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Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

2020 is almost a wrap! While this year hasn’t been much to brag about, one thing that gets us excited is the fact that pet adoptions have skyrocketed as more people are spending more time at home! That’s certainly something to celebrate!

As you finish up your holiday shopping, don’t forget something for your four-legged family members, or the dog-lovers in your life! Here are 11 of the best gifts to give your dog or dog owners.

  1. SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy
    Nobody likes to be alone, even our pets. If your pup suffers from separation anxiety, this soft snuggle buddy with a pulsing heartbeat and heat pack is the perfect soothing toy. 
  2. Veken Water Fountain
    Worried your dog doesn’t drink enough during the day? This ceramic dog water fountain, complete with a filtration system encourages your pet to drink more water (and not from the toilet!) 
  3. Little Dove Pet TeePee
    Every pup needs a cute and cozy place to retreat! This adorable pet teepee for small dogs isn’t just comfortable for your dog, but it won’t be an eye sore in your living room! 
  4. Crown & Paw Custom Pet Portrait
    Turn your pet’s picture into a Renaissance masterpiece! Just choose your costume, upload a photo of your pet and place your order! 
  5. Personalized Food Bowl
    Add a little flair to mealtime with a personalized ceramic dog bowl. Choose your size and design and customize with your pet’s name. And this bowl is dishwasher and microwave-safe! 
  6. GoBone Interactive Smart Bone
    Playtime has never been more fun than it is with an interactive smart bone! Designed to help dogs get plenty of exercise, and be sure they’re having fun, this durable, robotic smart bone keeps dogs engaged longer and can be controlled by your phone on the GoBone app. 
  7. “Hope You Like Dogs” Doormat
    Welcome guests (particularly other dog lovers) to your home with this funny flocked doormat.The durable natural fiber is easy to clean and perfect for outside your front door, or anywhere in your home. 
  8. Face Masks and Matching Bandana Sets
    It is 2020, after all. Get a dapper new bandana for your pup and a matching mask for you! The handmade bandana and mask sets from The Foggy Dog are too cute to pass up. 
  9. Whistle Go Health & Location Tracker
    If your dog has a tendency to go on the run, you can have peace of mind with this dog collar attachment with a real-time location tracker. The Whistle Go also provides insight into your dog’s behaviors, such as licking, itching, drinking and sleeping. And, you can even stay on top of your dog’s activity with the health tracker! 
  10. Pet House Candle
    If you’d like it to be a little less obvious that there’s a dog living in your house, try this all natural soy wax candle. The non-toxic candle freshens pet-loving homes, with more than 20 scents to choose from. 
  11. Dog Wash and Shammy Towel
    And last but not least, don’t forget all dogs need a bath. Take your pup to the closest Evolution Dog Wash and for an extra dry pup bring along this Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Shammy Towel. It’s an absorbent microfiber towel that soaks up 20 times the amount of water and mud than the average shammy towel can. And it dries eight times faster than cotton towels.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Evolution Dog Wash!

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