Evolution Dog Wash


Looking for a way to make your car wash more attractive to new customers? 1 in 3 cars that come into a car wash have a dog in their household. You can make a big splash in your neighborhood and entice pet lovers to come back more often when you add an Evolution Dog Wash to your business.. Dog washes are a popular destination for anyone who loves making their pets a part of their lives — especially when they enjoy outdoor activities that can lead to muddy paws and the famed “wet dog smell.”

Not sure that dog washes are right for you? Check out the advantages of having a dog wash on site for your loyal car wash customers.

Top Advantages of Adding a Dog Wash

If you’re thinking about expanding your business or want to find ways to bring new customers to your car wash, a dog wash can be just the thing to boost your business. Here’s why:

  • Create a Loyal Customer Base: Your customers probably don’t love their cars the same way they love their pets. It can be hard to build loyal repeat business when you face competition from other local car washes, but a dog wash is a major draw. Pet owners will come again and again to get the pups clean — and when they do, they’ll wash their cars, too. That’s a win-win for your bottom line.
  • Real-Time Income Analysis: Evolution Dog Washes are sophisticated machines designed to provide you with all the analytics you need to monitor your income. The easy-to-read displays show exactly how much you’ve earned each day, month and year of operation. This feature is an optional addition and is not standard on all dog washes.
  • High-Quality Construction: Evolution Dog Washes are made of aircraft-grade stainless steel for years of use — no matter how rough-and-tumble the canine clientele. There are also thoughtful touches like UV-protected decals to protect your machine’s good looks and a non-skid wash platform to keep people and pets safe.

The Evolution Dog Wash and Your Bottom Line

Adding a dog wash to your business does more than just attract pet-loving customers to your car wash — though it does that brilliantly! It also provides a consistent revenue stream that gives you a wide profit margin on each wash. With the actual cost per wash of just $.90 to $1.20 — but a recommended retail price of $10 to $12 per wash — it’s easy to see how the dog wash pays for itself in short order. With just four washes per day, you could see $14,400 in revenue in a year: enough to pay off the machine and leave you with nothing to do but enjoy a big boost to your bottom line in subsequent

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