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Considering an Evolution Dog Wash? 5 Things to Consider Before Adding a Dog Wash Station to Your Business

5 Things to Consider Before Adding a Dog Wash Station to Your Business

The pet business is booming and various sectors of the industry, such as grooming, have seen positive growth over the past few years. The 2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey reported that 70 percent of U.S. households own a pet, which is up from 67 percent reported in its previous survey. The increase in pet ownership, combined with the emerging pet-loving culture, and social media influence, have driven the growth of the dog grooming category. If you’re ready to jump into the self-serve dog wash business, here are some important things to consider regarding costs and logistics.

How much does an Evolution Dog Wash cost?

The price of the standard size units varies by model and customized options you may select. The models range from $15,900 – $22,100 and additional info can be found here. The new Evolution Dog Wash mini, built on a slightly smaller frame, is available for under $10,000, which is a great value for such a high-quality, built-to-last product.

How long would it take to pay off an Evolution Dog Wash?

Customers can typically pay off their Evolution Dog Wash in about a year to a year and a half, depending on which model they purchase, traffic to their location and how much they charge. For example, if they spent $20k on a unit, wash 5 dogs/day and charge $10/wash, they would generate approximately $18,250 in one year. If you subtract the cost of each wash, which is between $1-$2 per wash in most areas for water, soaps and electricity, that would leave an annual operating profit of $14,600 – $16,425. We have a revenue calculator on our homepage to help calculate this.

What is the potential yearly revenue with an Evolution Dog Wash?

We have many Evolution Dog Wash machines at retail stores and car wash locations that do between 100-200 washes/month which is about $12,000-$24,000/year in revenue; but depending on traffic to your location, the number of units, and how much you charge, that can increase significantly.  For example, a parks and recreation program in California generates approximately $120,000 in annual revenue from dog washes. This program has six Evolution Dog wash machines and charges customers approximately $10 per wash. These six machines do close to 250 dog washes per week combined. Another car wash location in a suburb of Denver has two machines and generates over $4,000 a month in revenue.

Can I finance the purchase of an Evolution Dog Wash?

Yes, many people choose the finance route. We partner with Ascentium Capital to offer affordable monthly payment plans. Contact a sales rep for more information online or call 888-303-0553.

What’s needed for installation?

For a standard size unit, all you need is approximately a 10×10’ space, incoming water, electricity and a sanitary drain. For the smaller mini, you only need about a 7’ x 7’ space, incoming water, electricity and a sanitary drain. See more specs online. From here, we can help direct you or your maintenance man on a simple install.

Evolution Dog Wash offers customers peace of mind, with our demonstrated long-term field reliability and the fact that our machines our designed with the dog’s safety and well-being in mind, from the non-slip surface to the perfect dog and vet approved water temperature, thus reducing the chance of pet injury and ensuring an enjoyable experience for all. For more information on getting started with an Evolution Dog Wash, visit evolutiondogwash.com or contact us at 888-303-0553.

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