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Whether you own one apartment building or a portfolio of properties, you love providing residents with a comfortable, safe place to call home. You also love improving your bottom line, which is why you put your focus on your residents and learn which amenities will attract and retain renters. Let’s take a look at the amenities that appeal to pet owners, starting with a coin-operated self serve dog wash.

Dog Washing Stations

People love their pooches, and even if they don’t own their own home, they still like sharing a space with their canine companions. Of course, snuggling up to a fresh-smelling pup isn’t always so easy to achieve in an apartment setting. That’s where you come in! Setting up a commercial dog bath like the Evolution Dog Wash will give tenants a place to wash their pet; it will also help you stand out from the competition.

Dog Runs

What could be better than a nearby space to let dogs and their people run around? Even though your property is listed as pet-friendly, not all residents own a dog or want to interact with them across the complex. That’s why a dog run or fenced-off dog area is the ideal compromise. Inside the dog area, pets can play and socialize off-leash, and owners won’t have to worry about them running into the street.

Grooming Services

Many of your renters are likely working professionals, yet as pet owners, they still want to give their pooches the best care possible. You can make their lives easier by providing access to grooming services right on your property. Perhaps once or twice a week you could invite a local grooming service to offer on-site appointments. From nail clipping to ear cleaning to hair brushing and trimming, readily available pet services will appeal to renters and give them one more reason to renew or sign a lease.

Indoor Pet Play Areas

You wouldn’t likely need this amenity if your property was close to parks and walking trails, but you’d surely see the benefit if your property was located in an urban area. Plus, an indoor pet play area would be a definite draw during inclement weather. Dogs love to run around, but residents don’t want their furniture and breakables damaged. Solution? An indoor pet play area that lets energetic pups run around no matter how rainy or snowy it is outside.

Walking Services

As with grooming services, walking services are important for a healthy and happy pet. Your tenants may put in long hours at work and be unable to give their dogs an appropriate amount of daily exercise. To help them out, you could set up walking services as an addendum to their lease. Professional dog walkers will take pets for walks at the designated time and then secure the apartment once complete.

Dog Day Care

If your tenants have lively dogs, they may not want to leave their pets home alone all day for fear of costly damage. As the property owner, you will also appreciate their concern. A good solution is to set up a doggy day care room where especially active dogs can enjoy their days with human supervision.

Dog Parties

Instead of hosting parties just for residents, don’t forget to cater to their pets, too. Setting up pet-friendly parties can help residents and their dogs socialize and find new friends. Termed “yappy hour,” this event can occur on a regular basis and bring together like-minded people for a strong community, happy renters and well-cared-for pups.

Are you considering setting up a self-serve dog wash at your apartment complex? Contact us to us today to learn more. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Evolution Dog Wash professional dog bathing system, as well as explain how it can help you attract and retain renters.

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