How Multi-Family Apartment Communities are Catering to Dog Lovers

Dogs are family. And with dog ownership on the rise, more and more people are seeking apartment communities that not only allow dogs but cater to them. Discerning residents seek amenities such as modern fitness centers, resort style swimming pools, community party spaces, outdoor grills and fireplaces; all things that make life more enjoyable. But what about dog owners? They are looking for a space that will welcome their dogs like family. Dog owners want dog parks on-site, well-designed gathering places for dogs and their owners, and grooming areas where they can safely and easily wash their dog.

One property that does this well is Motif Apartments in Flagler Village in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The property has designated three unique areas that celebrate dogs and their owners. The first area of note is the K9 Clubhouse. It’s an indoor space for dogs and residents to mix and mingle. The K9 Clubhouse is nicely designed with intriguing dog art on the walls, colorful benches and chairs and a bar area with a refrigerator and sink for “yappy hours” and other social gatherings. Plus, geometric tile floors make cleaning up the inevitable doggy accident a breeze.

Motif Apartments in Flagler Village in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The next area is Motif’s K9 Park, a beautiful outdoor space where dogs can run and get some exercise in a safe fenced-in area. The intricate fence is a masterpiece in and of itself. The main area is comprised of turf, concrete, trees and bushes creating an inviting atmosphere for residents and pets to mingle and enjoy time outdoors. The dog park also includes water fountains for owners and dogs, and of course complimentary doggie bags for dog owners to clean up after their pet. With no detail left untouched, residents appreciate this outdoor space designed specifically for their four-legged friends.

Motif Apartments in Flagler Village in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

And last but not least is Motif’s popular dog spa with a do-it-yourself Evolution Dog Wash. The wash is free for residents and includes everything needed for residents to safely wash their pet. The all-in-one dog wash includes shampoo, conditioner, flea and tick treatment if needed and a blow dryer, plus a disinfectant setting to clean out the tub at the end. The dog spa allows residents to wash their dogs in the community space without the mess of bathing in their own apartment.

Evolution Dog Wash at the Motif Apartments in Flagler Village in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

It’s easy to see why dog owners clamor to apartments with dog-loving amenities such as these, but apartment owners reap the benefits as well. Pet-friendly communities help attract and retain premium renters. This helps increase your ancillary income. By accommodating more pet owners, you are injecting a significant amount of extra revenue year in and year out, increasing the capitalized value of your property. And by offering a pet spa and amenities such as the Evolution Dog Wash, residents don’t have to wash pets in their own apartment, thus reducing overall plumbing maintenance and saving maintenance time and plumbing costs.

Dog-loving communities are a win-win for all. When planning new communities or renovating existing ones, consider going above and beyond to cater not only to human residents but four-legged tenants as well. It’s an investment that pays off. Dog lovers rejoice!

COVID-19 pandemic revitalizes Americans’ focus on pets, quality time at home and outdoor getaways

While many companies and small businesses are suffering during the coronavirus pandemic, others are better suited to survival and even getting a boost from the hit. According to CNBC and data compiled by ad-tech company Taboola, home improvement and pet products, among others, have all seen a surge in interest while most of the economy falters. With a reported 50 percent increase in consumer interest in pet products, we expect to see a growing emergence of new pet-related businesses—from the basics of food, toys and grooming, to TV channels and shows geared toward pets and dogs.

Due to COVID-related stay-at-home orders issued across the nation, consumer mindset has changed. People are most focused on what’s in front of them—their family, home and pets. More Americans are spending time gardening, working on home improvement and taking on DIY projects. In the rental market, the demand for single family rentals has increased, and multi-family apartment buildings must consider new ways to stand out and improve amenities to retain residents long-term.

There has been an unprecedented surge in pet adoption with shelters and rescue organizations reporting increases in adoption and fostering. In late March, New Yorkers had already adopted 10 times more pets than usual. Similarly, Los Angeles has seen a 70 percent increase in adoptions from shelters. Now that they’re spending more time at home, pet owners are able to provide even better care for their pets, and the companionship pets provide plays an integral role in their owners’ lives, perhaps now more than ever. A recent study from Banfield Pet Hospital® reveals 84 percent of pet owners feel more attuned to their pet’s health, with 67 percent planning to make changes to how they care for their dog or cat. As pets play a more central role in our lives, companies should consider ways to support this pet-friendly demographic.

Summer vacation plans look different this year with a growing number of people avoiding hotels and airline travel. People are spending more time with their pets at parks, campgrounds and hiking local trails. Families are looking for accessible and affordable outdoor getaways. RV and camper rentals have increased with astounding numbers as a way to travel, social distance and enjoy the great outdoors. An article in Car and Driver reports, “rental company RVShare, was claiming a 650 percent increase in rental traffic since early April.” And it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

The market is ripe to attract pet-friendly guests. Companies should consider ways to make their businesses more pet-friendly and attract dog owners. The Evolution Self-Serve Dog Wash is a great amenity for not only “pet focused” businesses such as groomers, veterinary clinics, pet stores, dog-parks and dog-beaches, but also multi-family apartment buildings, car washes, RV parks and campgrounds. Offering pet-friendly amenities is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

“Dog owners love their dogs and will go out of their way to seek out dog-friendly locations to ensure the best experience for them and their dogs,” says Matt Ogden, owner of Evolution Dog Wash. “We’ve seen an increase in calls lately with people looking to incorporate an Evolution Dog Wash into an existing RV Park or as they build out a new location.” Catering to dog-lovers makes them more loyal customers and gives them a reason to visit again and again.

The Evolution Dog Wash is not only a great way to attract people with pets but it’s a great way to generate more revenue for your business. The investment not only pays for itself, it continues generating profit for years to come. Whether you’re building a new destination or improving an existing location consider adding a pet-friendly amenity with perks for you and your guests.

Dog Socialization for Happy, Healthy Dogs

You have a social life, your dog should have one, too!

Socializing your dog from an early age can help your pet be more confident and less fearful in unfamiliar situations. Socialization begins with the breeder through specialized programs, such as Puppy Culture, and continues with the owner. By introducing your puppy to new situations, different people, places and things in a safe and positive manner, your puppy will grow into a friendly, healthy, happy and well-adjusted dog.

How to socialize your puppy

When your puppy first comes home, follow these basic suggestions from the American Kennel Club to help socialize your puppy:

  • Introduce your puppy to new sights, sounds and smells.
  • Make it positive, with the appropriate amount of treats and praise.
  • Involve the whole family, including the kids.
  • Avoid doing too much too fast by introducing your puppy to a few family members and introducing new strangers slowly.
  • Take your puppy into the public, such as the pet store or on a puppy play date.
  • Enroll in puppy classes to teach basic obedience.

Get more info on how to socialize your dog during social distancing here.

How apartment managers and property owners can provide a dog-friendly environment

Dog ownership is growing among single people as well as apartment renters. By providing opportunities for tenants to socialize their dogs, property managers can provide a pet-friendly environment that is attractive to renters with dogs.

Here are a few ways property managers can play a role in promoting a pet-friendly atmosphere with social opportunities for pets and their owners.

Provide a dog washing station on property. With the increased development of pet-friendly buildings, a self-serve dog wash is one of the most sought-after amenities. After working with hundreds of apartment properties that have purchased the Evolution Dog Wash to attract and retain tenants, we’ve learned some of their most popular social activities revolve around pets.

Promote pet-friendly social events to benefit both pets and their owners. Just like people, dogs who spend time interacting, exercising and socializing with other dogs lead healthy and happy lives. It’s a great way for dogs to meet other dogs, and dog owners to meet other dog owners. Here are a few ideas to get you started

  • Host “Yappy Hours”, a happy hour playdate for dogs and their humans.
  • Hold a “Walk and Wash,” a walk or doggie playdate where tenants and dogs can get some exercise while socializing and finish with a dog wash in the Evolution Dog Wash.
  • Plan a costume party, and not just for Halloween. Many pet lovers enjoy dressing their dogs to celebrate different themes and holidays throughout the year.

Dog socialization is an important part of a happy, healthy life for any dog, young or old. Differentiate your property from others in your area by creating a unique, pet-friendly environment for pet lovers.


If you are a pet lover, you can often feel like a “black sheep” when it comes to finding a pet friendly apartment complex.  Many management companies require hefty deposits and make it extremely expensive to rent an apartment.  Thankfully there are some pet friendly apartment complexes that understand how much you love your animal and are happy to provide you with a new home.

Before signing a lease for your next home, use the following tips to find your next pet friendly apartment.

Things To Look For in Pet Friendly Apartment Complexes:

Search for Pet Friendly Apartment Complexes

This may seem obvious, but it is important when searching for an apartment that you seek out complexes that rent to owners with pets.  There are entire websites such as, which cater to pet owners looking for a place to live.  You can also search for apartments on sites like Craigslist, but just make sure that you choose a complex that clearly states that they accept tenants with pets.

Negotiate With Landlords

If you’ve found the perfect apartment or house, but the owner is not willing to rent to you because you have a pet, try to negotiate with the landlord.  Sometimes money talks and if you offer a larger security deposit you may convince the landlord to rent to you.

Have Strong References

Another great way to improve your chances of snagging the perfect rental is by having strong references.  These can help landlords determine that you took great care of your previous residences which should make them feel better about renting to you in the future.  These references should preferably be past landlords so that you can build credibility.

Have a Well-Behaved Pet

Many apartment complexes that accept pets actually require a pet interview.  If this is the case for your apartment of choice, it is important to talk to Fido about being on his best behavior during the interview!  In all seriousness, having your pets complete obedience training can work wonders when it comes to showing others how well behaved your pet can be.

Find an Apartment Complex With a Self-Serve Dog Wash

One of the great reasons to choose a pet-friendly apartment complex is because they may offer amenities unheard of with most apartments.  One of these amenities that you should be on the lookout for is a self-serve dog wash.  While some complexes may offer a simple tub & hose area, finding a company that offers a self-serve dog wash can be a lifesaver.  No longer will you have to wash your pet in your bathtub and we’re pretty sure that your dog will love being washed outside.  These self-serve models are extremely user friendly and even include flea shampoo as well as dryers to ensure that you don’t have to deal with a wet dog lounging around on your furniture.

For more information on self serve dog washes from Evolution Dog Wash, give our office a call today at 800-426-0760.


As the baby boomers begin to slow down and even retire, senior communities around the country are rolling out the red carpet to entice this huge infusion of new individuals.  One requirement that many of these seniors have is a safe and comfortable place to live, not only for themselves but in many cases for their furry friends as well.


Senior Living Communities Becoming More Pet Friendly

Just a few years ago in 2005, very few senior living communities accepted pets.  Fast forward to today and a recent New York Times piece pointed out that an estimated 40% of senior communities welcome pets.  This is largely due to the huge shift in many seniors’ affinities towards pets that has caused a seismic shift in the marketplace.


Not only are these senior communities becoming more accepting of pets but they are also adding a variety of amenities that pamper pets, which in turn pleases their owners.  Some of the amenities that are being added to senior communities around the country include dog washing stations, dog parks, agility courses and much more!


Top Dog-Friendly Communities for Seniors

We’ve put together a list of 5 of the top dog-friendly communities for seniors across the country.


The Palace Suites, Royale, and Renaissance

11355 SW 84th Street

Miami, FL 33173


The Palace Suites in Miami offers both accommodations for active seniors as well as options for long-term care if necessary.  These wonderful senior rental communities are all extremely pet friendly and offer a continuum of care for both the residents as well as their family members.  The various communities have specialized staffing in place to handle the ever-changing needs of a senior community.


Atria Hacienda

44600 Monterey Avenue

Palm Desert, CA 92260


Residents of Atria Hacienda are able to enjoy luxurious living including a movie theater, fitness center, a full-service grill and even a luxurious spa.  Atria Hacienda caters to seniors with pets and will welcome both residents as well as their furry friends with open arms.


The Village at Duxbury and Allerton House

290 Kingstown Way

Duxbury, MA 02332


This lifestyle community is a full service senior center dedicated to individuals aged 62 and over.  Opened in 1994 the 38-acre campus offers a beautiful, wooded backdrop that is a favorite among the many residents that call this great community home.  Full pet care is available as well.


The Taylor

3100 Carlisle Street

Dallas, TX 75204


The Taylor offers luxury living in Dallas at its finest.  Some seniors are not quite ready to move to a senior-only community and would rather just live somewhere that offers full amenities and maintenance-free living.  The Taylor is in the heart of Uptown Dallas and even has a dedicated Evolution Dog Wash to keep your furry friends clean year round!


Brookdale Skyline

2365 Patriot Heights

Colorado Springs, CO 80904


Brookdale Village offers a senior living community focused on independent living.  With a full calendar of special events as well as luxury amenities, seniors will undoubtedly fall in love with their new home at Brookdale Village.  Both dogs and cats are welcome as well.


Pets Will Continue to be Welcomed At Senior Communities Across the Country

As more seniors begin to transition toward senior living communities, there is little doubt that pet friendly communities will continue to grow.  This is good news for the droves of pet loving seniors across the country.


With pets playing an even larger role in the lives of families than ever before, gone are the days where most homeowners just left Fido at home to play outside while family members traveled or went to work.  The doggie daycare industry has seen a huge uptick in popularity over the past few years as more people look for ways to entertain their pets while they travel or work.  With the entire pet industry accounting for over $58 billion in revenues in 2014, it’s no secret that Americans love their pets!  The American Pet Products Association indicates that in 2014 $4.84 billion was spent just on pet grooming & boarding alone.  In this blog we’ll outline what to look for in a doggie daycare facility and interview a local Cleveland dog trainer with ample experience as to what constitutes a safe and fun boarding facility for your dog.


Paul-Pollock-Sit-Means-SitWhat Does a Leading Cleveland Dog Trainer Have to Say About Doggie Daycare Facilities?

We interviewed our friend Paul Pollock who is owner of Cleveland’s own Sit Mean Sit.  Paul’s company works to provide all sorts of dog training to residents of the Cleveland area.  We asked Paul a few questions about his experience with dog boarding facilities and what dog owners should look out for when choosing a doggie daycare.


What red flags should you look for in a dog boarding facility?

Facilities that don’t ask for vaccinations and veterinary records could be a red flag.  Also, if a facility is not willing to show you where the dogs are staying it could mean that they’re ashamed of their conditions.  If the facility stinks where they’re willing to take you, it is likely much worse where the dogs are being kept.


What are some important questions to ask the facility?

What is the dog to staff ratio?

How long has the facility been in business?

What’s their protocol if a dog gets sick or injured?

Will they provide contact information for current clients?


How do you know you’re getting what you’ve paid for?

If the facility staff can tell you specific things about your dog it shows that they actually are getting to know your dog and aren’t just leaving him or her in their cage all day.  Also you should be able to get a sense of the staff knowledge to determine if the facility employees will be able to respond to your dogs needs.


What is a good size play area for small dogs, big dogs, etc..?

I would say it’s not as important as how how safe the areas are and how the dogs are being supervised.


At Evolution Dog Wash We Always Put The Dogs First

Just like Paul, at Evolution Dog Wash we’re committed to dog boarding facilities that provide the highest level of care to our pets.  We understand that dogs are an integral part of our families and if we have to leave them somewhere we want to make sure that the facility cares for our dogs in the best way possible.  We hope that you’ll do a bit of investigating prior to dropping your dog off at a doggie daycare facility in the future.


As more Americans become pet owners, real estate investors and property owners are learning that catering to these pet lovers makes great business sense.  In the past many properties banned pets completely.  However, as the number of empty nesters continues to grow and young people delay marriage, pets are filling the voids of companionship for a large segment of the population.  This is proven with record levels of pet ownership in the U.S.


The American Veterinary Medical Association published some surprising statistics related to pet ownership in America.

  • Over 74 million households have at least one pet
  • Over 43 million households have a dog
  • Dog ownership is growing, especially among renters and singles
  • Between 2006 and 2011, the latest period of time where data is available, dog ownership grew 39% among women living alone, 48% among men living alone and 46% among apartment renters.


How Are Property Owners Responding?

Property owners are now finally starting to roll out the red carpet to pet owners.  They are using a variety of a amenities that are not only accommodating for renters, but for their pets as well.  A few of the most popular pet amenities that will sure to be a hit in 2016 include:


Dog Parks

For years large neighborhoods have been installing dog parks as a way to draw in pet loving residents.  Apartment owners themselves are beginning to include dog parks in their construction plans.  Apartments around the country are offering dog parks to help attract pet owners.  Even apartment owners in urban areas like New York are installing roof top dog parks for pet owners looking to keep their pets healthy and active, even in the city.


Dog Washing Stations

Dog washing stations are another pet amenity that is growing in popularity among multi-family property owners.  These pet washing stations allow pet owners to wash their pets without the normal mess that occurs when using a normal bathtub.  Property owners are looking to models like the Evolution Dog Wash that offer years of worry free service for a large multi-family property.


Dog Walking Services

Some apartment owners in large metropolitan areas are even offering dog walking services for their busy tenants.  How great would it be if you could assure your dog was getting his or her daily exercise thanks to dog walking from your apartment staff?  This dream is now a reality in a number of apartment complexes around the country.


Grooming Services

Another growing trend in luxury apartment buildings are pet grooming services.  Simply drop your pet off on the way to work and come back to find your furry friend bathed and groomed!


Indoor Pet Play Spaces

No one loves rain, especially pets!  While outdoor dog parks are great when it’s nice and warm outside, they don’t serve much of a purpose during the winter months or when it’s raining.  A few apartment owners have taken this concern to heart by installing indoor pet play spaces for those times when playing outside is not conducive for pets.


Evolution Dog Wash Excited About These New Pet Amenities

At Evolution Dog Wash we’ve been advocating for additional pet amenities in multi-family apartment buildings for years.  It finally seems as if property owners are starting to listen.  We hope to see property owners continue to be accommodating to the growing number of pet owners across the country.


Why in the world would a dog wash station appeal to residential property owners? Dogs don’t pay rent, after all. But think about it. Dog owners do. And dog owners are dog lovers. Anything that can enhance their lives while also enhancing the lives of their pooches is a major value-add when they choose a place to live.

‘Yappy Hours’: Parties for Dogs and Owners

Anyone who’s ever rented an apartment or bought a condo in a multi-tenant environment has seen the popular social magnet offered by the property: the happy hour. It’s a tool for encouraging socialization, as well as giving the property a “community” feel.

But why not add to the effectiveness of the happy hour by adding a component for your dog-loving residents? Call it the “Yappy Hour.” Instead of just people, have residents bring their dogs. As the dogs play and bond, so will the residents. It will be one of the highlights of their week, not to mention a great addition to the property managers’ menu of value-adds for residents and prospective residents.

Other Pet Perks for the Savvy Pet Owner

Now, let’s take it one step further. There’s dog and owner socialization, and there’s dog and owner convenience. That’s where Evolution Dog Wash comes in. Pet owners who live in multi-tenant properties don’t have basements or backyards. If they want to wash their dogs, it usually means a trip to the professional groomer, a good bit of pocket change and the chance that their pooch will bite the groomer or tangle with another dog or two, not to mention the trauma some dogs experience when in the hands of strangers. And, of course, the inconvenience and the expense.

Evolution Dog Wash is a state-of-the-art, custom-built self-service facility that requires very little space, will allow owners to pamper their pooches while grooming them and saves the owner money over third-party groomers. While the very reasonably priced (because operating expenses are extremely low) dog wash can be a profit center, property owners can also offer the service as a free “perk” to pooch-loving residents and prospective residents. Having an Evolution Dog Wash station can be the difference maker between signing that prospective renter and losing him/her/them to another property, and retaining current residents in the competitive world of giveaways and perks.

An Evolution Dog Wash is a perfect complement to the complete pet-friendly residential environment. For example, the owner’s beloved pooch romps around in the facilities pet recreation area and gets a bit grungy. Formerly a major pain, it’s now no issue. The owner needs only to visit the Evolution Dog Wash station to wash her pup’s dirt away and even enhance its aura with easy-to-apply fragrance.

Other amenities that property owners can employ and highlight include pet-sitting services, bowls of treats scattered throughout the property and even dog-walking services. Dog owners will respond favorably to any and all of these amenities.

To sum up, our society is growing more and more dog-friendly. From retail stores to outside restaurant dining areas, being dog-friendly is becoming de rigueur for any people-oriented enterprise that wants to increase its patronage and revenue. (Remember, even if the dog wash is provided for free, the decrease in operating expenses due to a more stable resident population will more than make up for the lack of direct revenue.)

Pet owners love to spoil their animal companions. The perks listed here are some of the popular and practical ways to help them do just that (and in the case of the Yappy Hour, do some good for themselves). But the icing on the cake just might be the Evolution Dog Wash. It’s the ultimate self-service dog wash available today and will spoil both the pets and their owners. Contact Evolution Dog Wash today for more information and answers to any questions you may have.


Whether you own one apartment building or a portfolio of properties, you love providing residents with a comfortable, safe place to call home. You also love improving your bottom line, which is why you put your focus on your residents and learn which amenities will attract and retain renters. Let’s take a look at the amenities that appeal to pet owners, starting with a coin-operated self serve dog wash.

Dog Washing Stations

People love their pooches, and even if they don’t own their own home, they still like sharing a space with their canine companions. Of course, snuggling up to a fresh-smelling pup isn’t always so easy to achieve in an apartment setting. That’s where you come in! Setting up a commercial dog bath like the Evolution Dog Wash will give tenants a place to wash their pet; it will also help you stand out from the competition.

Dog Runs

What could be better than a nearby space to let dogs and their people run around? Even though your property is listed as pet-friendly, not all residents own a dog or want to interact with them across the complex. That’s why a dog run or fenced-off dog area is the ideal compromise. Inside the dog area, pets can play and socialize off-leash, and owners won’t have to worry about them running into the street.

Grooming Services

Many of your renters are likely working professionals, yet as pet owners, they still want to give their pooches the best care possible. You can make their lives easier by providing access to grooming services right on your property. Perhaps once or twice a week you could invite a local grooming service to offer on-site appointments. From nail clipping to ear cleaning to hair brushing and trimming, readily available pet services will appeal to renters and give them one more reason to renew or sign a lease.

Indoor Pet Play Areas

You wouldn’t likely need this amenity if your property was close to parks and walking trails, but you’d surely see the benefit if your property was located in an urban area. Plus, an indoor pet play area would be a definite draw during inclement weather. Dogs love to run around, but residents don’t want their furniture and breakables damaged. Solution? An indoor pet play area that lets energetic pups run around no matter how rainy or snowy it is outside.

Walking Services

As with grooming services, walking services are important for a healthy and happy pet. Your tenants may put in long hours at work and be unable to give their dogs an appropriate amount of daily exercise. To help them out, you could set up walking services as an addendum to their lease. Professional dog walkers will take pets for walks at the designated time and then secure the apartment once complete.

Dog Day Care

If your tenants have lively dogs, they may not want to leave their pets home alone all day for fear of costly damage. As the property owner, you will also appreciate their concern. A good solution is to set up a doggy day care room where especially active dogs can enjoy their days with human supervision.

Dog Parties

Instead of hosting parties just for residents, don’t forget to cater to their pets, too. Setting up pet-friendly parties can help residents and their dogs socialize and find new friends. Termed “yappy hour,” this event can occur on a regular basis and bring together like-minded people for a strong community, happy renters and well-cared-for pups.

Are you considering setting up a self-serve dog wash at your apartment complex? Contact us to us today to learn more. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Evolution Dog Wash professional dog bathing system, as well as explain how it can help you attract and retain renters.


While many people dream of having a canine companion by their side, they often feel as if their living arrangements are not compatible with being a responsible pet owner. Often, these circumstances arise for apartment dwellers who do not have large outdoor spaces to accommodate a canine. After several recent studies have shown the immense emotional and physical health benefits that pet ownership provides, however, pet-friendly apartment complexes are on the rise. Within these establishments, it is possible for you and your dog to live happily ever after in an apartment. The key, however, is to find the right one. While some may claim to be accepting of pets, be sure that they also include pet amenities, like an outdoor space or an Evolution Dog Wash.

Another important factor to consider is the breed of dog that you choose to welcome into your apartment. Some breeds are much more suitable for the apartment life than others, and you will need to take this into consideration to ensure that your pet will be happy and healthy in your home.

Less-Active breeds

Unlike those who live in a traditional house, opening the back door and letting your canine roam outdoors all day is not an option for apartment dwellers. For those who do have limited access to outdoor space, or space in general, it may be wise to opt for a less active breed of dog. These dogs, naturally, will still need regular walks and exercise; however, in comparison to other breeds they have significantly less energy to work off each day. They are also generally smaller than average breeds, meaning that they do not take up much space and do not need large living quarters. While some of these breeds are more vocal and demanding than others, they are frequently fairly low maintenance pets for those who reside in apartment complexes. Some of the most popular “lethargic” breeds, include:

  • Pugs
  • English Bulldog
  • Shih Tzu
  • Basset Hound
  • Miniature Pinscher

Active Breeds

Another great option for apartment dwellers are active breeds that also do not require large living spaces. These dogs are a better choice for an apartment dweller who frequently hikes, jogs or has access to a large, pet-friendly outdoor space. Each one of these breeds has their own personality. Although in comparison to lazier breeds, they generally will be much more willing to join you on a hike or for a game of fetch. Other factors to consider for apartment living include the level of noise they are known to make as well as their general temperament towards strangers. These are crucial points to consider to ensure that you, your pet and your neighbors are all happy with your living arrangement.

  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Greyhound
  • Boston Terrier
  • Bichon Frise
  • Poodle

Adopt a Dog!

After you have determined which breed is most suitable for your lifestyle and living arrangement, be sure to visit your local shelter. Shelters are often full of lovable dogs who are seeking a loving, forever home. Similarly, the employees at the shelter will likely be able to provide a lot of information on the dog you are interested in adopting and can help you to determine which canine is most suitable to join you in your home.

Contact us to learn more about adding an Evolution Dog Wash to your apartment complex.