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Here at Evolution Dog Wash, we understand the significant role that canines play in the lives of their owners. They are much more than pets; they are loyal companions. As such, dog owners want the best for their furry confidantes. This is true when it comes to all aspects of pet care, including nutritious foods and safe accessories, all the way down to high-quality cleansing products. Our self-serve dog wash system is designed to provide a top-of-the-line bathing experience that allows owners to get their dogs squeaky clean while ensuring that their beloved pets are both safe and happy.

About Our Self-Serve Dog Wash

Crafted with superior materials, like 304B aircraft grade stainless steel, each of our Evolution Dog Wash models is built to last with a minimal amount of maintenance required by owners. Equipped with features such as a 2-inch sewer line and a clog-free, easily accessible filter, our self-serve dog washes are able to handle heavy shedders and muddy messes without hesitation. Meanwhile, the non-skid wash system is designed to accommodate spaces of all sizes with measurements of 81” W x 72.8” H x 23.6” D. Whether offered as a free amenity or a paid service, the Evolution Dog Wash system is a convenient addition to residential properties like apartment complexes or commercial establishments like pet stores, laundromats, car washes, campgrounds and even veterinary clinics.

Currently, we are proud to feature four different models: Evolution EZ, Evolution EZ Plus, Evolution PLC and the Evolution Touchpad. Each of these models include a commercial grooming dryer, soap dispenser and an innovative design that prevents dogs from standing in dirty water as they are bathed. Our more advanced options offer more variety when it comes to flea and tick treatment dispensers, payment options accepted and operation panels. Regardless of the model you choose to feature in your business, the inclusion of the Evolution Dog Wash allows your facility to stand out among the competition.

Learn more about Evolution Dog Wash at these upcoming events:

ICA Conference

Date: April 26th – April 28th

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Evolution Dog Wash will be attending The Car Wash Show 2018, hosted by the International Carwash Association. The Car Wash Show showcases new and upcoming products in the industry throughout a 160,000 square foot trade show floor. Packed full of professionals and educational sessions, the show is the largest car care event in the United States.

TAA Conference

Date: April 25th- April 27th

Location: San Antonio, Texas

The Texas Apartment Association Education Conference & Lone Star Expo is an event that connects rental home professionals from around Texas with one another. Several distinguished products and services, including the Evolution Dog Wash, will be presented to industry leaders, along with networking and education opportunities.

NAA Conference

Date: June 13th- June 16th

Location: San Diego, California

Apartmentalize, the annual education conference hosted by the National Apartment Association, is a highly anticipated event in the industry. The conference aims to educate those in the industry and features up-and-coming popular products and services, including the Evolution Dog Wash, along with motivational speakers who offer unforgettable advice to professionals in the residential rental industry.

FAA Annual Conference & Trade Show

Date: October 3rd – October 5th

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

The 2018 FAA Annual Conference and Trade Show will include over 900 multifamily housing industry professionals. It is the premier state conference for the apartment industry and will offer attendees innovative solutions to help gain market share and grow their bottom line.

Contact us today with any questions regarding our revolutionary self-serve dog wash systems. We look forward to seeing you at one of these upcoming events!

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