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Kansas Laundry Center Generates Passive Income with Evolution Dog Wash

Kansas Laundry Center Generates Passive Income with Evolution Dog Wash

Mac Dog Wash in McPherson, KansasHaving multiple streams of income allows individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners to achieve financial independence with greater stability. Evolution Dog Wash provides an opportunity for small businesses to capitalize on a passive stream of income. And that’s just what Mac Dog Wash has done for Todd Whitehill and his business partners.

It’s the entrepreneurial spirit that inspired Todd Whitehill and his business partners to open McPherson Express Laundry Center and eventually, Mac Dog Wash, in McPherson, Kansas.

In 2014, the group (Whitehill, his wife, son and a friend) secured a building to house their multiple businesses — an insurance agency, a self-serve laundromat and a commercial pick-up and delivery laundry service. Always thinking of ways to generate additional income, Whitehill and his partners decided to invest in a self-service dog wash and opened the business in 2020.

“I knew that I wanted a dog wash, just had to figure out where to put it,” says Whitehill. “We decided to build a separate building on the side of the parking lot for the dog wash and opened it in June 2020.”

The dog wash gave laundry customers something to do while they waited for their laundry to finish. “A lot of couples come together to do their laundry. One person starts the wash and the other person washes the dog,” Whitehill says. Outside the dog wash is a nice fenced-in area for dogs to exercise and play, and dog owners to enjoy being outdoors with their pet while they wait for their laundry.

Opening the dog wash in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic helped reduce the number of people gathering inside the laundry center. “Having the laundromat business during COVID was a challenge,” admits Whitehill. “We knew we didn’t want a bunch of people inside. The dog wash gave people something to do outside and an easy way to wash their pet and spend time together.”

Whitehill and partners researched many types of dog washes before they settled on Evolution Dog Wash. “We looked at several options, different manufacturers and styles. We drove different places and looked at dog wash options out there. A lot were located in pet stores or grooming salons, attended all the time and only open when the store was open,” explains Whitehill. “We really liked the look of Evolution Dog Wash. We didn’t really have a set price point we were looking at; we were mostly interested in the aesthetics of the machine and how it functions.” Being self-serve, low maintenance and aesthetically appealing sealed the deal.

With no competition in the area, word quickly spread about the grand opening of Mac Dog Wash, which houses two Evolution Dog Wash machines. “We knew there was a need and people were interested,” Whitehill said. The machines stay busy with locals and pet owners from 20 miles away making the drive to wash their dogs. “It really is a destination.”

Each of the Mac Dog Wash units averages $400-$600 per week in passive income. “We are very pleased with our two Evolution Dog Wash machines. They are pretty much trouble-free. The customers enjoy them and find them easy to operate. Cleaning is very straightforward. We love the trickle in income and we don’t have to spend a lot of time on it. The additional passive income has been great. There were no questions in my mind that it would pay for itself.”

Henry and Ivy

Todd Whitehill’s family pets, Henry & Ivy.

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