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Your business is increasing steadily each day, and with an improved bottom line comes the ability to improve your home life too. If you’re getting ready to sell your home and move on to something more tailored to your needs, you’re in luck. It’s now a seller’s market, which means you can often command top dollar for an updated space.

But did you know that certain home features will take your home value up another notch, thus convincing home buyers to spend more money? According to an article on USA Today, recent Zillow research has revealed just that. Let’s take a look at the outdoor and indoor amenities that will lure buyers right to your front door.

Outdoor additions

More and more, people want to get out of confined spaces and into open living. An open-plan kitchen is a great start, but it still requires staying indoors on a warm, sunny day. Enter the outdoor kitchen, where you can prep, cook and clean up while admiring the view. According to Zillow’s research, homes with an outdoor kitchen sold for 25 percent more than their estimated value.

Solar panels are another feature that people pay top dollar for, to the tune of 21 percent above asking. Buyers know that solar panels more than earn their keep, and they sometimes generate excess power that utility companies covet.

Pizza ovens are another popular outdoor feature, often boosting home prices by as much as 26 percent. Homebuyers want to gather with pets, friends and family in the backyard, not stand around inside while heating up the home. The pizza oven is a perfect compromise that gives you delicious home-baked pizza and socializing galore.

Even buyers who don’t want to cook outside still like relaxing outside. This is why outdoor fireplaces are rising in popularity, helping put homes 20 percent above asking. Those who gather around a roaring fire while settled in comfortable furniture extend their time outdoors far into the evening hours.

Indoor must-haves

Top of the list for indoor amenities is the steam shower, which improves a home’s sale price by as much as 29 percent. No ordinary shower, these versions use steam generators to recreate the steam-filled experience you enjoy in a sauna. They have glass enclosures that further add to the sleek, spa-like ambiance.

Wine fridges are another indoor must-have, and they can command as much as a 22 percent increase in sale price. Most people lack a basement suitable for storing wine, but you don’t need to worry about that if you have a wine fridge that controls the temperature for you. Displaying and enjoying a wine collection has never been easier.

Another amenity that homebuyers will pay more for? A mediation room. In fact, this serene space can boost a home’s sale price by up to 24 percent. People truly appreciate knowing they have a secluded, distraction-free space to return to each night.

Although people love outdoor kitchens, they can’t always use them if the weather won’t cooperate. That’s why kitchens with professional-grade appliances still appeal to homebuyers everywhere, and get sellers to pay as much as 29 percent more.

And one final amenity that appeals to pet owners everywhere?

It’s the pet shower, also known as a dog bathing station. This indoor feature is an ideal accompaniment to the mudroom, providing a place for you to wash your pets free of mud, debris or outdoor irritants. Usually a walk-in dog bath tub and a detachable showerhead/hose, the pet shower can make buyers shell out up to 25 percent above the asking price.

Are you also interested in making a profitable addition to your business? Consider adding a professional dog wash station. We encourage you to contact Evolution Dog Wash today to learn more about our quality product.

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