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The pet business is a stable, recession-proof industry. Evolution Dog Wash automated, self-serve machines include everything customers need to safely wash their pet. They offer easy, hassle free maintenance and are built for longevity so you can sit back and relax, and let Evolution Dog Wash start generating passive income for you today!


Built to wash hundreds of dogs per month with minimal maintenance, the Evolution Dog Wash system generates ongoing revenue for your business and grows your customer base. This premium amenity quickly becomes an asset that strengthens your brand and reputation.

Discover the positive impact that the Evolution Dog Wash can have on your multi-family community, car wash, pet store, laundromat, dog grooming business, military base, travel center, RV park, dog beach, campground, and so many other facilities.

It doesn’t take long to pay for the system and turn dog washes into profits. See our Revenue Calculator to estimate your profits.


    Proudly Made in the USA
    Aircraft Grade Stainless Steel
    Triple Filtration Drain System
    10-Year Warranty*
    Superior Quality
    Low Maintenance

*10-Year Warranty on Frame, Three-Year Warranty on Parts

Revenue Calculator for Evolution Dog Wash

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The average dog owner washes their dog every 3 to 5 weeks. Enter in numbers to get your possible ROI.
Please enter dog washes per day.
The average customer is charged $10/wash. $1 goes to shampoo, electricity, and water.
Estimated per year revenue.
$ 12,960.00

You will pay off your Evolution Dog Wash in x years.

Number of years, assuming cost of average dog wash.

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We have partnered up with Ascentium Capital, an award-winning commercial lender. They offer fast and flexible business financing through a consultative approach. They can help you develop a payment option that meets your business needs! Get started today!

Financing as low as

*Based on financing the Evolution Dog Wash mini for 60 months.

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