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9 Reasons to Put an Evolution Dog Wash On Your Holiday Wish List

9 Reasons to Put an Evolution Dog Wash On Your Holiday Wish List

If you’ve been considering adding a dog wash machine to your business and weighing your options, let us help take the guesswork out of it for you. Here are nine reasons why Evolution Dog Wash is the best choice for any pet-centric business, apartment complex or car wash (and nine reasons why you should add an Evolution Dog Wash to your holiday wish list!)

Evolution Dog Wash is a self-contained, all-in-one dog wash machine.
Our machine includes built-in shampoo, conditioner, flea and tick shampoo if needed, and a professional grooming grade blow dryer, plus a disinfectant to clean the tub at the beginning or end of the wash cycle. The Evolution Dog Wash includes everything your customers need to safely wash their pet  without the mess or hassle of bringing product and towels back and forth.

Evolution Dog Wash puts safety first.
Because the Evolution Dog Wash is a self-contained unit there’s no need for the liability of a drying table. It can be dangerous to carry a dog from a standard tub to a drying table on a wet surface, and the neck harness on the table becomes a liability if the dog falls off. Keep dogs and their owners safe with the Evolution Dog Wash.

Evolution Dog Wash machines are hassle-free and easy to maintain.
Unlike a regular tub, the Evolution Dog Wash only needs to be cleaned every 10-15 washes depending on the type of dog being washed (due to shedding), plus it only takes about three to five minutes to get the job done. Traditional dog washing tubs typically clog up after only a few uses. No one wants to wash their dog in a tub with standing water, and this continual maintenance can be time-consuming for you as the owner.

Evolution Dog Wash offers a two-year warranty.
We stand behind our product and offer a strong two-year warranty on parts, labor and technical support.

Evolution Dog Wash’s high-quality, modern design will look good in your business.
Evolution Dog Wash guarantees a premium, high-quality, custom-built self-serve dog wash that delivers nothing less than the best. All our models are made in the USA, fabricated with aircraft quality stainless steel and cutting-edge technology, then wrapped up in a sleek head-turning design.

Evolution Dog Wash is committed to customer satisfaction.
Washing your dog in an Evolution Dog Wash is an experience vs a chore washing your dog in a common tub. It’s easy to use, dog owners stay dry and it makes bath time a breeze.

Evolution Dog Wash allows you to reinforce your brand with custom graphics.
Our machines can be personalized with custom graphics specific to your business’ brand.

Evolution Dog Wash helps you retain existing customers and attract new ones.
With over 600 units sold in North America, Evolution Dog Wash is a brand that consumers know and trust. We have seen customers choose a specific business simply because that business provides access to an Evolution Dog Wash. 

Evolution Dog Wash is ADA Compliant
Our dog wash machine has been designed to be usable and accessible to all. This equipment complies with the intent of the ADA to provide equal enjoyment of goods and services to people with disabilities.

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