution you need.

Investing in an Evolution Dog Wash

Each high-quality dog wash station will offer your business many years of use, and as such, it presents an initial investment that some people might not expect. Yet the benefits speak for themselves, matching and exceeding the investment in just a short period. Let’s take a look at how the Evolution Dog Wash can help your business succeed.

1. Additional revenue stream

Customers pay a pre-set amount every time they use the dog wash station. The default setting is $10.00 for 10 minutes of use, but you can adjust these parameters to suit your business needs. We ship the Evolution Dog Wash internationally, so we can program the unit to accept your country’s currency in the coin, bill and credit card readers; this gives both you and your customers total convenience with every wash. Since water usage costs average $1.00 to $1.50 per wash cycle, most of the money from each use becomes pure profit for you.

2. Added amenity for customers

Providing this amenity will help customers see your business as more appealing. Not only does it increase the likelihood of them returning, but it also means they could recommend you to their friends and colleagues. You know that a full clientele list can only improve your bottom line.

3. Quality construction

Since these dog cleaning systems have aircraft grade stainless steel construction and sturdy inner component, they continue working from start to close of business. Plus, with little to no maintenance required, each dog wash retains its reliable service and attracts new and repeat customers with ease. This could be the perfect segue into dog wash franchise opportunities. Check out our testimonials to see what others have to say about Evolution Dog Wash systems.

Financing Opportunities

You’re now confident that the Evolution Dog Wash is the product for you. The next question is, have you decided how you will cover the initial cost? Let’s review the financing options.

Monthly payment option

If you cannot afford to pay the full cost outright, you’ll want to split your costs into monthly payments. First, go to our financing page and select “Monthly Payments.” Enter the total cost of the dog wash system and hit “Calculate.” You’ll then see a list of monthly payments along with how many months it will take to fully pay off the bill.

Financing option

If you prefer to finance your system, you’ll pay back the money in installments, plus interest. Ascentium Capital, our financing partner, will help you determine the best method for your needs. Head to the financing page and select “Finance Amount.” Enter the amount you’d be comfortable with repaying each month, and hit “Calculate.” You’ll see the available terms and how much financing is associated with each.

A handy calculator

Let’s say you want to work backward: you have the total cost and you have a specific amount you’re comfortable paying off each month. How many months will it take? Go to the financing page and select “Solve for Term.” Enter your total cost and the amount you want to pay, and hit “Calculate.” The program will tell you how long you will be responsible for partial payments of the dog wash system.

Are you interested in purchasing a self-serve dog wash? Contact us to us today to learn more and to review your financing options.


Dog owners represent a significant portion of the population (about half, according to The Washington Post), so it makes sense for your business to target them as part of your growth strategy. Successfully marketing to dog owners can require some careful strategy, though, so use these insights to improve your outreach efforts.

Get Your Customers Involved

In many cases, your current customers will be the best advocates for your business. By identifying the right clientele and seizing upon the most appropriate opportunities, you can use the dog owners within your customer base to promote your business to other dog owners.

While this might take the form of simple outreach efforts like using consumer surveys, asking for client feedback to use in promotional efforts, and offering incentives for referrals, a more direct method of getting customers in on the marketing act is to show them using your products.

For example, if you have a self-serve dog wash, you can have your current customers showing how easy it is to use, how effective it might be, etc., as a way to appeal to potential new customers.

Utilize Social Media

The importance of social media marketing is difficult to overstate. For starters, there are large numbers of prospective customers who spend considerable time on the multitude of popular social media platforms out there.

Beyond that, though, the fact that marketing through social media is cost-effective, results in improved brand awareness/loyalty, and grants more opportunities for you to engage with your customers directly make it a prime choice for identifying dog owners and reaching out.

Case in point is Facebook’s ad platform, which allows you to target specialized audiences and concentrate on the dog owners you’d like to convert into customers. You can perform similar outreach efforts on other social media sites, so be sure to take advantage of such features whenever possible.

Find Pet Influencers

People respond well to other people (especially popular ones) which has made “influencer marketing” all the rage in recent years. By getting someone with a noticeable reputation within the world of all things “pet” to endorse you or collaborate on content, you can tap into their audience, boosting your base of potential customers.

Remember it’s not as simple as tracking down influencers and paying them to help you out in your marketing efforts. You’ll have to adhere to the rules on influencer marketing, and follow a few best practices to yield results. Above all else, keep it authentic.

Try Video

If you aren’t already incorporating video into your marketing strategy, you’re behind the curve. Video is one of the most compelling avenues for attracting new customers; including it in your outreach goals will provide a great way to show dog owners why they should be interested in your business.

For example, using video to highlight how much fun dogs have when using your products/services lets dog owners see your value in action, providing more incentive for them to check you out in real life.

Remember to do whatever you can to make your videos as accessible as possible, like creating thumbnails for your social media videos so that viewers can watch them without sound and still understand what’s happening.

Tying It All Together

Don’t forget the bottom line: pet owners love pet amenities. Consider adding an Evolution Dog Wash to your business in order to make it more marketable to dog owners, and be sure to contact us with any questions.


Looking for a way to make your car wash more attractive to new customers? 1 in 3 cars that come into a car wash have a dog in their household. You can make a big splash in your neighborhood and entice pet lovers to come back more often when you add an Evolution Dog Wash to your business.. Dog washes are a popular destination for anyone who loves making their pets a part of their lives — especially when they enjoy outdoor activities that can lead to muddy paws and the famed “wet dog smell.”

Not sure that dog washes are right for you? Check out the advantages of having a dog wash on site for your loyal car wash customers.

Top Advantages of Adding a Dog Wash

If you’re thinking about expanding your business or want to find ways to bring new customers to your car wash, a dog wash can be just the thing to boost your business. Here’s why:

  • Create a Loyal Customer Base: Your customers probably don’t love their cars the same way they love their pets. It can be hard to build loyal repeat business when you face competition from other local car washes, but a dog wash is a major draw. Pet owners will come again and again to get the pups clean — and when they do, they’ll wash their cars, too. That’s a win-win for your bottom line.
  • Real-Time Income Analysis: Evolution Dog Washes are sophisticated machines designed to provide you with all the analytics you need to monitor your income. The easy-to-read displays show exactly how much you’ve earned each day, month and year of operation. This feature is an optional addition and is not standard on all dog washes.
  • High-Quality Construction: Evolution Dog Washes are made of aircraft-grade stainless steel for years of use — no matter how rough-and-tumble the canine clientele. There are also thoughtful touches like UV-protected decals to protect your machine’s good looks and a non-skid wash platform to keep people and pets safe.

The Evolution Dog Wash and Your Bottom Line

Adding a dog wash to your business does more than just attract pet-loving customers to your car wash — though it does that brilliantly! It also provides a consistent revenue stream that gives you a wide profit margin on each wash. With the actual cost per wash of just $.90 to $1.20 — but a recommended retail price of $10 to $12 per wash — it’s easy to see how the dog wash pays for itself in short order. With just four washes per day, you could see $14,400 in revenue in a year: enough to pay off the machine and leave you with nothing to do but enjoy a big boost to your bottom line in subsequent