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Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash

You can rotate our 3-D dog wash model horizontally and vertically with your mouse (finger for tablets or smartphones). You can even flip it upside down and look underneath it.  Click on the green hot spots for a detail of that area. 

The Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash introduces technology never seen in the dog wash industry.

As a matter of fact, our self serve dog wash technology would be considered revolutionary in any industry. See our value proposition.

It’s still a dog wash, but it’s the most advanced coin-operated self serve dog wash ever conceived. While the user interface between the owner and their dog remains essentially the same, with some visible improvements, the technology offered to the owner of The Evolution Dog Wash is unprecedented.

The Evolution Dog Wash can offer technology that will allow the owner, at a glance, through a series of vivid color screens to diagnose the dog wash system, view the revenue, determine product levels, along with a myriad of other functions and will be able to be messaged either by text or other chosen method, of any diagnostics related to The Evolution Dog Wash either on site and even remotely. When we say advanced we aren’t kidding and you will be amazed at the information the dozens of screens will provide you.

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A variety
of models
to choose

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Evolution (rotary dial)

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Evolution PLC (push button)

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Evolution PLC w/ HD Monitor

Monitor on
self serve dog wash
for advertisers
and promoting
other services.

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Advanced Monitoring Available

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