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Family-Owned and Operated Besties Pet Wash Now Serving Small Town USA

"We thought that our community and the travelers throughout Montana would appreciate having a place to wash their pets," says Julia Hoagland, the 15-year-old manager of Besties Pet Wash.

Clover’s Car & Dog Wash: A Project by Dog Lovers, For Dog Lovers

What do two dog lovers do for retirement? Create a space for other dog lovers to pamper their pups, of course! John …

Yappy Place: A Happy Place for Dogs and Their Owners

Dog owners in Lexington, Kentucky now have access to an exciting new venue, offering pet wash stations and canine-only activities they won’t …

When it comes to installing a pet wash in your retail business, you have options. So why choose Evolution Dog Wash over a standard pet wash tub?

6 Tips to Prepare Your Pet for the Holidays

While you’re busy decorating your home, cooking and baking for that holiday feast and preparing for guests, take some time to prep your pet for the holidays with these tips.

5 DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

5 DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

It’s time to kick off the holiday season with some trick-or-treating fun! As you’re planning Halloween costumes for your kids, don’t leave …

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