Celebrating 500 Dog Wash Machines Shipped!

At Evolution Dog Wash, we’re passionate about creating the highest quality dog wash machines that allow dog lovers everywhere to keep their four-legged family members healthy and happy. Since 2013, we’ve dedicated ourselves to top notch service and the attention to detail required to produce the very best in safety and comfort for pet owners and their loyal companions.

After seven years in the business, we’re celebrating a huge milestone achievement — our 500th dog wash machine sold in North America!

Inspired by the sleek, modern look of BMW’s M models, our new design patented DW2 model boasts an attractive and distinct look and feel that rises to the occasion as the centerpiece of any dog wash room or pet area. Whether in a multifamily apartment building, car wash or pet store, property owners are proud to display our beautifully designed dog wash in high traffic locations to attract tenants and customers. And dog owners trust that they are able to bathe their dogs in an environment that is soothing and comfortable for their beloved pet.

Here are some of the trusted features Evolution Dog Wash users have come to love from the leading manufacturer of dog washes in the country:

  • Easy-to-load basin with large door to accommodate dogs of all sizes
  • Secure door latches and pet restraints to keep dogs safely in place
  • Durable, anti-slip floor
  • Shatterproof plexiglass for safety of dogs and their owners
  • Safe and comfortable water temperature for dogs
  • Two-stage, temperature-controlled grooming grade dryer
  • Sealed stainless steel construction to reduce mold and mildew
  • Sanitize mode on all washes to ensure the cleanest environment for pets

Evolution Dog Wash machines are built to wash hundreds of dogs each month. We work hard to ensure our customers are always satisfied, and we are proud of our record. As part of our customer service, we help you through the entire process from set up to installation and beyond with our onsite warranty repair. In seven years and over 500 Evolution Dog Washes shipped we have only had two onsite warranty repairs. Our machines are designed to last and our service and maintenance videos make them easy to maintain even for a first timer.

Kim Taylor, owner of dog wash “Paw Wash Life”, and Hewitt Self-Serve Car Wash installed two Evolution Dog Washes and says the main reason she decided to purchase from Evolution Dog Wash was the high level of customer service. “Before making a large investment like this we wanted to do a lot of research and we had a lot of questions. We feel that customer service is an essential part of any business and it was a big factor in our decision to purchase from Evolution Dog Wash.”

Pet Wash Life, Hewitt, TX

Pet Wash Life, Hewitt, TX

Our quality, durability and demonstrated customer service and field reliability is unmatched. Our latest design maintains the best of our machine’s internal working components with an updated, modernized look with crisp, clean lines.

To learn more about how you can get an Evolution Dog Wash for your property, contact us today.

Budgeting and Planning for Your Evolution Dog Wash

A new budget season is upon us and now is the time to get Evolution Dog Wash into your capital spending budget for the 2021 year. Evolution Dog Wash starts at $14,500 and each machine comes with a complete, two-year warranty. We offer a number of customization options, including personalization with your company’s logo.

As you prepare your 2021 budget to include Evolution Dog Wash, it’s also time to consider the facility preparations that are needed before your dog wash can be installed. Here’s what you need to know.

Planning the Space for your Dog Wash

Evolution Dog Wash is much more than a bathtub for dogs. Our customized, low maintenance machines are made of aircraft grade stainless steel with a triple filtration drain system to protect your facility’s plumbing. This means only having to clean the dog wash tub once a day, compared to other standard tubs which usually clog up after a few washes. Each of our models includes a commercial grooming dryer and product selection for shampoo, conditioner and disinfectant.

Our dog wash dimensions are 79.5-inches wide, 74.6-inches high and 27.7-inches deep.

We recommend at minimum a 100-square foot (10’x10’) space, if possible, for your dog wash. But, the bigger, the better! Keep in mind that this is a luxury amenity you are adding for your dog-loving residents. A larger spa room or outdoor space provides ample room for dogs to exercise and socialize. Many properties have events for the residents around the dog wash to enhance community connections. Yappy Hour has become a favorite as well as adoption events and inviting the local police to wash their K-9 pets.

If you are planning an indoor spa room, we suggest a first-floor space (so tenants won’t be walking muddy dogs upstairs or through common areas, soiling walls and flooring) and near a bathroom or laundry facility for easy access to plumbing to keep installation costs down. Some properties choose to install the doggie spa in the parking garage for convenience when tenants come back from outings with their dog. If your dog wash will be set up outdoors, consider placing it near a clubhouse or in your property dog park, provided there is existing plumbing, such as a dog water fountain.

Although our dog wash can be outdoors in warmer climates, it is made of stainless steel, which can get very hot if not shielded by a shade structure, awning or other covering. An outdoor covered space, or indoor climate-controlled space is ideal for comfort of both the dog and its owner.

Preparing Utilities for Evolution Dog Wash

Evolution Dog Wash can be installed by any qualified plumber and electrician, provided the necessary utilities are in place. Our machine requires:

  • Cold and hot water supply connection (hot water is optional; we offer an internal water heater if needed)
  • ¾-inch incoming water line
  • 2-inch waste drain connection
  • Dedicated 120V 30 Amp hard-wired connection (optional internal water heater requires additional 120V 20 Amp circuit)

Purchasing an Evolution Dog Wash

If you are ready to purchase Evolution Dog Wash for your multi-family property, the first step is to contact our sales team at 888-303-0553. Let our team member know your budget and how many units you are considering. According to a Gallup poll, 44 percent of Americans own a dog, so larger apartment communities may want to consider multiple dog wash units.

Once your model has been selected and 50 percent deposit paid, we will begin the build of your unit. Most orders take eight to 10 weeks to complete. Once finished, the unit will be created and shipped to your location for installation.

Remember, a self-serve dog wash is one of the most commonly sought-after amenities for renters. Including an Evolution Dog Wash in your community plans will make dog owners, and their pets, loyal residents for years to come. For more information on our models, pricing or specs, visit our website. Have questions? Give us a call at 888-303-0553.


Evolution Dog Wash is proud to introduce customers to their new virtual showroom where visitors to the Evolution Dog Wash Company’s website are able to get a virtual preview of our popular Evolution self serve dog wash.

New Virtual Showroom Features a 3D Model

Taking advantage of the latest technology, Evolution Dog Wash Company is excited to announce that we now offer an interactive 3D model of our premier dog wash system.  View the interactive model of the self serve dog wash here. With the new interactive 3D model, prospective owners will be able to better visualize the dog wash unit prior to purchasing and installing.

Easier Installation Using a Virtual Showroom

The virtual showroom will enable prospective buyers to not only have the dimensions of the dog wash system, but to also get a pretty clear idea of exactly where and how they will be able to position their dog wash unit in their facility, right down to the rough in for utilities. Once the owners have a clear 3D visual of the size and scope of their new dog wash system, installation should pretty much fall right into place.

Manufacturers Using Virtual Showrooms is a Trend

Home designers and the architectural industry have been using 3D technology applications for space planning for a few years now. The trend seeing an upswing now is manufacturers and marketers using this technology as an effective sales tool.

For manufacturers and distributors of exclusive and/or larger items such as Evolution’s dog wash, there is an obvious benefit to using a 3D virtual showroom. The customer is not likely to be able to readily make a trip to the actual sales floor to view the product prior to purchasing. This gives the manufacturer the opportunity to allow prospective buyers to truly view the unit from all sides and from different perspectives.  Clickable bullet points located on specific positions on the 3D model are used to highlight special features of items.  A zoom-in function allows for a close-up view of the product and a zoom-out function gives a birds-eye view.

3D Virtual Showroom is Not Evolution’s Only Technological Advance

The new 3D virtual showroom is not the first technological advance that the Evolution Dog Wash Company has taken advantage of with their dog wash systems.  Evolution is leading their industry with their newest and most technologically advanced self-serve dog wash system. This advanced dog wash keeps owners abreast of their business and features with live system monitoring and the ability to access data from a smartphone or tablet.

Visit Evolution Dog Wash at The Car Wash Show 2015

Evolution Dog Wash Company will be an exhibitor at the Car Wash Show 2015 in Las Vegas April 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Come and connect with us for a hands-on demonstration of our Evolution dog wash.  Car Wash businesses have been experiencing overwhelming success with the addition of Evolution dog wash systems. Visit our exhibit at the Car Wash Show 2015 to see our dog wash up front and to learn how your car wash business will benefit by adding one of our Evolution dog wash units.


While the fall is bringing cooler temps to most of the country, things are just heating up at Evolution Dog Wash as we approach the end of the summer this year. Because our state of the art self serve Evolution Dog Wash is not just another dog wash, we are always eager to have the opportunity to bring the Evolution Dog Wash system to different locations so people can see our high quality dog wash first-hand and learn more about what the team here are all about.

Evolution Self Serve Dog Wash State-Of-The Art Features:

At Evolution Dog Wash, we take our relationships with clients seriously and regard you as not only a customer but also a business partner. We are always working to improve the features of The Evolution Dog Wash not just for efficiency, but so that businesses can improve their income and their service to their clients. Just a few of the great helpful technological additions to the Evolution Dog Wash include:

  • The Evolution’s Real Time Monitoring gives business owners live data so they can track their machine’s income, product levels, and operating status.
  • Our dog wash features a user-friendly interface with cascading lighted buttons so that your users can use the dog wash machine with ease and no frustration.
  • Our clients appreciate our 3-D model which is helpful for ordering your Evolution Dog Wash and for installation.


Fall 2016 Will Bring Evolution Dog Wash To Conferences

We are excited this fall to have the opportunity to attend a few major conferences where we look forward to allowing attendees to get a first-hand look at the great features of the Evolution Dog Wash. At these conferences, people get the chance to not only see the Evolution Dog Wash, but they can also ask questions and learn all about how our dog wash system can work in various ways to benefit their specific business. You can find us at the following conferences:


  • Miami New Construction Show on September 29-October 1, 2016 at the Broward Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale. At this premier real estate show, visitors can experience all of South Florida’s real estate market and see various real estate projects. You’ll be able to visit with prominent developers, investors, real estate specialists, and other industry-related professionals.


  • The 2016 FAA Conference and Trade Show on October 5-7, 2016 at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. Visit us along with over 750 multifamily housing industry professionals to make connections in the industry, share insights, and to learn from a number of keynote speakers.


Does A Self Serve Dog Wash Make Sense For Your Business?

Apartment communities and other multi family communities see the Evolution Dog Wash as a popular amenity that residents appreciate. Other types of businesses that use our dog wash system include car washes, vet clinics, pet stores, and travel centers. Visit our partners page to get even more ideas. If you’d like to learn more about how the Evolution Dog Wash can help your business earn more income while improving your customer service, visit us at one of the conferences listed above, or feel free to call us anytime at 1-800-426-0760.


Many businesses are looking for ways to provide new amenities for their customers or to add new revenue streams to their business model. Self-serve dog washing equipment can fulfill both those needs for a variety of businesses.

Evolution Dog Wash Company: An Overview

The Evolution Dog Wash Company is recognized as the gold standard in the self-serve dog wash industry. All dog wash systems are built by hand to match the specifications of every client. We build our systems in the United States and ship them all over the world.

The team at Evolution Dog Wash Company shares a passion for the welfare of all animals, but particularly companion animals. We’re the only self-serve dog wash company that focuses on providing a highly qualified team of experts and the best-quality dog wash systems.

The Dog Wash

We use only the highest-quality components in our products to protect the welfare of pets and owners. Our dog wash systems  are equipped with warm water to keep the pets happy and calm. The 2-inch sewer waste line can handle even the dirtiest dog. It’s easy to access the filter system, which is also clog-free and easy to clean. The system can be configured as a free or paid service.

The contoured non-skid wash platform has a handy front-open door. It also ensures that the dog getting the bath doesn’t stand in dirty water. At 81 inches wide, 72.8 inches high and just 23.6 inches deep, the Evolution Dog Wash system can fit in a variety of locations.

Our Models

Evolution EZ: This is our classic Evolution Dog Wash system that has everything you need to get started with your own dog wash station. It’s made from the same 304B aircraft grade stainless steel that is used in every model we make. With a commercial grooming dryer and a one-minute left alert, the system can wash hundreds of dogs every month with minimal maintenance.

Evolution EZ Plus: A step up from the Evolution EZ, the EZ Plus offers your customers more payment options, a separate flea and tick shampoo dispenser, and a more powerful grooming dryer. It’s the perfect choice for satisfying customers that want to make sure they don’t take any fleas or ticks home with them.

Evolution PLC: The PLC controls take the next step from rotary dial selectors to weatherproof switches that will make your Dog Wash even easier to use. In addition, its Omron solid-state controller ensures perfectly consistent water temperature and flow rate at all times.

Evolution Touchpad: This is our most sophisticated model, with many features that will make it easy for you and your customers. The two full-color screens attract attention and guide the customer step by step through the process. The touch screen makes using the system very simple. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can get revenue reports, machine status, and more using the internet.


After you invest in an Evolution Dog Wash system, it doesn’t take long to pay for it and to start seeing profits. Systems range from $13,900 for the Evolution EZ to $20,900 for the advanced Touchpad system.

You can customize the Evolution EZ with a coin and token acceptor. All other models can use the coin and token acceptor, along with a credit card reader, water heater and embedded multimedia TV monitor.

Evolution Dog Wash Systems Improve Your Bottom Line

Many businesses see that Evolution Dog Wash systems increase their profits. Here are just a few:

  • Apartment or condo complexes
  • Pet stores
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Car washes
  • Laundromats
  • Military bases
  • RV parks
  • Campgrounds

A dog wash makes you stand out from your competition, strengthens your reputation, and brings more exposure for your brand. Not only will your systems generate revenue, they will also bring in new customers to help you grow your business.

Are you considering investing in an Evolution Dog Wash? Contact us today to learn more!


Commercial dog bathing stations are not all made the same. Some are clearly inferior just from visual inspection, while others are seeming good quality until put to the test.

Evolution Dog Wash does things differently. Our product is individually made to each client’s specifications, with precision craftsmanship and excellence in every component. We are proud of our gold standard status, and we love providing businesses with a quality product they can rely on.

If you need help with making an informed decision, take a look at our top five questions about the Evolution pet wash station.

1. How Does the Evolution Dog Wash Work?

The dog wash system is designed to be user-friendly and easy to maintain. From your customers’ perspective, all they need to do is insert their desired payment option, select the type of cleaning/grooming service, secur

e their pet as needed and commence cleaning. All buttons are easy to press, and wash times are clearly labeled.

The system contains a three-part filtering unit that keeps pet hair from entering the sewer drain, along with an easy-access swing door for larger pets.

Various models let you choose which features matter to you and your customers; you can also customize each model to match your needs. Models accept bills and coins, or you can upgrade to a credit card reader.


2. What Products Does This Pet Wash Station Use?

Each initial order comes with four 1-gallon bottles: one Berry Clean Shampoo, one Opti-Neem Flea and Tick Shampoo, one Kiwi Conditioner, and one Kennel Sol Disinfectant. You can use your own shampoos as long as they are compatible with pumps and lines; however, please note that using other products inside the warranty period could lead to a voided warranty.

Each additional product is priced as follows:

  • Berry Clean Shampoo: $22.95/gallon
  • Opti-Neem Flea and Tick Shampoo: $28.95/gallon
  • Kiwi Conditioner: $20.95/gallon
  • Kennel Sol Disinfectant: $32.95/gallon

3. How Much Does the Evolution Self-Serve Dog Wash Cost?

Each of our dog cleaning machines have varying features and price levels. Our most economical model is the Evolution EZ, starting at $13,900. This model features a rotary selection dial, bill acceptor, “One Minute Remaining” alert, non-skid platform, one-speed commercial grooming dryer and countdown timer.

You can also choose our Evolution EZ+ model, starting at $15,900. This model includes a two-speed commercial dryer, flea and tick shampoo dispenser, and coin acceptor.

The Evolution PLC at $18,900 offers weatherproof selection switches instead of a rotary dial and an Omron water temperature controller for the perfect pup-washing temperature.

Starting at $20,900, the remote monitoring Evolution Touchpad keeps you informed about water and product levels, along with income reports and any maintenance needs. Your customers will appreciate the visual instructions as well.

We’re also pleased to offer pet wash station financing options.

4. How Much Maintenance Does the Dog Wash Require?

Thanks to the sturdy aircraft stainless steel construction and durable inner mechanisms, all dog washes require very little maintenance over their lifetime. The filtering system will separate hair from dirty water, helping to keep the dog wash free from buildup and debris. Regular disinfectant application will also keep the system clean and contaminant-free. Otherwise, we simply recommend that you check all hoses, valves and pumps annually, and replace any that show signs of wear.

5. How Long Does It Take to Ship the Dog Wash?

In general, you can expect to receive the Evolution Dog Wash at your veterinary clinic, car wash, apartment complex or other place of business 6-8 weeks after purchase. We proudly build each dog wash in the United States, although we can ship our product all over the world.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about the dog washing machines for sale on our site. We look forward to helping you provide the best service possible for your customers and their pets.


Installing an Evolution Dog Wash will have a very positive impact on your business, and it’s easy to do. These tips on preparing a space for your dog wash show you how to make the most of your investment.

How the Evolution Dog Wash Benefits Your Business

Are you looking for a new revenue stream for your business? Many car washes, pet stores and even veterinary clinics are finding a self-serve pet wash the perfect complement to their existing business. In addition, residential property managers are using a self-serve pet wash either as a source of revenue or as a way to secure their competitive advantage by providing an amenity for tenants who pay for keeping pets.

Making space for a dog wash in your business is beneficial for a variety of reasons:

  • It grabs attention: The dog wash itself is visually appealing and can draw people into your location. People tend to want to take a closer look when the dog wash is installed within sight of the front door. Don’t hide the dog wash; let it be a way to draw in customers.
  • It’s contagious: When others see someone giving their dog a bath, they’ll get a smile on their face. And, when they see how easy and fun it is, they’re likely to bring their own dog in for a good washing.
  • It encourages additional purchases: It only takes 10-12 minutes to use the Evolution Dog Wash, so there’s a good rate of turnover, which brings more people into your location. Further, since the customers are already in your facility, they typically take time to browse through your store or check out other services you offer.

Space Considerations: Outfitting Your Space

The Evolution Dog Wash can be displayed in a number of ways. With its aircraft-grade stainless steel construction and whimsical graphics, it’s an attractive addition to your store layout.

The Dimensions: The dog wash is 81 inches long (wide), 72.8 inches high and 23.6 inches deep. At about 6 feet tall, it can be seen from a distance for the all-important sightline attraction.

Accessories: You’ll need to outfit your space with a couple of other things that are required to operate the dog wash.

  • One-half inch incoming fresh water line for cold water, or cold and hot water
  • Two-inch sewer waste line
  • 110v 30-amp hard-wired circuit
  • If the optional hot water heater is installed,  a separate 110v 20-amp circuit

Suggested Dog Wash Area: We suggest that you enclose a 10-foot x 10-foot area with a waist-high perimeter fence to house the dog wash. Typically, a picket fence  contains the pets without making them feel closed-in.

If more than one Evolution Dog Wash is in service, those units can easily be installed back-to-back with an enclosure around each one.

Other Considerations: Weight and water usage are other things you need to plan for.

  • The dog wash weights approximately 750 pounds once out of the shipping crate.
  • The unit uses approximately 2 gallons of water per minute.
  • The operating cost is approximately $1 per wash. Using the recommended wash charge of $10 for a 10-minute wash, each wash produces roughly $9.00 in revenue.
  • The dog wash is ADA-compliant.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to increase your revenue with a fun and lucrative addition to your business, contact us  to learn more about adding an Evolution Dog Wash to your business today.


Is a commercial dog wash right for your business? Car wash owners and small businesses aimed at pet lovers can see a real uptick in foot traffic when they offer this unique solution for their customers. If you’re just beginning your research to choose a commercial dog wash, be sure to understand the basics about how they work and what you can expect for future maintenance and profit.

If you’re already intrigued and want to know more, you’re in the right place. Evolution Dog Wash has several models and some business-friendly features to make adding a dog wash a seamless experience — and one that will put you firmly in the driver’s seat when it comes to monitoring your system over time.

Evolution Dog Wash Models

Evolution Dog Wash comes in four different models to meet every business need:

  • Evolution EZ: Everything you need to get started with a dog wash, including filtered drains and a stainless steel casing with a bill acceptor and blow dryer.
  • Evolution EZ Plus: Upgrade by allowing coins and tokens in addition to bills for extra convenience. This model also offers flea and tick shampoo as well as a two-speed blow dryer.
  • Evolution PLC: Weatherproof switches and an Omron Solid State Controller for complete temperature control make this dog wash even easier to use.
  • Evolution Dog Wash With Touchpad: A touchscreen display makes this dog wash the easiest of all to use as it talks users through the process. This internet-friendly version also provides all the info you need track supplies and income.

Top-of-the-Line Equipment

Evolution Dog Wash is a leader in the industry because all of their equipment is top-rated and designed to be easy for business owners and building managers to install and use. The high-grade stainless steel dog wash is designed to look great and be durable for years. Notable features that set Evolution apart include the ability to install the dog washes on cold water lines only or onto hot and cold water lines. Either way, the dog wash connects to existing services via a 110 volt, 30 amp hardwired circuit.

Each dog wash uses approximately 1.7 to 2.5 gallons of water per minute — that’s eight to 13 gallons per wash. Based on these tested water usage figures, the average cost to run an Evolution Dog Wash is about $.90 to $1.20 per wash. With a recommended standard wash price for customers of $10 to $12, it’s easy to see how the dog wash earns its keep no matter where it’s installed!


Thinking of adding an Evolution Dog Wash to your business? It’s sure to enhance your customers’ experience and help them care for their furry friends, and that will keep them coming back for more. Once you look over your space and plan just how and where to install a dog wash on your property, it’s time to learn how it works so you can explain it to your customer base — and maybe even give it a try yourself!

The Evolution Dog Wash

The Evolution Dog Wash is quite simply the best dog washing experience available. It’s designed with ease of use in mind for both people and pets. Shampoos and conditioners are formulated with pet health in mind, and the chamber is designed for safety so dogs won’t slip on suds. On the human side, easy-to-use controls and ADA-certified design makes the Evolution Dog Wash user-friendly — and so much neater than trying to scrub a dog in the bathtub.

How to Use the Evolution Dog Wash

Using the Evolution Dog Wash is an intuitive process, but it’s helpful to review the directions before trying it for the first time. As a business owner, you’ll want to go through the steps yourself so you can answer any questions from your customers as they learn how to use your wonderful new machine.

  1. Place your pet in the wash area. While you can simply pick up a small dog and pop him into the dog wash platform, the stainless steel and polycarbonate doors open for larger animals to step up to the washing area.
  2. Secure the dog in place with the least tether. Some dogs might be nervous the first time using the dog wash, so just attach the tether to their collar like a seatbelt to keep him from trying to jump out of the dog wash.
  3. Insert payment. Depending on the payment options you’ve chosen, add coins, cash or tokens. You can also swipe a credit card. Once payment is complete, the digital timer will begin counting down the time available for the washing process.
  4. Disinfect the tub. While not strictly necessary, most people will want to select the option for disinfecting the tub before washing their dog.
  5. Have the wash gun in hand and then choose your shampoo. Follow the instruction menu to select the type of shampoo you want to wash your dog. Press the corresponding button to make your selection.
  6. Apply shampoo with the wash gun. Once you’ve chosen your shampoo, remove the wash gun from its holder and press the button on top to begin washing. You’ll spray shampoo on your dog’s coat with the gun while you scrub with your other hand.
  7. Complete the wash cycle. Depending on your selections, you’ll repeat the step with the wash gun for shampoo, flea shampoo, water rinse and conditioner.
  8. Blow dry your pup. Choose Low Blow or High Blow from the menu, and press the appropriate button. This will activate the hair dryer to dry your dog’s fur. Keep it moving over your dog, and use your other hand to ruffle the fur and shake out excess wetness.
  9. Clean up. Choose the disinfectant selection from the menu to rinse out the tub area so it’s clean and ready to use for the next customer. Hang up the hoses when complete.
  10. Exit the dog wash. Unlatch the chain and help your clean dog step out of the dog wash area. Now you’re ready to head home!

It’s easy as can be to get any dog perfectly clean with the Evolution Dog Wash. Want to learn more about the Evolution Dog WashContact us today!