Self-Serve Dog Wash FAQs

All of our dog washes are made from Aircraft quality stainless for easy cleaning.  There is a triple filtration hair trap.
Approximately 100 dogs can be washed per gallon of shampoo in any of the Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash models.
Every dog wash is shipped with a starter kit that includes Berry Clean Shampoo, Neem flea and tick shampoo, Kiwi Conditioner and Kennelsol Disinfectant.  There is also a rinse and blow dry cycle.  The blow dry cycle features a two speed commercial grooming dryer.
As long as your products are compatible with the pumps and lines, you are fine.  We also supply a specially formulated product for the Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash System:  
Berry Clean Shampoo: $22.95/gallon
Kiwi Conditioner: $20.95/gallon
Neem Flea and Tick: $28.95/gallon
Kennel Sol Disinfectant: $ 32.95/gallon
There are tethers on either side of the dog wash. Also, the sides are high enough that most small and average size dogs won't try to jump out.
No, the Evolution self-serve dog wash comes crated in one piece.
All of our self-serve dog washes except for the manual model are coin-operated and accept bills.  Each dog wash is configured to accommodate the currency of the country it is shipped to.  They can also be programmed to accept tokens.
We have five different self serve dog wash models ranging from manual operation to internet capable monitoring. Read more here.
Once we receive the deposit it generally takes 6-8 weeks for you to receive the dog wash.
Here are the overall dimensions and weight of the Evolution Self-Serve Dog Wash: Length 81” / Height 70.375” / Depth 23.5” Weight 750 Pounds3 Crated Weight 1000 – 1050 lbs. approx. Here's the Owner's Manual
All that is required to install our self serve dog wash is to bring the water and electricity to the dog wash. See specs here.
The Evolution Dog Wash is designed to be familiar to the user, along the lines of a self serve car wash. Once you insert payment, the timer allows you to use the time you've paid for in any way that you choose. You can switch back and forth from the selections or spend all of your time on one, the choice is yours. All the products are infused into the water stream, allowing for most dogs to be washed in a matter of a few minutes
Models begin at $13,900. Prices on other models depend on selected features.