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Many businesses are looking for ways to provide new amenities for their customers or to add new revenue streams to their business model. Self-serve dog washing equipment can fulfill both those needs for a variety of businesses.

Evolution Dog Wash Company: An Overview

The Evolution Dog Wash Company is recognized as the gold standard in the self-serve dog wash industry. All dog wash systems are built by hand to match the specifications of every client. We build our systems in the United States and ship them all over the world.

The team at Evolution Dog Wash Company shares a passion for the welfare of all animals, but particularly companion animals. We’re the only self-serve dog wash company that focuses on providing a highly qualified team of experts and the best-quality dog wash systems.

The Dog Wash

We use only the highest-quality components in our products to protect the welfare of pets and owners. Our dog wash systems  are equipped with warm water to keep the pets happy and calm. The 2-inch sewer waste line can handle even the dirtiest dog. It’s easy to access the filter system, which is also clog-free and easy to clean. The system can be configured as a free or paid service.

The contoured non-skid wash platform has a handy front-open door. It also ensures that the dog getting the bath doesn’t stand in dirty water. At 81 inches wide, 72.8 inches high and just 23.6 inches deep, the Evolution Dog Wash system can fit in a variety of locations.

Our Models

Evolution EZ: This is our classic Evolution Dog Wash system that has everything you need to get started with your own dog wash station. It’s made from the same 304B aircraft grade stainless steel that is used in every model we make. With a commercial grooming dryer and a one-minute left alert, the system can wash hundreds of dogs every month with minimal maintenance.

Evolution EZ Plus: A step up from the Evolution EZ, the EZ Plus offers your customers more payment options, a separate flea and tick shampoo dispenser, and a more powerful grooming dryer. It’s the perfect choice for satisfying customers that want to make sure they don’t take any fleas or ticks home with them.

Evolution PLC: The PLC controls take the next step from rotary dial selectors to weatherproof switches that will make your Dog Wash even easier to use. In addition, its Omron solid-state controller ensures perfectly consistent water temperature and flow rate at all times.

Evolution Touchpad: This is our most sophisticated model, with many features that will make it easy for you and your customers. The two full-color screens attract attention and guide the customer step by step through the process. The touch screen makes using the system very simple. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can get revenue reports, machine status, and more using the internet.


After you invest in an Evolution Dog Wash system, it doesn’t take long to pay for it and to start seeing profits. Systems range from $13,900 for the Evolution EZ to $20,900 for the advanced Touchpad system.

You can customize the Evolution EZ with a coin and token acceptor. All other models can use the coin and token acceptor, along with a credit card reader, water heater and embedded multimedia TV monitor.

Evolution Dog Wash Systems Improve Your Bottom Line

Many businesses see that Evolution Dog Wash systems increase their profits. Here are just a few:

  • Apartment or condo complexes
  • Pet stores
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Car washes
  • Laundromats
  • Military bases
  • RV parks
  • Campgrounds

A dog wash makes you stand out from your competition, strengthens your reputation, and brings more exposure for your brand. Not only will your systems generate revenue, they will also bring in new customers to help you grow your business.

Are you considering investing in an Evolution Dog Wash? Contact us today to learn more!

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