Evolution Dog Wash

Made in the USA with Dogs’ Safety and Comfort in Mind

Evolution Dog Wash - Made in the USA with Dogs’ Safety and Comfort in Mind

At Evolution Dog Wash, we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer the highest machine reliability and uptime performance in the industry.

How do we do it? Here are three key factors that make our machines superior to other dog washes out there.

1. Evolution Dog Wash Machines are Made in America.

Our machines aren’t just assembled in America. We use US suppliers and US specified readily available parts. Every part, every component is made by an American company. That means our customers have the easiest access for repair and replacement parts when needed.

Not only is this a benefit to our customers, but as an American company, we love to support the US economy. By purchasing from US suppliers, we are helping to create jobs for fellow Americans.

2. We leverage experts who design a best-in-class product to ensure system reliability.

We know we can’t be experts in everything. That’s why we value the partnerships we have with our suppliers and we leverage their expertise to ensure we are able to engineer the most reliable dog wash machines.

One such partner is Baccara USA, a market leader in the manufacture and specialization of products for industrial and irrigation solutions. Baccara supplies Evolution Dog Wash with three critical sub-assemblies , including:

  1. Product Manifold – This plumbing/electrical assembly mixes our products with water and controls water flow into the dog wash tub through the nozzle.
  2. Temperature Mixing Valve Assembly – This plumbing assembly mixes hot and cold water to assure that the dogs are being washed at a safe and enjoyable temperature.
  3. Electrical Cable Assemblies – These cables allow us to operate and control the dog wash in a safe and practical manner minimizing support and breakdowns.

Our suppliers ensure our plumbing assemblies are 100% tested before they are delivered to our factory and then our dog washes are 100% tested before they ship to our customers. We pride ourselves on assemblies that are designed and built to world class standards to offer the highest uptime performance and lowest annual maintenance cost.

3. Everything we do is to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for dogs.

At Evolution Dog Wash, we care about dogs and the experience they have when it’s time for a bath. That’s why we have made intentional engineering and design efforts to help dogs feel comfortable in our machines, ensuring they are able to enjoy the experience with their owner.

Most veterinarians believe that the reason dogs don’t enjoy baths is because they are uncomfortable. Perhaps the water is too hot, or they feel as if they are slipping on a wet surface. Maybe the fragrance of the soap and conditioner is too strong. At Evolution Dog Wash, we have put in years of research and work to eliminate these items so dogs can feel safe and enjoy the time with their owners from washing all the way through drying. Ultimately, when a dog enjoys being washed, their owner will wash them more often, a win for our customers!

For more information on our dog wash machines, contact us today!

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