Evolution Dog Wash



I own two Pet washes and love them!!! My customers enjoy having these pet washes in our community.

Shelley Ellmann


This machine is Awesome! With very minimal advertising i have built up a clientele of regular users. We have a community board in the dog wash and regularly receive positive feedback on what a great service to the community this facility is. Some of our senior citizens and people with disabilities have expressed how easy this machine makes it to wash their dogs. We also have some local veterinarians that will recommend the machine for dogs that have had a surgery and need a safe and stable place the bath their dogs. We regularly do 35 – 45 washes a week and are planning on honoring the request for another machine and or location. There is also outstanding support if ever needed from the people at Evolution Dog Wash. Thank you Evolution Dog Wash!

Lee Sentner ​


The Evolution Dog wash was the best investment I decided to make when building our new facility. I originally was going to purchase one unit but decided on two units ….thankfully I decided on two units as they have gone beyond the expectations that I had for them. we have acquired a loyal customer base with our original location and decided to build a second location and without hesitation decided on purchasing three more dog washes for the new location. Ordering soaps and ordering any maintenance items are very easy with the online store at Evolution. The Evolution staff do an excellent job! on timeliness and get the product to you without downtime. If you are considering ordering a machine and are comparing the Evolution dog wash to any other type of machine for dog washing you cannot get a better built or customer friendly machine than you get with the Evolution system.

Lonnie Barth​


I have owned several of these dog washes and they are a great addition to our car washes. We also have several clients that use these in their car washes and are having great success with them. Our pet customers really enjoy using them and have not had 1 complaint on the dog wash itself. This is a perfect product for this industry and pet owners alike. Great job Evolution!

Aaron Voorhees


We love our Evolution Dog Wash! The customer service is amazing and our fur babies love taking a bath in the dog wash. IT has been totally worth the investment!

Barcelona Jupiter ​


You need to try this machine. It has changed my life as a dog owner. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s economical and a whole lot of fun. I actually look forward to my dog getting dirty so we can use the Evolution Dog wash. I drive 40 minutes to the closest one, it is definitely worth it.

Tim Nelson ​


Evolution dog wash has been great to work with. We have two units in a very busy dog park, each until does about $40,000 in business per year. After three years the units are still going strong. The online store makes it very convenient to purchase supplies.

Sherman Hansen


We purchased our Evolution Dog Wash system when we opened our Boarding Facility about a year ago. Our drop-in pet parents love the ease and convenience of bathing their pups (no mess and no aching backs) and we use the system at our Boarding Facility to provide “Go Home” baths…as well as for our own pack of 7. This system is great for every size of pup…from the smallest to the largest (Koda, one of our Irish Wolfhounds fits just fine!)

One potential enhancement mentioned by our parents would be the ability to pause the timer to do an initial towel dry before using the blow dryer. As with any enhancement, there are pros and cons.

Sharon Hardaway ​


I can say that the 5 years that I have been using the Evolution Dog Wash equipment and products have been excellent. Their help and services are excellent. The customer support/service is always helpful and a excellent source for information.

Garry Jackson​


We have had The Evolution Dog Wash for almost 8 years now and it is extremely popular with our customers! Maintenance of the machine is very minimal. Also, the customer service team is wonderful as they are always extremely prompt in responding. Also appreciate the ease of ordering chemicals online.

Julieann Reed

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