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Built to wash hundreds of dogs per month with minimal maintenance, the Evolution Dog Wash system generates ongoing revenue for your business and grows your customer base. This premium amenity quickly becomes an asset that strengthens your brand and reputation. Discover the positive impact that the Evolution system can have on your multi-family community, car wash, pet store, laundromat, dog grooming business, military base, travel center, RV park, dog beach, campground, and so many other facilities. It doesn’t take long to pay for the system and turn dog washes into profits.

evolution dog wash system

    review rating 5  Just purchased a Dog wash for one of our properties, and I can't say enough good things about it! When you call them, you'll get Gary the owner, great enthusiasm and loves to help! Great ideas on hook up, delivery, implementing into the property, etc. etc. Great customer service, and the machine itself is very commercial-grade and well built. You get what you pay for, and you won't be disappointed in the product or services provided by Gary and his team.

    thumb Kyle Lepore

    review rating 5  I have owned several of these dog washes and they are a great addition to our car washes. We also have several clients that use these in their car washes and are having great success with them. Our pet customers really enjoy using them and have not had 1 complaint on the dog wash itself. This is a perfect product for this industry and pet owners alike. Great job Evolution!

    thumb Aaron Voorhees

    review rating 5  After researching every dog wash on the market we went with the Evolution Dog Wash units. Our decision was based on the quality build of the units, and our interaction with Gary Sherman. Gary has proven to be a great asset not only before the sale, but more importantly, continues to be after the sale. We have had the units in place for 3.5 months and so far they have performed flawlessly. The washes have been well received by our car wash/dog wash customers, and have been a great additional draw to our property. We plan on many years of profitable use.

    thumb Bo Bowen

Just some of the business sectors that have our self-serve dog washes at their locations.


Multi-Family Apartments


Car Washes


Pet Stores & Spas


Vet Clinics

Revenue Calculator for Evolution Dog Wash

See how long it would take to pay off your Evolution Dog Wash

The average dog owner washes their dog every 3 to 5 weeks. Enter in numbers to get your possible ROI

The average customer is charged $10/wash, $1 goes to shampoo, electricity, and water.

*Assuming $16,000 Dog Wash Cost

We are growing fast!

Client Love for the Evolution Dog Wash

Our clients rave about the value that our Evolution Dog Wash adds to their business.
We champion the success of all our Evolution system owners.


The most advanced, self serve dog wash created, our system cleans up all other competitors.

Our innovative dog wash technology makes this system the most complete, all-in-one model available on the market today. It’s easy for customers to operate and just as straight forward for system owners to evaluate. With a model option to scroll through a series of vivid screens, system owners can quickly diagnose their dog wash unit, view revenue, determine product levels, and more.

Evolution Dog Wash Features for Customer Experience and System Owners:

Find Your Evolution Model Fit

There’s an Evolution Dog Wash model for every business owner.

Evolution EZ

Our classic Evolution Dog Wash system, this client favorite includes:

  • Aircraft grade stainless steel
  • Triple filtration drain system
  • Commercial grooming dryer
  • Digital countdown timer

Evolution EZ Plus

This model takes the EZ model to the next level by adding the following features:

  • More payment options
  • Flea and tick shampoo
  • More powerful grooming-grade blow dryer

Evolution PLC/CE

An upgraded version of the favorite Evolution EZ, this model includes all the classic features and adds even more:

  • Weather proof switches replace the dial for even easier selection
  • Omron solid state controller for consistent water temperature
    and flow
  • 220v power supply available on CE mode

Evolution PLC with HMI & Ethernet

The best of the Evolution PLC, this model leverages the latest technology with the classic features you need:

  • Internet control and activation
  • Built-in Ethernet with three service ports
  • Analog resistive touch screen

Evolution Touchpad

The most highly advanced system, this model expands on the classic Evolution EZ with the latest technological upgrades:

  • Smart phone and tablet
  • Internet control and activation
  • 10” human/ machine interface
  • Income reporting