It’s the start of yet another new year and a perfect time to perform an annual financial evaluation of your truck stop business. If your financial analysis reveals that your truck stop business is losing money in certain areas, it may be time to carefully consider whether or not to remove or update those products or services that are taking up your truck stop’s valuable, potentially income-producing space.

If you have determined that revenues from certain products or services that your truck stop offers are  decreasing or holding steady, now is a good time to take a closer look at ways to boost revenues from those areas.


Drive Traffic to Your Truck Stop

Most important is finding unique, useful and profitable features for your truck stop that will keep travelers coming back to your spot again and again.

If you’re committing to a resolution in the new year to increase revenue opportunities for your truck stop, you might consider that in our fast-paced changing retail environment, even the truck stop business could use an update to keep up with the world around us.

Products and Services for Your Truck Stop in 2015

Here are various unique and profitable ideas to keep your truck stop on top of what is trending for 2015.

Video Poker Machines / Game Room – Travelers appreciate time to wind down and keep their minds off the road ahead. Truck stop owners will appreciate the cash revenue from gaming machines.

Showers/Laundromat/Barber Shop/Masseuse – For travelers, finding these personal services at a truck stop is a major convenience and less expensive than paying a motel for such services. For truck stop owners, these services provide cash income and a major draw to keep travelers coming back.

Self Serve Dog Wash/Green Pet Area – It is common for truck drivers to bring their best canine friends along for the long hauls. These truckers will remember the pet friendly truck stops that offer services that cater to dogs, especially a warm dog bath. Truck stop owners will enjoy the return business and the quick return on this type of investment.

Drive-Thru Truck Wash – This is a popular low-maintenance, sure-bet service for a truck stop to offer.

The NATSO Show 2015 – Consider attending the NATSO Show Feb 16-19 this year at the Wynn Las Vegas. This very specialized conference offers truck stop owners the edge in the business with networking and opportunities to learn about the newest products, advice and ideas for the industry.

Put New Revenue Ideas to Work for You in 2015!

For information about how you can build lasting relationships with travelers at your truck stop with self serve dog washes while increasing your truck stop revenue, call Evolution Dog Wash today at 800-426-0760 or


In the age of “Cyber Monday” and virtual coupons, online shopping has slowly begun to edge out the drudgery of shopping in-store. We tend to see online shopping as easier, faster, and a welcome respite from the crowds during the season. Rarely do we think to peek behind the scenes…but there they are anyway, perhaps Santa’s most tireless helpers, the professional truck drivers who haul gifts from warehouses in droves for holiday shoppers.

It can’t be easy driving a truck around at all hours, for extended periods of time. One source of comfort and companionship for professional drivers is a pet, usually a dog…but with a dog, drivers have to contend with caring for him or her, even when they’re traveling. Luckily, there are systems like the Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash to ease some of the stress of caring for a pet on the go.

Lisa Markham, the Director of Marketing at White’s Travel Center, a popular stop for drivers, spoke with us about the key amenities White’s provides for road-weary travelers—including the Evolution Dog Wash.

Is there an increase in long-distance drivers at White’s during the holiday season?

No, or at least, not much. Truck drivers are on the road, typically—it’s their job. We’re not a vacation or holiday destination. We don’t see an increase.

What kinds of amenities does White’s provide for travelers?

Well, quite a bit! Some of the many amenities we offer:

  • Free parking (with a shuttle between the distant parking lots and the Travel Center)
  • Paid parking
  • Showers
  • Restaurants, including Iron Skillet; White’s Deli; Popeye’s; Caribou Coffee; Subway; and Burger King.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • A pharmacy called The Medicine Shoppe®
  • A doctor on premises—Raphine Medical Associates serves professional drivers, as well as the public at large.

We also have some very exciting announcements for the 2016: We’re adding 300 more parking spots, a campground—not necessarily a driver’s amenity, but an amenity nonetheless—and a walking path, “StayFit”—which will be close to our pet exercise area. We’re very in-tune with drivers and their pets. “StayFit” will be nice for drivers who want to stretch and walk around, especially with their pets! Read more about White’s Travel Center News here. 

Wow! And do many long-distance drivers travel with dogs or other companion animals?

According to Road King—keep in mind that the article is from 2013; it’s two years old—over 45% of American households have dogs. More than 60% of truck drivers report having pets; more than 40% report traveling with them in their trucks.

How has the EVOLUTION Dog Wash benefited truck drivers and other long-distance travelers?

We have! It just opened on September 16th of 2015. We think it will really pick up and continue to grow—it already is growing. Many locals are also coming to wash their dogs. It’s beneficial to the community—not just the driver.