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Perhaps you own a car wash and have overheard customers discussing self-serve dog washing stations, but you don’t know what they look like or what they require. Then again, perhaps you own an apartment complex, where many of your residents own dogs but struggle with cleaning them in such a compact space. In any case, you know that you want to improve the lives of pets and their people and help your business at the same time. Investing in an Evolution Dog Wash is just the solution you need.

Investing in an Evolution Dog Wash

Each high-quality dog wash station will offer your business many years of use, and as such, it presents an initial investment that some people might not expect. Yet the benefits speak for themselves, matching and exceeding the investment in just a short period. Let’s take a look at how the Evolution Dog Wash can help your business succeed.

1. Additional revenue stream

Customers pay a pre-set amount every time they use the dog wash station. The default setting is $10.00 for 10 minutes of use, but you can adjust these parameters to suit your business needs. We ship the Evolution Dog Wash internationally, so we can program the unit to accept your country’s currency in the coin, bill and credit card readers; this gives both you and your customers total convenience with every wash. Since water usage costs average $1.00 to $1.50 per wash cycle, most of the money from each use becomes pure profit for you.

2. Added amenity for customers

Providing this amenity will help customers see your business as more appealing. Not only does it increase the likelihood of them returning, but it also means they could recommend you to their friends and colleagues. You know that a full clientele list can only improve your bottom line.

3. Quality construction

Since these dog cleaning systems have aircraft grade stainless steel construction and sturdy inner component, they continue working from start to close of business. Plus, with little to no maintenance required, each dog wash retains its reliable service and attracts new and repeat customers with ease. This could be the perfect segue into dog wash franchise opportunities. Check out our testimonials to see what others have to say about Evolution Dog Wash systems.

Financing Opportunities

You’re now confident that the Evolution Dog Wash is the product for you. The next question is, have you decided how you will cover the initial cost? Let’s review the financing options.

Monthly payment option

If you cannot afford to pay the full cost outright, you’ll want to split your costs into monthly payments. First, go to our financing page and select “Monthly Payments.” Enter the total cost of the dog wash system and hit “Calculate.” You’ll then see a list of monthly payments along with how many months it will take to fully pay off the bill.

Financing option

If you prefer to finance your system, you’ll pay back the money in installments, plus interest. Ascentium Capital, our financing partner, will help you determine the best method for your needs. Head to the financing page and select “Finance Amount.” Enter the amount you’d be comfortable with repaying each month, and hit “Calculate.” You’ll see the available terms and how much financing is associated with each.

A handy calculator

Let’s say you want to work backward: you have the total cost and you have a specific amount you’re comfortable paying off each month. How many months will it take? Go to the financing page and select “Solve for Term.” Enter your total cost and the amount you want to pay, and hit “Calculate.” The program will tell you how long you will be responsible for partial payments of the dog wash system.

Are you interested in purchasing a self-serve dog wash? Contact us to us today to learn more and to review your financing options.

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