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5 Reasons Store Owners Love Evolution Dog Wash

When it comes to installing a pet wash in your retail business, you have options. So why choose Evolution Dog Wash over a standard pet wash tub?

Here are five top favorites about our automated pet wash system versus a basic tub:

  1. Evolution Dog Wash machines are clean! Washing a pet in a standard tub and then having to move the wet dog to a drying table can be a messy job. Plus putting your pet in a tub that has standing water and is dirty and smelly with wet fur residue is a complete turn-off — not to mention unsanitary!

    The triple filtration drain and sanitary features of our pet wash ups the cleanliness factor of your pet wash room. Unlike a regular tub, the Evolution Dog Wash only needs to be cleaned every 5-15 washes depending on the type of dog being washed (due to shedding), plus it only takes about 3-5 minutes to get the job done.

    Traditional tubs typically clog up after only 1-2 uses making it more of a hassle for the maintenance team to maintain and keep clean. And the sanitation feature makes it easy for customers to clean the tub thoroughly and quickly. Before putting their pet into the wash tub, they can use the sanitize feature to ensure the basin is fresh and sanitary for their pet. Then, after their wash, they can clean it again for the next user!

  2. Evolution Dog Wash machines are safe! Safety really is our top priority — for your customers and their pets. That’s why they’ll wash and dry their pet all in the same unit! No need to risk moving a wet dog on a wet floor to a separate drying table. Additionally, neck harnesses on some dog wash/dry tables pose a risk if a wet pet were to slip off the table.

    A standard tub and drying table can be a safety liability you don’t need to worry about with the all-in-one automated Evolution Dog Wash. Plus, the water is pre-set to the perfect temperature and there is no heat when drying, it’s a blow dryer to ensure the pet’s safety.

  3. Evolution Dog Wash is faster, saving time and increasing your revenue! Our built-in timer is key. Did you know in a standard tub, it takes, on average, 25 to 27 minutes to wash a pet? Evolution Dog Wash reduces the average wash time to 15 minutes, meaning you can serve more customers and make more money in less amount of time.

  4. Evolution Dog Wash is so efficient! All the built-in features of an Evolution Dog Wash machine make washing a pet as efficient as possible. The machine automatically mixes the right amount of shampoo, conditioner, disinfectant, and water so there’s no guessing for the user — and no waste! You save money on product, but also on expenses including electricity, water, and staff time and materials to clean the unit.

  5. Evolution Dog Wash makes washing your pet fun! Sure, washing your pet is a chore, but with our automated machines, it becomes a fun bonding experience, more than a dreaded chore, for your customers and their pets! And it sure beats having to bend over a bathtub to get your pet clean! Because it’s a fun attraction, it drives more traffic to your location, which ultimately can increase overall revenue and build brand loyalty.

In short, store owners love all the benefits Evolution Dog Wash brings over a standard tub, and customers do as well. Evolution Dog Wash is “sooo much better than the bathtub,” says Candace, who regularly washes her dog at Belly scRubs in Hurricane, West Virginia. 

To learn more about Evolution Dog Wash, visit www.evolutiondogwash.com.

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