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Our products are specially formulated for the Evolution Dog Wash, and are gentle, effective and cruelty free. Our shampoo and conditioner is made with naturally derived ingredients and is paraben free, dye free, and designed to be safe and beneficial for pets with a long lasting fresh scent. We offer a Berry Shampoo, Flea & Tick Shampoo, and Kiwi Hydrating Conditioner. Our self-serve machines also come with a disinfectant for tub use only, not for use on pets.

No, we require customers to only use soaps and products supplied from Evolution Dog Wash in order to maintain the factory warranty. We do extensive testing on our products in our pet wash system and are confident in how they perform when washing pets or cleaning the tub. Warranty is considered voidable if nonapproved soaps and products are used in the Evolution Dog Wash. However, if you have an end user whose pet requires a special medical shampoo, they may bring their own product to wash their pet and only use the rinse cycle and disinfectant at the end.

We sell all our products and parts online. Click here to order.


Evolution Dog Wash machines come with built-in disinfectant to clean the machine between use in about 30 seconds; just press the cleaning button and rinse out the dog wash area. Plus our triple filtration drain creates less clogging so it’s easier to maintain. A full cleanse of the machine takes only about 5 minutes.

The Evolution Dog Wash is designed to be familiar to the user, along the lines of a self-serve car wash. Once you insert payment, the timer allows you to use the time you’ve paid for in any way that you choose. You can switch back and forth from the selections or spend all of your time on one, the choice is yours. All the products are infused into the water stream, allowing for most dogs to be washed in a matter of a few minutes.

No, the Evolution Dog Wash comes crated in one piece.

All that is required to install our Evolution Dog Wash is a water supply with plumbing connected to a sanitary waste drain and electricity. See specs for details.
Pricing varies from $10,700 for the mini to $21,700 for the PLC. Units can be upgraded and customized with additional features as well. For more information on models, pricing and customizable options, click here.


There are tethers on either side of the Evolution Dog Wash. Also, the sides are high enough that most small and average size dogs won’t try to jump out.

Approximately 100 dogs can be washed per gallon of shampoo in any of the Evolution Dog Wash models.


You can customize your unit to determine the payment method right for you. It can come with a coin and token acceptor, bill acceptor, and/or a credit card reader. Or in some cases no payment method required depending on customer needs.

Once we receive the deposit, it generally takes 6-8 weeks for you to receive the Evolution Dog Wash.


PLC/EZ standard size models:
  • Overall dimensions: 79.5 wide by 74.6 high by 27.7 deep
  • Weight of dog wash: Approximately 750 pounds
  • Weight of crated dog wash: Approximately 1,000 pounds
mini models:
  • Overall dimensions: 5.5 wide by 4.5 high by 2 deep
  • Crated dimensions: 80 x 33 x 65
  • Weight of crated mini dog wash: 500 pounds
  See specs for details.
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