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Top 10 Things to Know About Adding a Self-Serve Dog Wash to Your Pet Store

The addition of an automated self-serve dog wash to your pet store or grooming salon can be a great way to increase …

2023 Pet Industry Trends to Watch

2023 has been a year of change for every industry, and the pet industry is no exception. Pet brands and businesses must …

Meet Ellie Ogden, Marketing Intern

Meet Ellie Ogden, daughter of Matt Ogden, owner of Evolution Dog Wash.

Why Poodle Cross Breeds Require More Frequent Grooming

Did you know that more than 72 percent of all apartment renters have a pet? While this statistic includes both dogs and …

Meet Thomas Ridgwell: An Entrepreneur Generating Passive Income with Evolution Dog Wash

Thomas Ridgwell is an entrepreneur at heart. Always looking for the next opportunity to generate passive income, in 2022, he happened upon …

Family-Owned and Operated Besties Pet Wash Now Serving Small Town USA

"We thought that our community and the travelers throughout Montana would appreciate having a place to wash their pets," says Julia Hoagland, the 15-year-old manager of Besties Pet Wash.

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