According to the National Apartment Association (NAA), pet-friendly amenities have the greatest impact on rent increases.

An E.D.W.can be a revenue generator or offered as a complimentary service. Earn the loyalty of your residents with pets with our high-quality self-serve dog wash.


Please enter the numberof apartments at your property

Please select your occupancy rate:

Please select the percentage of dog owners at your property.

The average dog owner washes their dog every3 to 5 weeks. Enter in numbers to get your ROI

This is your Estimated Revenue based on $10/wash.Expenses of $1 should be allocated to shampoo,electricity, water.

This is your Estimated capitalized value: (i.e.How much value your dog wash adds to your property).


279 units @ 91% occupancy x 50% dog owners= 127 dogs x 1 wash/month x 12 months= 1,524 washes per year x $10/wash= $15,240 in revenue - $1,524 in expenses= $13,710 in income from the washes per year / 6% cap rate = $228,501 of capitalized value

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