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There are few ways to treat a dog better than a trip to the beach. Search the web, and you’ll find that photos of pooches frolicking in the sand are in plentiful supply. The emphasis, though, is often on how much fun the dogs are having (not the logistics that go into pulling off a safe and exciting seaside outing).

Next time you’re thinking about a jaunt to the local, dog-friendly beach with your four-legged friend, you should play it safe and bring more than your camera. These are a few of the essentials that every beach outing with your dog requires.

Life Vest

Even if your dog is adept at swimming, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra protection in the open waters. Currents at the beach can be fierce, and a life vest helps ensure your pup can keep their head above water.


Did you know dogs can get sunburn? They’re especially susceptible if they have white fur or very little hair. The remedy? Apply some sunscreen to your dog’s exposed areas to counteract the possibility of nasty burns.

Pet Towel

Going to the beach means water. Water means your dog will undoubtedly get wet as the frolic about. Bring a towel with you to help dry them off before they’re covered in sand.

Dog First Aid Kit

Heading to the beach is a safe activity, by-and-large, but it’s best to stay prepared. Bring a first aid kit with you so that you can treat potential cuts and burns. If a more serious injury, such as a jellyfish sting, befalls your dog, ensure your kit includes tweezers, ammonia, and bandages too.

Clean Water and Treats

What’s the most refreshing thing you can have on a hot day? Water, of course, and you should have plenty for you and your dog, as the heat and ocean air will make them extra thirsty. Throw in a few treats and they should be plenty refreshed after their beach break.

Portable Dog Bowl

We’re hoping you didn’t plan on pouring that fresh water straight from the bottle to your dog’s mouth. Portable dog bowls and specially-designed dog water bottles are perfect for travel. Bring them along for the journey so your dog can drink their water in style.

Floating Toys

Dogs love toys, and you may have already had the idea of bringing a few to the beach. Go for it, but make sure you bring the waterproof/floating varieties with you. This will reduce the likelihood of your dog’s favorite playthings sleeping with the fishes.

Beach Umbrella

The sun and heat can wreak havoc on your dog if you aren’t careful. As an extra measure to keep them cool, bring an umbrella with you. Your dog will appreciate the shade, and you’ll have the opportunity to take some shots of your pup relaxing in unparalleled style.

Extra Leashes and Collars

As an added security measure, bring some backup leashes and collars with you to the beach. There are plenty of perils that might cause one or the other to fail. At beaches where leashes are mandatory, you’ll be glad you came prepared.

After the Beach Day Concludes

With a fun day at the beach behind you, there’s a near-certainty you’ll find your dog covered in sand. It will be challenging to clean them if you try doing it the old-fashioned way, so try to find an Evolution Dog Wash near your next beach trip to clean off your sandy pup.

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