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Whether you choose to purchase the EVOLUTION outright, for as little as $13,900, or with an installment contract for around $350 monthly with a $1 buyout, this top rated dog wash system not only creates value for your business, brand and reputation- it generates recurring revenue. Each month your revenue will increase from customers not only using The EVOLUTION, but they’ll have time to shop for other services. LEARN ABOUT FINANCING

With as few as four dogs being washed daily in the EVOLUTION, you can pay for the dog wash in just one year.

Weekends are very popular for pet owners to spend time with their family at a pet store, car wash, dog park, beach, etc. On weekends several of our EVOLUTION owners wash as many as 75 dogs. You can generate enough revenue in one year to not only pay off the dog wash, but you can also obtain a healthy profit margin. Some business owners have used the profit to purchase a second EVOLUTION.

Being able to wash their dogs more often means that customers will go to your store on a regular basis compared to your competitors.

Once customers are familiar with your store or brand, they are likely to spend more time in your store purchasing other routine or specialty items. Pet stores can average 200 or more customers per week. Owners of the EVOLUTION have reported an increase of 8-10% revenue gain being generated one year after the dog bathing system was installed. If a store has approximately 1200 sales per week, it is estimated that a minimum of 40 dogs will be washed, resulting in an additional $400 in revenue weekly.

The EVOLUTION is built to wash hundreds of dogs per month with minimal maintenance.

As little as $1 will go toward shampoo, water and electricity. Most customers will spend at least $10 for each dog wash. That’s a huge profit margin! Since the EVOLUTION is a stand-alone and self-contained dog wash, it also does not require additional storage space for other equipment. As the owner, you can change the time and prices of the washes to adjust for market conditions.

The EVOLUTION brings new customers to your business because you are now offering a credit card or coin-operated dog wash for customers to easily clean their pets at their convenience. One benefit is that customers can easily wash their dogs at any time and without making an appointment.

Your business can easily generate 8 to 10% additional revenue simply by having the EVOLUTION Dog Wash.

The EVOLUTION is a valuable standalone asset, but can also serve as a great addition to any existing business. The dog wash system is not only self-serve and coin and card-operated (accepts major credit cards), it can be used by consumers 24 hours a day. The EVOLUTION system is constructed out of stainless steel and will be a long-lasting asset for your business which requires little maintenance and repairs.

With the average customer washing his/her dog every three to five weeks, your business could easily generate 100 new regular customers monthly.

This also converts into additional retail sales of up to $50,000 annually, not including an additional $20,000 from our dog wash system alone. In our Australia operation, a survey was conducted with 30 pet stores that have a EVOLUTION. Until the dog wash system was installed, 40% to 60% of customers said they have never shopped at the store until friends told them how easy it was to use The EVOLUTION, they were seeking an easier way to wash their pets and grooming was too expensive. For every new customer that walks into your store, you can expect them to spend at least another $20 in dog food, collars and other items. In several cases, customers spent 25% on grooming products with the repositioning of products around the dog wash area.

If you own a car wash or other similar business, The EVOLUTION will attract other new customers. With one out of three or four car owners also owning a dog, the potential for increased revenue is enormous. When the weather is not conducive to washing cars, people are still going to wash their dogs. While your patrons are at your car wash, they will be more likely to buy other products inside the store.

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