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Driving Success: How Gary Rome Hyundai is Diversifying Business with a Car Wash, Automated Dog Wash and Detail Center

Driving Success: How Gary Rome Hyundai is Diversifying Business with a Car Wash, Automated Dog Wash and Detail Center

At Gary Rome Hyundai, dogs aren’t just companions—they’re a part of the family. That’s why including a state-of-the-art dog wash in their brand new car wash and detail center just makes sense.

On Thursday , April 11 more than 250 people gathered to celebrate the grand opening of the latest Gary Rome facility in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Located on Whiting Farms Road, the 9,500-square-foot facility boasts a state-of-the-art car wash and detail center, complete with an automated Evolution Dog Wash tailored for four-legged passengers. And it’s all thanks to President and CEO, Gary Rome, whose love for animals is as evident as his commitment to quality service.

Dogs have always been a part of Gary Rome Hyundai’s marketing and identity. Expanding their offerings to include a self-serve dog wash was a natural, “on brand” choice and an ideal way to differentiate the business. “Dogs have always been family at Gary Rome Hyundai and we wanted to help owners keep their furry friends happy, safe, and clean,” says Gary Rome, President and CEO of Gary Rome Auto Group.

In true Gary Rome fashion, every aspect of the car wash, dog wash station and detail center is tailored to cater to canine companions. The themed car wash packages like “Best in Show,” “Good Dog,” “Champion,” and “Tail Wagger” make it clear that man’s best friend is at the forefront of this venture.

After researching dog wash options, Rome says the final decision to install an Evolution Dog Wash came from his desire for “the most innovative, state-of-the-art, user-friendly dog wash machine available. We chose Evolution due to its history of dependability and futuristic design.”

Customers are able to pay $15 to use the pet wash station for 15 minutes. The dog wash hours are the same as the car wash, with weekends being the busiest time, sometimes in excess of 20 customers per day using the self-service dog wash. The wash stays so busy that just one machine isn’t always enough!

“So far, the response has been nothing short of phenomenal,” says Rome. “Pet owners have sent us letters, photos, and videos, all expressing their overwhelming satisfaction. We couldn’t have made a better choice!”

The impact of Gary Rome Hyundai’s self-serve dog wash extends far beyond clean cars and happy pups. In a community-focused initiative, the dealership gives back a percentage of the sales from the car wash to the community, providing a win-win situation for both customers and the community.

“We wanted to build the brightest and the best,” Gary Rome told WWLP News.

And with the opening of their dog wash, it’s clear that they’ve done just that—providing a valuable service to their customers while staying true to their commitment to the community.

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