Evolution Dog Wash


“Everyone in the building loves it”.

Just purchased a Dog wash for one of our properties, and I can’t say enough good things about it! When you call them, you’ll get great enthusiasm and helpful people! Great ideas on hook up, delivery, implementing into the property, etc.

Kyle Lepore


“We’ll do 15 dog washes a day”.

After researching every dog wash on the market we went with the Evolution Dog Wash units. Our decision was based on the quality build of the units, and our interaction with them.

Bo Bowen


“Very low maintenance ”.

We purchased an evolution dog wash to place in our new boarding and grooming facility almost 2 years ago. This 24 hour dog wash has turned out to be a excellent revenue generating machine! Very low maintenance and excellent customer support have made it a breeze.

Chad Kerr


“A laundromat is the perfect venue for E.D.W. ”.

We have had these machines for three years now and we could not be happier with the style of the machine and the great customer service!

Mark Natemeier


“Creates a friendly atmosphere”.

An absolutely fabulous product that will draw many customers to your store. Easy to maintain and use…Am contemplating my second one.

Horses and Hounds


“40% of truckers drive with dogs”.

People with disabilities have expressed how easy this machine makes it to wash their dogs.

Robert Hido

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