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Customer Spotlight – Zoomies Wash Services

Customer Spotlight - Zoomies Wash Services

Trevor Hamel is the newest owner of Zoomies Wash Services, an automated dog wash station located at Palm Bay Auto Spa and Dawg Wash in Palm Bay, Florida.

Hamel has been in the car wash business for 12 years. He has been operating Zoomies since February 2023 when he purchased the combined car wash / pet wash business. Since then, as word-of-mouth has spread, Hamel’s self-serve pet wash station has been steadily bringing in new customers. The convenience of having a pet wash station coupled with a car wash means people can “wash their dog, wash their car and vacuum their car all at the same facility,” he says.

Zoomies is located outside, with no separate building needed, and is easily accessible. Hamel added an awning over the wash to keep the Florida sun off customers while they give their fur babies a bath.

Customers are drawn to Zoomies as it’s an affordable, quick, and easy way to wash their pets. You can wash your dog for $11 in 11 minutes any time of day. Zoomies is open 24/7 so there’s no need to make an appointment or worry about fitting in a dog wash in a tight schedule. “Customers love the convenience and the fact that they don’t have to break their back while trying to wash their dog in the bathtub or the backyard.” A sentiment we hear all the time from happy Evolution Dog Wash users!

The included shampoo, conditioner, flea and tick control as well as the option to blow dry is also a huge selling point for Palm Bay residents who stop by Zoomies for a wash.

At Evolution Dog Wash, we’re all about helping business owners capitalize on the convenience of our all-in-one automated system. Evolution Dog Wash is a nice complement to car wash businesses as our systems are easy to add with just plumbing and electricity and they attract new customers and bring in additional revenue. Typically, the machine will pay for itself in under two years, and with a 10-year warranty on the frame, this investment is anything but a wash! Afterall, it pays to meet the needs of customers and their pets with a dog wash option that is safe, affordable, and easy-to-use!

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