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How Multi-Family Apartment Communities are Catering to Dog Lovers

Motif Apartments in Flagler Village in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Dogs are family. And with dog ownership on the rise, more and more people are seeking apartment communities that not only allow dogs but cater to them. Discerning residents seek amenities such as modern fitness centers, resort style swimming pools, community party spaces, outdoor grills and fireplaces; all things that make life more enjoyable. But what about dog owners? They are looking for a space that will welcome their dogs like family. Dog owners want dog parks on-site, well-designed gathering places for dogs and their owners, and grooming areas where they can safely and easily wash their dog.

One property that does this well is Motif Apartments in Flagler Village in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The property has designated three unique areas that celebrate dogs and their owners. The first area of note is the K9 Clubhouse. It’s an indoor space for dogs and residents to mix and mingle. The K9 Clubhouse is nicely designed with intriguing dog art on the walls, colorful benches and chairs and a bar area with a refrigerator and sink for “yappy hours” and other social gatherings. Plus, geometric tile floors make cleaning up the inevitable doggy accident a breeze.

Motif Apartments in Flagler Village in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The next area is Motif’s K9 Park, a beautiful outdoor space where dogs can run and get some exercise in a safe fenced-in area. The intricate fence is a masterpiece in and of itself. The main area is comprised of turf, concrete, trees and bushes creating an inviting atmosphere for residents and pets to mingle and enjoy time outdoors. The dog park also includes water fountains for owners and dogs, and of course complimentary doggie bags for dog owners to clean up after their pet. With no detail left untouched, residents appreciate this outdoor space designed specifically for their four-legged friends.

Motif Apartments in Flagler Village in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

And last but not least is Motif’s popular dog spa with a do-it-yourself Evolution Dog Wash. The wash is free for residents and includes everything needed for residents to safely wash their pet. The all-in-one dog wash includes shampoo, conditioner, flea and tick treatment if needed and a blow dryer, plus a disinfectant setting to clean out the tub at the end. The dog spa allows residents to wash their dogs in the community space without the mess of bathing in their own apartment.

Evolution Dog Wash at the Motif Apartments in Flagler Village in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

It’s easy to see why dog owners clamor to apartments with dog-loving amenities such as these, but apartment owners reap the benefits as well. Pet-friendly communities help attract and retain premium renters. This helps increase your ancillary income. By accommodating more pet owners, you are injecting a significant amount of extra revenue year in and year out, increasing the capitalized value of your property. And by offering a pet spa and amenities such as the Evolution Dog Wash, residents don’t have to wash pets in their own apartment, thus reducing overall plumbing maintenance and saving maintenance time and plumbing costs.

Dog-loving communities are a win-win for all. When planning new communities or renovating existing ones, consider going above and beyond to cater not only to human residents but four-legged tenants as well. It’s an investment that pays off. Dog lovers rejoice!

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