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The busy holiday season, the time when folks are making their lists, making plans to spend time with loved ones, and wrapping up the past year to jump into the new year.  The holiday season is the perfect time to make room on your list for animal welfare organizations in need.  A thoughtful way for pet lovers to show their love and concern for their furry friends is by making their annual contributions toward animal welfare causes.  Or, because animal welfare charities need your help not just during the holiday season, but all year long, consider scheduling monthly donations toward your favorite cause.

Choosing a legitimate cause with a genuine mission that benefits animals can be overwhelming. Not only are we dog lovers here at Evolution Dog Wash, but we truly have a passion for the welfare of animals.  We’ve done our research and offer a list of 6 animal welfare causes for happier dogs in 2015 for when you know your heart is in it, but can’t decide where to direct your contribution.


Crossroads Campus

Crossroads Campus brings together disadvantaged youth and adults with animals through innovative community programs.  Young people receive mentoring and job training in the Crossroads neighborhood pet store.  Through training and caring for the animals that are available for adoption, individuals not only get the opportunity to experience unconditional love of animals, but they also gain confidence, a sense of purpose and learn marketable skills.


Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund

Founded with the mission to curb pet overpopulation, Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund (CPOF) provides funding so local animal care and control organizations and veterinarians can work together to reduce unwanted litters by performing sterilizations and microchipping, and offering medical care to shelter animals.


Adopt a Pet Foundation

The mission of Adopt a Pet Foundation is to provide funds to the over-burdened, under-funded animal shelters and animal rescues throughout the state of Colorado. Funds are directed toward spaying/neutering, vaccines, disease prevention, and other services that will provide shelter animals a better chance at surviving and being adopted.


Morris Animal Foundation

Morris Animal Foundation is a global leader in funding scientific research that helps improve the health and quality of life for companion animals, horses and wildlife around the world.


Animal Assistance Foundation

Animal Assistance Foundation works to support and enhance the five freedoms (free from fear of distress; hunger and thirst; pain, injury and disease; discomfort, and free to express normal behavior) for companion animals in Colorado through grant making that is impactful and innovative.


American Humane Society

The mission of the American Humane Society is to protect children and pets from abuse and neglect, and to encourage the potential of the bond and the interaction between humans and animals in order to mutually benefit both.


Get Into The Holiday Giving Spirit

As you are getting into the holiday spirit this year don’t forget about the huge need and impact that animal charities have in our communities and across our country.  At Evolution Dog Wash we applaud these charities and look forward to what 2015 has in store for you and for the growth of our business.

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