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Evolution Dog Wash Fosters Business Acumen with Young Athletes

At Evolution Dog Wash, we believe that all young people should have the skills and confidence to succeed wherever their future takes them. That’s why we created a program to educate young athletes and help them develop skills for workplace success. Our sponsored athletes learn all aspects of a small business from the ground up, from U.S. manufacturing, including metal fabrication, welding and assembly, to business, finance, sales and marketing as they promote Evolution Dog Wash machines across the country.

The program focuses on motocross athletes who compete at a national level as it requires them to be very dedicated to their sport. Most national motocross athletes are homeschooled, live at training facilities year-round and travel often for races. Many of these athletes ride and train over 200 days a year and compete in another 15-25 races. This commitment to their sport makes it difficult for them to get a steady job or have the opportunity to participate in traditional internships.

Evolution Dog Wash is proud to sponsor seven athletes for the 2020-2021 season. Follow them on Instagram!

These athletes will have the opportunity to compete in as many as four top amateur races across this U.S. this year. They look forward to qualifying and racing in the 40th annual Monster Energy AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship that will take place Monday, August 2 through Saturday, August 7 at Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

In exchange for financial support and paying a portion of the athletes’ entry fees, the athletes promote the Evolution Dog Wash brand through social media and event sponsorships. This includes setting up and working the trade show booth at large races. The athletes learn about Evolution Dog Wash, its offerings and how to market the product to consumers, one on one. In order to effectively sell the product, they need to know who we are as a company and the basics of the business. They promote the fact that we are a Colorado-based, family-owned business that is now the largest U.S. manufacturer of dog wash machines. Athletes explain how the machines work, how much they cost and who typically purchases them such as multi-family apartment buildings, car washes, groomers and pet stores owners. In addition to marketing, the program helps these young people understand the business side of things, such as hard costs, profits and loss and the logical side of manufacturing and the technology behind it.

“It’s very rewarding to watch the kids work the booth together at events and see their skills improve over time,” explains Evolution Dog Wash owner, Matt Ogden. “Some of the things we teach them are very basic social interactions, such as introduce yourself, look people in the eye, ask them questions and listen to what they have to say. And the older athletes are given a leadership role as they mentor the younger kids along the way.” This experience and community interaction gives athletes the opportunity to learn how to present themselves professionally and gain business confidence and skills.

“I love this program because we have a direct impact on youth athletes and help them develop leadership and life skills to succeed in business, sport and life,” says Ogden. “I’m proud we are able to offer this program to help kids grow and develop not only as athletes but as people.”


Sponsored athletes, Owen Ogden, Ellie Ogden and Collin Allen tour C&D Metal Products, Evolution Dog Wash’s sheet metal fabrication partner in Thornton, CO. C&D’s owner, Craig Wilhoyte, explains the fabrication process, first showing how the stainless steel is laser cut, then explaining how it’s bent into shape by press breaks before being welded together creating a high-grade durable machine.

At B&C Electronic Engineering, Evolution Dog Wash’s manufacturing partner in Denver, CO the sponsored athletes learn about the internal mechanics of the dog wash machines. Craig Stevenson, EVP of B&C, shows Collin Allen how they install the plumbing and electronics making the system the most complete, all-in-one model available on the market today. Seeing this process helps the athletes understand the education and trade skills that go into production, but also how the final product is easy for customers to operate and owners to maintain.

For more information on Evolution Dog Wash, visit http://evolutiondogwash.com/.

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