Ready to clean up – literally and figuratively? Consider a self-serve dog wash.

With the pet industry continuing to boom and an increasing number of dog owners each year, groomers, pet stores and vets should all consider new ways to cater to their customers, attract more traffic and increase revenue. Adding a self-serve dog wash is a great way to enhance your business. Here’s why Pet Spa Splash, a groomer in Wichita Falls, TX, made the decision to install an Evolution Dog Wash in their storefront.

Henry Hernandez has been the owner/operator of Paw Spa groomers for more than a decade. A popular groomer with long time customers, they offer traditional grooming services and a doggy bakery complete with mini doggy birthday cakes and bonbons. He had the idea to add a self-serve dog wash one day when he was saw a man at a car wash hosing down a German Shepard in a car wash stall. “Something like that could be devastating to a dog, physically and emotionally,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez started researching options for self-serve dog washes and discovered Evolution Dog Wash. “I was impressed with their American-made, advanced technology and good customer service.” In 10 minutes for $10, customers can bathe and dry a dog with all the supplies included (shampoo, conditioner, flea & tick treatment if needed, and a blow dryer) without the mess of bathing at home. And as dogs age, many become uncomfortable and stressed going to a groomer. Rather than lose loyal customers, many groomers choose to add a do-it-yourself option in a comfortable, controlled, quiet environment. “We have calming blue walls and music.” The Evolution Dog Wash offers the perfect water temperature for dogs, 77 degrees, and a waist-high bathing area so no stooping over a tub. “They let the machine do the work. There’s no need to scrub. People are impressed. It’s better than trying to bathe them at home and dogs get a treat after their bath.”

Plus, the self-serve machine is a less expensive option than the full-service packages grooming salons typically offer, yet the stores still profit. For example, if customers wash four dogs per day, that generates close to $13,000/year. The Evolution Dog Wash is a great revenue generator that can produce income for grooming salons, pet stores and veterinary clinics they otherwise wouldn’t have received. Evolution Dog Wash has a revenue calculator on their website to see how long it would take to pay off your Evolution Dog Wash and start turning dog washes into profits.

Some customers supplement the self-serve wash in between appointments, and others just prefer the lower cost DIY method year-round. In addition to the ease and price savings for customers, washing and caring for your pet also gives pet owners a special bond with their pooch while helping with their overall well-being and health.

Pet Spa Splash is open seven days a week, from 8:00am to 7:00pm. Customers can come in at their convenience, pay by cash or credit card, and start the automatic system. For safety, customers can lock the door behind them, and Pet Spa Splash has video surveillance at all times. Evolution Dog Wash fits all sizes of dogs, from small to large.

By adding an Evolution Dog Wash, Pet Spa Splash has filled a void that was missing in their service portfolio, plus it’s the city’s only self-serve dog wash which gives them an edge over other pet businesses. When considering new service lines and revenue streams, consider Evolution Dog Wash.

Evolution Dog Wash offers a variety of models and customized options to fit your needs and budget. For more information on Evolution Dog Wash, visit or call 888-303-0553 today.

Celebrating 500 Dog Wash Machines Shipped!

At Evolution Dog Wash, we’re passionate about creating the highest quality dog wash machines that allow dog lovers everywhere to keep their four-legged family members healthy and happy. Since 2013, we’ve dedicated ourselves to top notch service and the attention to detail required to produce the very best in safety and comfort for pet owners and their loyal companions.

After seven years in the business, we’re celebrating a huge milestone achievement — our 500th dog wash machine sold in North America!

Inspired by the sleek, modern look of BMW’s M models, our new design patented DW2 model boasts an attractive and distinct look and feel that rises to the occasion as the centerpiece of any dog wash room or pet area. Whether in a multifamily apartment building, car wash or pet store, property owners are proud to display our beautifully designed dog wash in high traffic locations to attract tenants and customers. And dog owners trust that they are able to bathe their dogs in an environment that is soothing and comfortable for their beloved pet.

Here are some of the trusted features Evolution Dog Wash users have come to love from the leading manufacturer of dog washes in the country:

  • Easy-to-load basin with large door to accommodate dogs of all sizes
  • Secure door latches and pet restraints to keep dogs safely in place
  • Durable, anti-slip floor
  • Shatterproof plexiglass for safety of dogs and their owners
  • Safe and comfortable water temperature for dogs
  • Two-stage, temperature-controlled grooming grade dryer
  • Sealed stainless steel construction to reduce mold and mildew
  • Sanitize mode on all washes to ensure the cleanest environment for pets

Evolution Dog Wash machines are built to wash hundreds of dogs each month. We work hard to ensure our customers are always satisfied, and we are proud of our record. As part of our customer service, we help you through the entire process from set up to installation and beyond with our onsite warranty repair. In seven years and over 500 Evolution Dog Washes shipped we have only had two onsite warranty repairs. Our machines are designed to last and our service and maintenance videos make them easy to maintain even for a first timer.

Kim Taylor, owner of dog wash “Paw Wash Life”, and Hewitt Self-Serve Car Wash installed two Evolution Dog Washes and says the main reason she decided to purchase from Evolution Dog Wash was the high level of customer service. “Before making a large investment like this we wanted to do a lot of research and we had a lot of questions. We feel that customer service is an essential part of any business and it was a big factor in our decision to purchase from Evolution Dog Wash.”

Pet Wash Life, Hewitt, TX

Pet Wash Life, Hewitt, TX

Our quality, durability and demonstrated customer service and field reliability is unmatched. Our latest design maintains the best of our machine’s internal working components with an updated, modernized look with crisp, clean lines.

To learn more about how you can get an Evolution Dog Wash for your property, contact us today.

Budgeting and Planning for Your Evolution Dog Wash

A new budget season is upon us and now is the time to get Evolution Dog Wash into your capital spending budget for the 2021 year. Evolution Dog Wash starts at $14,500 and each machine comes with a complete, two-year warranty. We offer a number of customization options, including personalization with your company’s logo.

As you prepare your 2021 budget to include Evolution Dog Wash, it’s also time to consider the facility preparations that are needed before your dog wash can be installed. Here’s what you need to know.

Planning the Space for your Dog Wash

Evolution Dog Wash is much more than a bathtub for dogs. Our customized, low maintenance machines are made of aircraft grade stainless steel with a triple filtration drain system to protect your facility’s plumbing. This means only having to clean the dog wash tub once a day, compared to other standard tubs which usually clog up after a few washes. Each of our models includes a commercial grooming dryer and product selection for shampoo, conditioner and disinfectant.

Our dog wash dimensions are 79.5-inches wide, 74.6-inches high and 27.7-inches deep.

We recommend at minimum a 100-square foot (10’x10’) space, if possible, for your dog wash. But, the bigger, the better! Keep in mind that this is a luxury amenity you are adding for your dog-loving residents. A larger spa room or outdoor space provides ample room for dogs to exercise and socialize. Many properties have events for the residents around the dog wash to enhance community connections. Yappy Hour has become a favorite as well as adoption events and inviting the local police to wash their K-9 pets.

If you are planning an indoor spa room, we suggest a first-floor space (so tenants won’t be walking muddy dogs upstairs or through common areas, soiling walls and flooring) and near a bathroom or laundry facility for easy access to plumbing to keep installation costs down. Some properties choose to install the doggie spa in the parking garage for convenience when tenants come back from outings with their dog. If your dog wash will be set up outdoors, consider placing it near a clubhouse or in your property dog park, provided there is existing plumbing, such as a dog water fountain.

Although our dog wash can be outdoors in warmer climates, it is made of stainless steel, which can get very hot if not shielded by a shade structure, awning or other covering. An outdoor covered space, or indoor climate-controlled space is ideal for comfort of both the dog and its owner.

Preparing Utilities for Evolution Dog Wash

Evolution Dog Wash can be installed by any qualified plumber and electrician, provided the necessary utilities are in place. Our machine requires:

  • Cold and hot water supply connection (hot water is optional; we offer an internal water heater if needed)
  • ¾-inch incoming water line
  • 2-inch waste drain connection
  • Dedicated 120V 30 Amp hard-wired connection (optional internal water heater requires additional 120V 20 Amp circuit)

Purchasing an Evolution Dog Wash

If you are ready to purchase Evolution Dog Wash for your multi-family property, the first step is to contact our sales team at 888-303-0553. Let our team member know your budget and how many units you are considering. According to a Gallup poll, 44 percent of Americans own a dog, so larger apartment communities may want to consider multiple dog wash units.

Once your model has been selected and 50 percent deposit paid, we will begin the build of your unit. Most orders take eight to 10 weeks to complete. Once finished, the unit will be created and shipped to your location for installation.

Remember, a self-serve dog wash is one of the most commonly sought-after amenities for renters. Including an Evolution Dog Wash in your community plans will make dog owners, and their pets, loyal residents for years to come. For more information on our models, pricing or specs, visit our website. Have questions? Give us a call at 888-303-0553.


Dog Groomers are moving from the old ramp and tub pet washes to self-serve pet wash systems.

The main reason dog groomers are now choosing to install self-serve models like the Evolution Dog Wash is that it frees up their time to groom more dogs and it generates additional revenue from more frequent pet wash customers.

For years, many dog groomers have used the old ramp and tub pet wash to wash pets prior to grooming them. However, many dog groomers are now moving away from this system and using the more efficient self-serve pet washes.

Coin-operated pet wash stations allow the pet owner to choose what products they want to use for their dog. According to Erika at Hoboken Dog Wash in New Jersey, “Many of my customers enjoy washing their dog at our pet wash station because it is more convenient that a tub. Even when we end up washing the dogs for the customer, it’s a much more efficient process than using the old tub wash and towels.  Plus, the customers think it’s a really cool system. Customers who have big dogs really like that it doesn’t make a giant mess in their bathtub. This has brought business in from many short hair and shedding breed dogs that don’t normally get grooming services.

Some are considering pet wash station franchises while others are choosing to buy the dog washes outright. There are pros and cons to each.

Choosing a Pet Wash Station Franchise

Buying into a pet wash franchise is great for someone who doesn’t already have a brand or needs help financing a dog wash location. Most pet wash franchises offer at a minimum: marketing help, franchise branding, and branded pet care products. However there are ongoing franchise fees that are subject to change and the franchisee doesn’t have as much freedom.

Buying a Pet Wash Station Outright

Buying a pet wash station outright offers a lower ongoing operating cost and in the end you own your own company.  Plus, you can use your own pet shampoo products and market how you choose.  Many companies such as Evolution offer a la carte marketing guidance for your dog wash business for nominal fees.  Financing for the pet wash station is affordable and can often pay for your investment in as little as a year.

Regardless of whether you purchase a franchise or finance your pet wash station, adding it to your dog grooming business will pay dividends over time.


Why in the world would a dog wash station appeal to residential property owners? Dogs don’t pay rent, after all. But think about it. Dog owners do. And dog owners are dog lovers. Anything that can enhance their lives while also enhancing the lives of their pooches is a major value-add when they choose a place to live.

‘Yappy Hours’: Parties for Dogs and Owners

Anyone who’s ever rented an apartment or bought a condo in a multi-tenant environment has seen the popular social magnet offered by the property: the happy hour. It’s a tool for encouraging socialization, as well as giving the property a “community” feel.

But why not add to the effectiveness of the happy hour by adding a component for your dog-loving residents? Call it the “Yappy Hour.” Instead of just people, have residents bring their dogs. As the dogs play and bond, so will the residents. It will be one of the highlights of their week, not to mention a great addition to the property managers’ menu of value-adds for residents and prospective residents.

Other Pet Perks for the Savvy Pet Owner

Now, let’s take it one step further. There’s dog and owner socialization, and there’s dog and owner convenience. That’s where Evolution Dog Wash comes in. Pet owners who live in multi-tenant properties don’t have basements or backyards. If they want to wash their dogs, it usually means a trip to the professional groomer, a good bit of pocket change and the chance that their pooch will bite the groomer or tangle with another dog or two, not to mention the trauma some dogs experience when in the hands of strangers. And, of course, the inconvenience and the expense.

Evolution Dog Wash is a state-of-the-art, custom-built self-service facility that requires very little space, will allow owners to pamper their pooches while grooming them and saves the owner money over third-party groomers. While the very reasonably priced (because operating expenses are extremely low) dog wash can be a profit center, property owners can also offer the service as a free “perk” to pooch-loving residents and prospective residents. Having an Evolution Dog Wash station can be the difference maker between signing that prospective renter and losing him/her/them to another property, and retaining current residents in the competitive world of giveaways and perks.

An Evolution Dog Wash is a perfect complement to the complete pet-friendly residential environment. For example, the owner’s beloved pooch romps around in the facilities pet recreation area and gets a bit grungy. Formerly a major pain, it’s now no issue. The owner needs only to visit the Evolution Dog Wash station to wash her pup’s dirt away and even enhance its aura with easy-to-apply fragrance.

Other amenities that property owners can employ and highlight include pet-sitting services, bowls of treats scattered throughout the property and even dog-walking services. Dog owners will respond favorably to any and all of these amenities.

To sum up, our society is growing more and more dog-friendly. From retail stores to outside restaurant dining areas, being dog-friendly is becoming de rigueur for any people-oriented enterprise that wants to increase its patronage and revenue. (Remember, even if the dog wash is provided for free, the decrease in operating expenses due to a more stable resident population will more than make up for the lack of direct revenue.)

Pet owners love to spoil their animal companions. The perks listed here are some of the popular and practical ways to help them do just that (and in the case of the Yappy Hour, do some good for themselves). But the icing on the cake just might be the Evolution Dog Wash. It’s the ultimate self-service dog wash available today and will spoil both the pets and their owners. Contact Evolution Dog Wash today for more information and answers to any questions you may have.


Commercial dog bathing stations are not all made the same. Some are clearly inferior just from visual inspection, while others are seeming good quality until put to the test.

Evolution Dog Wash does things differently. Our product is individually made to each client’s specifications, with precision craftsmanship and excellence in every component. We are proud of our gold standard status, and we love providing businesses with a quality product they can rely on.

If you need help with making an informed decision, take a look at our top five questions about the Evolution pet wash station.

1. How Does the Evolution Dog Wash Work?

The dog wash system is designed to be user-friendly and easy to maintain. From your customers’ perspective, all they need to do is insert their desired payment option, select the type of cleaning/grooming service, secur

e their pet as needed and commence cleaning. All buttons are easy to press, and wash times are clearly labeled.

The system contains a three-part filtering unit that keeps pet hair from entering the sewer drain, along with an easy-access swing door for larger pets.

Various models let you choose which features matter to you and your customers; you can also customize each model to match your needs. Models accept bills and coins, or you can upgrade to a credit card reader.


2. What Products Does This Pet Wash Station Use?

Each initial order comes with four 1-gallon bottles: one Berry Clean Shampoo, one Opti-Neem Flea and Tick Shampoo, one Kiwi Conditioner, and one Kennel Sol Disinfectant. You can use your own shampoos as long as they are compatible with pumps and lines; however, please note that using other products inside the warranty period could lead to a voided warranty.

Each additional product is priced as follows:

  • Berry Clean Shampoo: $22.95/gallon
  • Opti-Neem Flea and Tick Shampoo: $28.95/gallon
  • Kiwi Conditioner: $20.95/gallon
  • Kennel Sol Disinfectant: $32.95/gallon

3. How Much Does the Evolution Self-Serve Dog Wash Cost?

Each of our dog cleaning machines have varying features and price levels. Our most economical model is the Evolution EZ, starting at $13,900. This model features a rotary selection dial, bill acceptor, “One Minute Remaining” alert, non-skid platform, one-speed commercial grooming dryer and countdown timer.

You can also choose our Evolution EZ+ model, starting at $15,900. This model includes a two-speed commercial dryer, flea and tick shampoo dispenser, and coin acceptor.

The Evolution PLC at $18,900 offers weatherproof selection switches instead of a rotary dial and an Omron water temperature controller for the perfect pup-washing temperature.

Starting at $20,900, the remote monitoring Evolution Touchpad keeps you informed about water and product levels, along with income reports and any maintenance needs. Your customers will appreciate the visual instructions as well.

We’re also pleased to offer pet wash station financing options.

4. How Much Maintenance Does the Dog Wash Require?

Thanks to the sturdy aircraft stainless steel construction and durable inner mechanisms, all dog washes require very little maintenance over their lifetime. The filtering system will separate hair from dirty water, helping to keep the dog wash free from buildup and debris. Regular disinfectant application will also keep the system clean and contaminant-free. Otherwise, we simply recommend that you check all hoses, valves and pumps annually, and replace any that show signs of wear.

5. How Long Does It Take to Ship the Dog Wash?

In general, you can expect to receive the Evolution Dog Wash at your veterinary clinic, car wash, apartment complex or other place of business 6-8 weeks after purchase. We proudly build each dog wash in the United States, although we can ship our product all over the world.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about the dog washing machines for sale on our site. We look forward to helping you provide the best service possible for your customers and their pets.


You work hard to keep your veterinary clinic clean, efficient and accommodating to all types of pets. You seek out new and innovative techniques, and you pride yourself on maintaining a high quality of care. However, sometimes you worry that your services are too narrow in focus, that you aren’t able to serve members of the community and their pets to the fullest extent possible. You also wonder if additional services like professional dog bathing systems could improve your bottom line. The short answer is yes. Here’s how.

Why You Should Update Your Veterinary Clinic

Taking the time to update your clinic shows that you care about the community. Today, people seek out clinics that feature more amenities and more services overall. They appreciate the convenience factor and like knowing they won’t have to shop around to give their pets the best care, whether for pet wash stations, grooming services, health checkups, training, daycare and more. Adding these amenities gives you a leg up on competition in the community, and it serves as a key differentiator to draw in new clients.

Additional Services

Here are additional services that could help you provide a more complete experience for your clients and pet patients.

Pet Wash Station

Presenting your clients with a commercial dog bath will bring a smile and a sense of relief. As a self-serve amenity, a dog grooming and bathing system like Evolution Dog Wash is convenient, low maintenance and revenue generating. In a busy environment like a vet clinic, you will begin earning a return on investment with every new user.

You’ll also love how Evolution models are built to last, since their aircraft stainless steel construction will serve you for years to come. There are several models to choose from, including the Evolution EZ, Evolution EZ+, Evolution PLC, Evolution Touchpad and more. Some models feature coin acceptors, Omron temperature controllers and selection buttons instead of a rotary dial. However, all models are high quality and feature a non-skid platform, countdown timer, shampoo products and a grooming dryer. To learn about financing options, click here.


Besides regular bathing, pets need grooming services as well. While the Evolution is strictly for dogs, grooming services can and should include all species, from cats and dogs to birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and other exotics. All pets deserve pampering.

You might want to incorporate an additional room where pet groomers can operate. In such a structure, pets would come to you for treatment and to your grooming staff for polishing up. From nail trimming to ear cleaning to wing clipping and more, grooming services would be a welcome addition to your clinic.

Daycare Facility

If you have the space available, you might also consider adding a daycare facility to your clinic, with either your own staff or else independent operators who rent out part of your clinic. (Collecting rent would give you additional revenue as well.) Here, pets can play and relax after receiving minor treatment or grooming services, and your clients won’t need to worry about taking time out of their busy work day. They’ll love how their pets will be in a safe, protected environment with qualified staff who provide all the walkies and games they need.

Training Options

Adding dog training to your clinic amenities could present you with another differentiator and potential source of revenue. Training classes can focus on basic commands like sit, stay, lay down, walk on a leash and more. Classes can also focus on potty training and politeness preferences, such as waiting at the door after outdoor play sessions, not jumping on tables or couches and so on.

Are you ready to start adding even more value for your clients and their pets? Reach out to us today to learn more about adding an Evolution Dog Wash at your veterinary clinic.


They don’t call dogs “man’s best friend” for nothing! Your four-footed companion is happiest by your side, but that means he’s likely to get dirty along the way. Fortunately, keeping him clean is easy and accessible to everyone with Evolution Dog Wash. To make sure that all pet owners are able to access this convenient technology to keep their pets clean and happy, Evolution Dog Wash is certified ADA compliant.

What Does It Mean to Be Certified ADA Compliant?

The ADA is short for the Americans With Disabilities Act. It’s a major federal law passed in 1990 that makes it illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities, physical or otherwise. This sweeping civil rights legislation is designed to make sure that everyone can work, receive government services and access public works — including everything from shopping malls to the post office.

The law requires both public and private entities to make reasonable accommodations to make sure everyone gets access to what they’re offering. In many cases, the practical application of the ADA means that new buildings need to have elevators and ramps to accommodate wheelchair users, and everything from light switches and doorknobs should be within reach. Older businesses may need to retrofit their facilities whenever practical.

A business or building that is “certified ADA compliant” has met its obligation to provide accessible facilities under the law. The Department of Justice oversees state laws and building codes to make sure they’re in compliance with the law. In turn, businesses must abide by these laws. Being “certified ADA compliant” means that a business has done its part to make sure that everyone has equal access to the building and its facilities.

Evolution Dog Wash and ADA Certification

Evolution Dog Wash meets ADA compliance standards in its design thanks to careful consideration of all working aspects of the dog bathing station. All of its work parts — including coin slots, command buttons, soap dispensers, water hoses and blow dry hoses — are positioned at less than four feet in height so that they can be reached by someone in a wheelchair. Even when the dog wash gate is closed, the controls — and the dog — are thoughtfully positioned so that they are easy to access even when reaching over the gate.

All buttons and controls are designed to be easy to use as well, meaning that nothing is too tiny to see or too difficult to grasp. No awkward pinching or twisting motions are required, which is great news for anyone with severe arthritis or other mobility challenges. It only takes one hand to wash your dog with Evolution Dog Wash, so it’s accessible to just about everyone and fully within the ADA’s requirements.

This is great news for anyone who wishes to install a professional dog bathtub on site, whether at a pet store, garage or as an amenity in a pet-friendly apartment building. When located on a level surface with three feet of clearance, Evolution Dog Wash will keep public spaces ADA compliant for customers and residents.

Have any questions about Evolution Dog Wash’s ADA certification? Want to know how you can get a dog wash for your business? To find out more about how a walk-in dog bathtub will help keep pets — and their people — happy, feel free to contact us to find out more today.


Whether large and huggable or small and lovable, your furry canine companion proves the sentiment that dogs are man’s best friend. From enjoying grand vacations to ordinary walks in the park, your dog remains by your side and has truly become a beloved member of your family.

While you likely put a lot of effort into treating the humans in your life, it is important to put the same amount of effort into the relationship you have with your dog. This not only improves the bond you have but can help to keep your pet happy, healthy and active for years to come.

Consider these top seven simple ways to pamper your pup:

1. Roll in the Dirt

Although you and your pet may seem to enjoy many of the same activities, you should keep in mind that your dog is still an animal. Dogs enjoy exploring the great outdoors, and many cannot resist the temptation to roll around and dig in the dirt. While you do not need to join your dog in this activity, encouraging your canine to get in touch with his wild side and get a bit messy rolling around in the dirt can be fun to watch. As an added bonus, your furry pal will get plenty of exercise!

2. Have a “Spaw” Day

Nothing is as refreshing for a human as a relaxing day at the spa. Extend this sentiment to your dog by treating him to a “spaw” day. Get his nails trimmed, give him a thorough cleaning at an Evolution Dog Wash station, and give him a rejuvenating rub down.

pure breed golden color dog laying relaxed on a massage table isolated on white background

3. Visit a Doggie Day Care

If you only have one dog at home, your pup may not have the opportunity to interact with other dogs. That’s why a doggie day care visit can feel like a special treat. Your pet will relish the chance to socialize with other dogs, and he will enjoy the special attention from the staff as well.

4. Plan an Adventure Day

Discovering new activities or locations is fun for both you and your canine. Whether you venture to a new dog park, a secluded hiking trail or even a dog-friendly brewery, know that the sights, sounds and smells will invigorate and stimulate your dog (and you) for days to come.

5. Buy Special Treats

Do you usually opt for the bacon-flavored treats? Switch the flavors, brands or textures of your dog’s treats every so often. Allowing him to try something new will be a special experience, and your canine may even develop a new favorite treat.

6. Give a Full Scratch Down

Nothing is greater to a furry friend than a thorough scratching. From the ears to belly, and all the way to the back, take your time and give your pup the gift of a full scratch down from his favorite human.

7. Make Room in Your Day for One-on-One Time

If your schedule is usually jam-packed with activities, make room in your day to spend some one-on-one alone time with your pet. Whether you go for a walk, play a game or simply lounge around the house together, your pet will love the attention he gets when it’s just the two of you.

Treat the dogs coming to your business with an Evolution Dog WashContact us today to learn more about our dog bathing stations.


Here at Evolution Dog Wash, we understand the significant role that canines play in the lives of their owners. They are much more than pets; they are loyal companions. As such, dog owners want the best for their furry confidantes. This is true when it comes to all aspects of pet care, including nutritious foods and safe accessories, all the way down to high-quality cleansing products. Our self-serve dog wash system is designed to provide a top-of-the-line bathing experience that allows owners to get their dogs squeaky clean while ensuring that their beloved pets are both safe and happy.

About Our Self-Serve Dog Wash

Crafted with superior materials, like 304B aircraft grade stainless steel, each of our Evolution Dog Wash models is built to last with a minimal amount of maintenance required by owners. Equipped with features such as a 2-inch sewer line and a clog-free, easily accessible filter, our self-serve dog washes are able to handle heavy shedders and muddy messes without hesitation. Meanwhile, the non-skid wash system is designed to accommodate spaces of all sizes with measurements of 81” W x 72.8” H x 23.6” D. Whether offered as a free amenity or a paid service, the Evolution Dog Wash system is a convenient addition to residential properties like apartment complexes or commercial establishments like pet stores, laundromats, car washes, campgrounds and even veterinary clinics.

Currently, we are proud to feature four different models: Evolution EZ, Evolution EZ Plus, Evolution PLC and the Evolution Touchpad. Each of these models include a commercial grooming dryer, soap dispenser and an innovative design that prevents dogs from standing in dirty water as they are bathed. Our more advanced options offer more variety when it comes to flea and tick treatment dispensers, payment options accepted and operation panels. Regardless of the model you choose to feature in your business, the inclusion of the Evolution Dog Wash allows your facility to stand out among the competition.

Learn more about Evolution Dog Wash at these upcoming events:

ICA Conference

Date: April 26th – April 28th

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Evolution Dog Wash will be attending The Car Wash Show 2018, hosted by the International Carwash Association. The Car Wash Show showcases new and upcoming products in the industry throughout a 160,000 square foot trade show floor. Packed full of professionals and educational sessions, the show is the largest car care event in the United States.

TAA Conference

Date: April 25th- April 27th

Location: San Antonio, Texas

The Texas Apartment Association Education Conference & Lone Star Expo is an event that connects rental home professionals from around Texas with one another. Several distinguished products and services, including the Evolution Dog Wash, will be presented to industry leaders, along with networking and education opportunities.

NAA Conference

Date: June 13th- June 16th

Location: San Diego, California

Apartmentalize, the annual education conference hosted by the National Apartment Association, is a highly anticipated event in the industry. The conference aims to educate those in the industry and features up-and-coming popular products and services, including the Evolution Dog Wash, along with motivational speakers who offer unforgettable advice to professionals in the residential rental industry.

FAA Annual Conference & Trade Show

Date: October 3rd – October 5th

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

The 2018 FAA Annual Conference and Trade Show will include over 900 multifamily housing industry professionals. It is the premier state conference for the apartment industry and will offer attendees innovative solutions to help gain market share and grow their bottom line.

Contact us today with any questions regarding our revolutionary self-serve dog wash systems. We look forward to seeing you at one of these upcoming events!