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Increase Your Bottom Line without Increasing Your Overhead

Increase Your Bottom Line without Increasing Your Overhead

As any smart business owner knows, depending on one source of income for your business can be risky. Evolution Dog Wash offers a game-changing solution for professional dog groomers to add a stream of revenue and increase their bottom line, without adding to their overhead.

Our state-of-the-art automated dog wash machines help you supplement your business while maintaining the efficiency and quality that your clients expect. Here’s how you can increase your bottom line without increasing your overhead:

1. Attract New Clients
By incorporating Evolution Dog Wash machines into your grooming business, you can attract a much broader customer base. Adding a self-serve dog wash station to your grooming business allows you to attract customers and bring in foot traffic with pet owners who may not currently need the full professional grooming services that you provide. Because you’ve provided a lower-cost, self-serve option, your grooming services will be top-of-mind for these pet owners when they do need a full groom for their pet!

2. Client Retention
Offering supplementary services, such as a self-serve automated dog wash not only helps you to attract new clients, but helps to retain your current clients. If clients are able to bathe their pet it between scheduled full grooming appointments, you’ve provided a more diversified and stable income for your business. Especially during seasonal fluctuations in the demand for professional grooming.

3. Maintain Quality of Service
The quality of your services is paramount. Rest assured that Evolution Dog Wash machines are designed to provide the same level of care and attention that you provide. Our machines offer a safe, comfortable, and gentle bathing experience for dogs, ensuring that they leave your establishment clean, happy, and well-groomed.

As a professional groomer, your reputation is built on the exceptional care you give to the animals you groom. With Evolution Dog Wash, you can maintain this standard of quality while enhancing your service offerings.

4. Easy Integration
Evolution Dog Wash makes it easy for professional dog groomers to integrate our machines into their business. Our comprehensive training and support ensure a seamless transition, and our machines are easy to maintain, requiring very little time from you or your staff. Our support team is available to assist you should any questions or issues arise.

Evolution Dog Wash provides a no-brainer solution for professional dog groomers to enhance their services and increase revenue, without the need for additional staff or an increase in overhead. Want to know more? Contact us today!

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