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At Evolution Dog Wash we’ve always had a real passion for dogs that extends throughout our personal lives.

One of the reasons we created our revolutionary self serve dog wash was to make washing a dog easier for the many dog shelters and veterinarians who most often encounter neglected dogs. When we went to sell dog washes and wash shelter dogs at NAVC Conference for veterinarians in Florida earlier this year – our owner’s family, wound up adopting Riley and Napoleon, two of the shelter dogs we washed.


Riley and Napoleon both happen to be Yorkies, which are one of the pure-breeds most exploited by puppy mills and often neglected by those who are only interested in having the latest trendy breed or exotic mix. Many of the people who buy dogs have good intentions, but don’t know how to love and care for a dog. We feel it’s important that people know that “owning” or more appropriately “adopting” a dog is a life-long commitment to love, train, and tolerate personalities just like you would for any living being.

It’s estimated that there are 2.11 million puppies sold that came from puppy mills each year, and 3 million are killed in shelters annually because they can’t find homes.

Now onto the newest members of our dog family.

Riley was abused by his previous owner, but just look at his recovery! https://quik.gopro.com/v/7CXHDOJk2n/

Napoleon has bad teeth, vision issues, and bad knees and just needed a loving home to finish out his golden years. Staring into his eyes, you can see he’s an old soul with a happy easy-going personality.

Gary M. Sherman, Founder and Creator the Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash also created and lobbied for

The Adopt A Shelter Pet License Plate which is the second largest revenue grossing license plate in Colorado’s history, and it’s all for the animals!

Gary’s wife Tiffini is Founder and President at www.yorkierescueofamerica.org

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You work hard to keep your veterinary clinic clean, efficient and accommodating to all types of pets. You seek out new and innovative techniques, and you pride yourself on maintaining a high quality of care. However, sometimes you worry that your services are too narrow in focus, that you aren’t able to serve members of the community and their pets to the fullest extent possible. You also wonder if additional services like professional dog bathing systems could improve your bottom line. The short answer is yes. Here’s how.

Why You Should Update Your Veterinary Clinic

Taking the time to update your clinic shows that you care about the community. Today, people seek out clinics that feature more amenities and more services overall. They appreciate the convenience factor and like knowing they won’t have to shop around to give their pets the best care, whether for pet wash stations, grooming services, health checkups, training, daycare and more. Adding these amenities gives you a leg up on competition in the community, and it serves as a key differentiator to draw in new clients.

Additional Services

Here are additional services that could help you provide a more complete experience for your clients and pet patients.

Pet Wash Station

Presenting your clients with a commercial dog bath will bring a smile and a sense of relief. As a self-serve amenity, a dog grooming and bathing system like Evolution Dog Wash is convenient, low maintenance and revenue generating. In a busy environment like a vet clinic, you will begin earning a return on investment with every new user.

You’ll also love how Evolution models are built to last, since their aircraft stainless steel construction will serve you for years to come. There are several models to choose from, including the Evolution EZ, Evolution EZ+, Evolution PLC, Evolution Touchpad and more. Some models feature coin acceptors, Omron temperature controllers and selection buttons instead of a rotary dial. However, all models are high quality and feature a non-skid platform, countdown timer, shampoo products and a grooming dryer. To learn about financing options, click here.


Besides regular bathing, pets need grooming services as well. While the Evolution is strictly for dogs, grooming services can and should include all species, from cats and dogs to birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and other exotics. All pets deserve pampering.

You might want to incorporate an additional room where pet groomers can operate. In such a structure, pets would come to you for treatment and to your grooming staff for polishing up. From nail trimming to ear cleaning to wing clipping and more, grooming services would be a welcome addition to your clinic.

Daycare Facility

If you have the space available, you might also consider adding a daycare facility to your clinic, with either your own staff or else independent operators who rent out part of your clinic. (Collecting rent would give you additional revenue as well.) Here, pets can play and relax after receiving minor treatment or grooming services, and your clients won’t need to worry about taking time out of their busy work day. They’ll love how their pets will be in a safe, protected environment with qualified staff who provide all the walkies and games they need.

Training Options

Adding dog training to your clinic amenities could present you with another differentiator and potential source of revenue. Training classes can focus on basic commands like sit, stay, lay down, walk on a leash and more. Classes can also focus on potty training and politeness preferences, such as waiting at the door after outdoor play sessions, not jumping on tables or couches and so on.

Are you ready to start adding even more value for your clients and their pets? Reach out to us today to learn more about adding an Evolution Dog Wash at your veterinary clinic.


Almost every dog-owner has experienced a stressful visit to the vet at least once. Anxious dogs have a tendency to act out, and their behavior, in turn, makes you want to swear off check-ups forever.

It doesn’t have to be hair-pulling ordeal, however. Learn these 7 secrets, and your next visit to the animal care clinic should be smooth sailing.

Visit the Vet Before Your Appointment

Dogs do better in familiar surroundings. You can use this fact to your advantage by familiarizing your dog with the vet before that first visit.

Take a few casual trips that have nothing to do with your dog’s check-up, and you’ll find them less “freaked out” when it’s time for the real thing.

Don’t Let Your Dog Associate the Car or Carrier With the Vet

In the similar way, you don’t want your dog to associate a trip in the car (or their pet carrier) with a visit to the vet. If they do, they might become anxious whenever you summon them to either location.

To keep your pet from fearing their carrier, you’ll need to make it a “happy place.” Instead of making it a box you stuff them in only when you want to transport them to the vet, make the carrier a friendly, everyday hangout.

To make the car a less scary place, use it to take your dog to places other than the vet (like the park). That way, when you head to your vehicle, they’ll think of those good times (instead of the unpleasant ones).

Let Your Dog Get Used to Handling

During the visit, the vet may have to touch your dog in places they aren’t used to (like their mouth and ears). The remedy here is to get your dog used to having someone touch them.

Start massaging your dog’s paws, ears, and other areas that make them uncomfortable, then provide some positive reinforcement when they behave.

Talk to Your Dog During the Visit

Offering some words of encouragement can help your dog stay relaxed during a visit to the vet. Now, you shouldn’t “baby talk” your dog during the visit, as this will teach them thar acting out is an acceptable behavior.

Instead, keep a calm demeanor during the visit, and praise them when they behave to reinforce their positive behavior.

Make Your Dog Face You

Dealing with a relative stranger (the vet) might be unsettling. By making your dog look at you, you can provide them a measure of comfort.

For dogs that are especially spooked, you might want to try petting/or holding them in addition to making them look your way.

Give Your Pet Treats Throughout the Visit

If you’ve trained your dog in a particular fashion, they’ll offer their full attention when presented with a snack. You can use this to hold their focus and reward them for being obedient while the vet does their job.

Bring a Favorite Toy

Toys can serve as another way to calm your pet down when you’re at the vet. Just like with training your dog, present them with their toy when they’ve done what you’ve asked as a reward. This will reinforce calm behavior and train them to enjoy their visit to the vet.

The vet might seem like a stress-inducing task at first, but a few changes to your routine can make it a fun time for all.

Vets can further enhance the positive experience by including extras (like a pet wash) at their facility. You can contact us to learn more about the myriad benefits that doing so provides.