Not only is the Evolution Dog Wash built to be convenient for our pets, but in order to accommodate those with disabilities and limited mobility, the Evolution Dog Wash is designed to be accessible and usable by individuals with disabilities.

As the “gold standard” in self serve dog washes, we are proud of what our Evolution Dog Wash system offers today. Although the Evolution Dog Wash features the absolute latest in what is available and possible with technology, we are constantly looking at ways to improve and update our machines to the benefit of the users, their pets, and the owners of the machines.  The Evolution Dog Wash is now ADA Compliant, which means that our dog wash machines meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and this is welcome news to many people.


Who Benefits From ADA Compliant Dog Wash Machines?

Being ADA compliant gives easier access of the Evolution Dog Wash machines to those who use wheelchairs or who have limited mobility. Owners of therapy dogs and guide dogs who are disabled will appreciate being able to easily use the Evolution Dog Wash, thus providing them with a bit more independence in their lives. Those with limited mobility will appreciate not having to lean or bend down to wash their dogs using the ADA Compliant Evolution Dog Wash machine.


Evolution Dog Wash Features

The Evolution Dog Wash is designed for ease of use and convenience, which benefits all individuals. While your dog stands on a non-skid contoured platform, there’s no need to strain and bend because of a conveniently located extendable shower spray. Hair and water flow underneath the platform and through a triple filtered drain. Our dog wash can be used for shampooing, conditioning, treating dogs with specialty treatments such as flea and tick shampoos, and even drying.


Evolution Dog Wash Makes For A Quick Clean Up

Because all the models of the Evolution Dog Wash are made of Aircraft quality stainless steel, clean up is a breeze. All that is needed to clean the dog wash is a quick lifting of the platform, which rests on a kickstand, and a simple hosing down. Any hair in the tub is easy to access and can simply be removed by hand, and any further hair and residue that flows down through the triple filter drainage trap, can be removed with the trap which is convenient and easy to lift out and empty, when necessary. The tub can be easily and quickly disinfected with a quick spray and rinse solution.


More Locations And Opportunities To Find The Evolution Dog Wash

An ADA compliant dog wash means that there are so many more ideal locations to consider housing an Evolution Dog Wash system.  Locations and facilities that are frequented by those with therapy dogs can provide a valuable service to therapy dog owners while benefitting from the extra business at the same time. To learn about how the Evolution Dog Wash can help your business see more revenue and growth, we invite you to call our team today at 800-426-0760.


They don’t call dogs “man’s best friend” for nothing! Your four-footed companion is happiest by your side, but that means he’s likely to get dirty along the way. Fortunately, keeping him clean is easy and accessible to everyone with Evolution Dog Wash. To make sure that all pet owners are able to access this convenient technology to keep their pets clean and happy, Evolution Dog Wash is certified ADA compliant.

What Does It Mean to Be Certified ADA Compliant?

The ADA is short for the Americans With Disabilities Act. It’s a major federal law passed in 1990 that makes it illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities, physical or otherwise. This sweeping civil rights legislation is designed to make sure that everyone can work, receive government services and access public works — including everything from shopping malls to the post office.

The law requires both public and private entities to make reasonable accommodations to make sure everyone gets access to what they’re offering. In many cases, the practical application of the ADA means that new buildings need to have elevators and ramps to accommodate wheelchair users, and everything from light switches and doorknobs should be within reach. Older businesses may need to retrofit their facilities whenever practical.

A business or building that is “certified ADA compliant” has met its obligation to provide accessible facilities under the law. The Department of Justice oversees state laws and building codes to make sure they’re in compliance with the law. In turn, businesses must abide by these laws. Being “certified ADA compliant” means that a business has done its part to make sure that everyone has equal access to the building and its facilities.

Evolution Dog Wash and ADA Certification

Evolution Dog Wash meets ADA compliance standards in its design thanks to careful consideration of all working aspects of the dog bathing station. All of its work parts — including coin slots, command buttons, soap dispensers, water hoses and blow dry hoses — are positioned at less than four feet in height so that they can be reached by someone in a wheelchair. Even when the dog wash gate is closed, the controls — and the dog — are thoughtfully positioned so that they are easy to access even when reaching over the gate.

All buttons and controls are designed to be easy to use as well, meaning that nothing is too tiny to see or too difficult to grasp. No awkward pinching or twisting motions are required, which is great news for anyone with severe arthritis or other mobility challenges. It only takes one hand to wash your dog with Evolution Dog Wash, so it’s accessible to just about everyone and fully within the ADA’s requirements.

This is great news for anyone who wishes to install a professional dog bathtub on site, whether at a pet store, garage or as an amenity in a pet-friendly apartment building. When located on a level surface with three feet of clearance, Evolution Dog Wash will keep public spaces ADA compliant for customers and residents.

Have any questions about Evolution Dog Wash’s ADA certification? Want to know how you can get a dog wash for your business? To find out more about how a walk-in dog bathtub will help keep pets — and their people — happy, feel free to contact us to find out more today.