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8 Outdoor Activities to Do with Your Dog

8 Outdoor Activities to Do with Your Dog

Dogs, like humans, need outdoor activity to thrive. Spending time outside with your dog each day is essential for your pup’s health and happiness, and there are some definite perks in it for you, too!

Here are just a few of the benefits dogs and humans get out of spending daily time outside:

  • Exercise and weight control
  • Exposure to clean, fresh air
  • Reduction in boredom, anxiety and depression
  • Boost in vitamin D to bolster immune system

It’s time to get up off the couch and head outside with your dog! If the walk around the neighborhood leaves you both yawning, check out some of these other outdoor adventures you and your dog can enjoy together.

Hit up the dog park. Many residents in both urban and suburban areas enjoy access to local dog parks. Not only is this a chance to get your pup some much needed off-the-leash exercise, but dog parks are also excellent for socialization — and even dogs need a social life!

Head to the beach. If you live in or near a beach town, take advantage of the fact that most beaches are dog-friendly. Let your dog off the leash (if local rules allow) to splash in the water and roll around in the sand or play a game of Frisbee.

Go for a hike. Explore local trails and nature preserves with your four-legged friend or take a day trip to the nearest state park. A change of scenery will do you both some good. Note: Be sure to check park rules and regulations first to be sure your dog is allowed in the park.

Go camping. Spend a few nights away from home on an overnight camping trip with your dog. And if tent camping isn’t your thing, consider renting an RV and checking out one of the many dog-friendly RV parks in the country.

Get wet. Go ahead and invest in a kiddie swimming pool and sprinkler toys, even if you don’t have kids. Your dog will love cooling off on a hot summer day with a few water toys in the yard.

Hop on your bike. Help your pup burn off all that extra energy by walking alongside you for a long bike ride. Be sure your leash is long enough and that you’ve spent some time training your dog to safely walk beside a bicycle.

Enjoy a meal together. Find a local restaurant with a dog-friendly patio and enjoy a meal with your dog by your side. Taking your dog to a restaurant provides an opportunity to expose your dog to new faces, which is an important part of socialization.

Go for a jog. While most dogs love to run at least short distances, some dogs were bred for running and make excellent running partners. Huskies, Greyhounds, Golden Retrievers, Jack Russell Terriers, German Shepherds, Labradors and Vizslas are just a few of the dog breeds that make for great runners. Lace up your sneakers and take your dog out for a jog.

Every dog, no matter his age or breed, needs outdoor activity and exercise to thrive. So get out there and soak up some summer sun with your canine companion!

Many pet-friendly RV parks, campgrounds, dog beaches and dog parks also feature amenities for your furry friends such as designated areas for your dog to run free, treat stations and self-serve dog washes so they can clean up after a busy day of activity. Seek out locations that offer the Evolution Dog Wash for a perfect end to an active day with your dog.

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