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Why in the world would a dog wash station appeal to residential property owners? Dogs don’t pay rent, after all. But think about it. Dog owners do. And dog owners are dog lovers. Anything that can enhance their lives while also enhancing the lives of their pooches is a major value-add when they choose a place to live.

‘Yappy Hours’: Parties for Dogs and Owners

Anyone who’s ever rented an apartment or bought a condo in a multi-tenant environment has seen the popular social magnet offered by the property: the happy hour. It’s a tool for encouraging socialization, as well as giving the property a “community” feel.

But why not add to the effectiveness of the happy hour by adding a component for your dog-loving residents? Call it the “Yappy Hour.” Instead of just people, have residents bring their dogs. As the dogs play and bond, so will the residents. It will be one of the highlights of their week, not to mention a great addition to the property managers’ menu of value-adds for residents and prospective residents.

Other Pet Perks for the Savvy Pet Owner

Now, let’s take it one step further. There’s dog and owner socialization, and there’s dog and owner convenience. That’s where Evolution Dog Wash comes in. Pet owners who live in multi-tenant properties don’t have basements or backyards. If they want to wash their dogs, it usually means a trip to the professional groomer, a good bit of pocket change and the chance that their pooch will bite the groomer or tangle with another dog or two, not to mention the trauma some dogs experience when in the hands of strangers. And, of course, the inconvenience and the expense.

Evolution Dog Wash is a state-of-the-art, custom-built self-service facility that requires very little space, will allow owners to pamper their pooches while grooming them and saves the owner money over third-party groomers. While the very reasonably priced (because operating expenses are extremely low) dog wash can be a profit center, property owners can also offer the service as a free “perk” to pooch-loving residents and prospective residents. Having an Evolution Dog Wash station can be the difference maker between signing that prospective renter and losing him/her/them to another property, and retaining current residents in the competitive world of giveaways and perks.

An Evolution Dog Wash is a perfect complement to the complete pet-friendly residential environment. For example, the owner’s beloved pooch romps around in the facilities pet recreation area and gets a bit grungy. Formerly a major pain, it’s now no issue. The owner needs only to visit the Evolution Dog Wash station to wash her pup’s dirt away and even enhance its aura with easy-to-apply fragrance.

Other amenities that property owners can employ and highlight include pet-sitting services, bowls of treats scattered throughout the property and even dog-walking services. Dog owners will respond favorably to any and all of these amenities.

To sum up, our society is growing more and more dog-friendly. From retail stores to outside restaurant dining areas, being dog-friendly is becoming de rigueur for any people-oriented enterprise that wants to increase its patronage and revenue. (Remember, even if the dog wash is provided for free, the decrease in operating expenses due to a more stable resident population will more than make up for the lack of direct revenue.)

Pet owners love to spoil their animal companions. The perks listed here are some of the popular and practical ways to help them do just that (and in the case of the Yappy Hour, do some good for themselves). But the icing on the cake just might be the Evolution Dog Wash. It’s the ultimate self-service dog wash available today and will spoil both the pets and their owners. Contact Evolution Dog Wash today for more information and answers to any questions you may have.

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