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Clover’s Car & Dog Wash: A Project by Dog Lovers, For Dog Lovers

Clover’s Car & Dog Wash: A Project by Dog Lovers, For Dog Lovers

What do two dog lovers do for retirement? Create a space for other dog lovers to pamper their pups, of course!

John and Debbie Kirar built and opened Clover’s Car & Dog Wash in Thornton, CO as an investment project for their retirement. “We are engineer types and love the operation of the car wash, and on a smaller scale, the dog washes,” said Debbie.

Construction began in July 2021 and Clover’s Car & Dog Wash opened one year later, in July 2022. The inclusion of a dog wash wasn’t just an add-on—it was always part of the plan. “The dog washes were an integral part of the carwash design from the very beginning.”

The project began with the name, Clover’s. “Clover was one of our beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels,” Debbie said. “Clover and his brother Lucky were dogs we rescued. We added Lucky and Clover to our family to give our original cavalier, Snoopy, a couple of playmates. When Clover passed it became clear that our carwash would be Clover’s Car & Dog Wash.”

Even the green and pistachio colors of the carwash pay tribute to Clover. He always wore a green collar and tag.

“The bottom line is that we are dog lovers and we wanted to provide a dog wash service for fellow dog lovers,” said Debbie. “The dog washes add a whole other business opportunity to the car wash. They provide an option to people who want a clean dog but don’t want to go to a groomer, or wash their dog at home.”

Why Evolution Dog Wash?

John and Debbie first experienced the Evolution Dog Wash machines at the Camelot Car and Dog Wash in Golden, CO.  They then scheduled a tour of the Evolution Dog Wash facility in Colorado where our machines are built, “so we could see the dog washes, observe the manufacturing and learn all we could about the dog washes.”

It wasn’t a tough decision, Debbie admits. “We didn’t need to shop around; we were sold on the Evolution Dog Wash design.”

Two Evolution Dog Wash PLC Models have been installed at Clovers Car & Dog Wash, complete with integrated hot water heaters in each pet wash. The machines are equipped to take cards, cash or tokens.

What’s to love about Evolution Dog Wash?

“I think there are several clever design features of the Evolution Dog Wash,” Debbie said. “The stainless construction makes cleaning and wiping down easy. The platform where the dogs stand is the perfect size and height. The drainage system below the platform is great, allowing water to drain off and dirt and hair to be collected.”

Evolution Dog Wash machines incorporate all washing, conditioning and rinsing and drying features dog owners need to get your dog clean and dry. “We think the soaps and conditioner are effective on our pets, making their coats soft and clean, and they smell wonderful! We use the disinfectant to wash out the dog washes between users,” said Debbie. “The disinfectant is important to us and people are washing pretty dirty dogs!”

What’s your experience working with Evolution Dog Wash?

“I cannot say enough how we like that the dog washes are made right here in Colorado! The team has been great to work with,” Debbie said. “Everything from support and coming to our site to help us get our washes operational with the card reader system, to providing us flags to advertise. We appreciate that they care. We appreciate that the Evolution Dog Wash team is proud of their product—as they should be!”

Now that Clover’s Car & Dog Wash is past the initial set-up phase, our support of their dog wash business continues. “We feel like the Evolution team continues to care about our dog washes and will continue to support us as we are washing more and more dogs.”

If you are in the area, stop by and visit Clover’s Car & Dog Wash at:
231 East 128th Avenue
Thornton, Colorado, 80241

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