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Meet Bobby Keith: Bringing Technical Excellence, Innovation and Quality to the Dog Wash Industry

Bobby Keith, a seasoned veteran in both engineering and the car wash industry, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as Technical Product Manager at Evolution Dog Wash, Applewood GJ. Hailing from Baytown, Texas, Bobby’s career includes over 28 years in the car wash industry.

His remarkable experience and achievements and his relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and attention to detail allow Evolution Dog Wash to provide customers with quality that is unmatched and machines that produce the industry’s highest uptime.

Bobby’s journey began at the Jim Coleman Company (JCC), now Coleman Hanna, where he served as one of the top management team members. During his tenure at JCC, Bobby embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with B&C Engineering Company, where he played a pivotal role in the invention of the timing technology that is still used on over 100,000 car washes today.  

As a former owner and operator of both convenience stores and car washes, Bobby brings a rare perspective about the market to the Evolution Dog Wash Team. His insatiable hunger for knowledge and hands-on experience has equipped him with unparalleled expertise in engineering, design, and technical guidance that he brings to our team. This self-driven pursuit of excellence has been the hallmark of his career.

In 2012, Bobby’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to embark on a new venture, assembling dog wash units in his personal shop. Alongside a dedicated team, he assembled over 500 units, showcasing his knack for innovation and meticulous attention to detail. These machines were shipped out across the world to locations including Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and throughout the United States.

In 2013, Bobby’s ingenuity shone once again with the design of the Evolution Dog Wash PLC, revolutionizing the dog washing industry. This state-of-the-art unit, equipped with flashing lights, electronic controls, programmable options, and code availability was the first unit to market a built-in media device for marketing to the industry and customer. With its ability to store and retrieve usage data, the PLC set a new standard for dog wash technology. 

In 2021, Bobby began work on a new concept and design, along with Matt Ogden, owner of Evolution Dog Wash, culminating in the creation of the “mini” dog wash, which launched in 2022. The mini is a full-featured pet wash machine with the same tub area, yet requires less floor space, which is critical where space is limited. 

The mini allowed Evolution Dog Wash to enter a more competitive price arena with a lower cost unit, all while maintaining the quality that Evolution Dog Wash is known for. The mini is also the first pet wash to meet the new California and other water preservation laws. This new technology was also then applied to our larger units as well. “The mini now leads the company in sales, and we expect that to continue for many years,” says Bobby. 

Most recently, Bobby designed and built a self-sustaining mobile dog wash trailer containing two Evolution Dog Wash mini units. The customer tested basic wash tubs compared to Evolution Dog Wash machines in their dog wash stations in store, and is in the process of replacing the standard tubs with our automated pet wash machines. In order to not lose any customers and continue providing safe, quality pet wash services during construction, they will use the Evolution Dog Wash mobile trailer at each of their locations. 

“Being a pet owner myself, I see the value in offering the public the best dog washing experience in a safe and clean environment,” says Bobby.

Meet Bobby Keith: Bringing Technical Excellence, Innovation and Quality to the Dog Wash Industry

Bobby’s dedication to excellence and innovation is an inspiration to the entire team at Evolution Dog Wash. “We are so fortunate to have Bobby on our team. Not only because of his unparalleled technical ability but also because he is a top-notch person through and through,” says Matt Ogden.  He is a military veteran and skilled author who has written the life story of people he respects; Jim Coleman, founder of Jim Coleman Company and he co-wrote the life story of Juan Gutierrez, co-founder of B&C Electronics. He is also a dedicated father, step-father, grandfather and proud pet parent. We’re honored to have such an exceptional individual pioneering technological advancements and ensuring our position at the forefront of innovation in the industry—all with the well-being of pets in mind.

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