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Dog owners represent a significant portion of the population (about half, according to The Washington Post), so it makes sense for your business to target them as part of your growth strategy. Successfully marketing to dog owners can require some careful strategy, though, so use these insights to improve your outreach efforts.

Get Your Customers Involved

In many cases, your current customers will be the best advocates for your business. By identifying the right clientele and seizing upon the most appropriate opportunities, you can use the dog owners within your customer base to promote your business to other dog owners.

While this might take the form of simple outreach efforts like using consumer surveys, asking for client feedback to use in promotional efforts, and offering incentives for referrals, a more direct method of getting customers in on the marketing act is to show them using your products.

For example, if you have a self-serve dog wash, you can have your current customers showing how easy it is to use, how effective it might be, etc., as a way to appeal to potential new customers.

Utilize Social Media

The importance of social media marketing is difficult to overstate. For starters, there are large numbers of prospective customers who spend considerable time on the multitude of popular social media platforms out there.

Beyond that, though, the fact that marketing through social media is cost-effective, results in improved brand awareness/loyalty, and grants more opportunities for you to engage with your customers directly make it a prime choice for identifying dog owners and reaching out.

Case in point is Facebook’s ad platform, which allows you to target specialized audiences and concentrate on the dog owners you’d like to convert into customers. You can perform similar outreach efforts on other social media sites, so be sure to take advantage of such features whenever possible.

Find Pet Influencers

People respond well to other people (especially popular ones) which has made “influencer marketing” all the rage in recent years. By getting someone with a noticeable reputation within the world of all things “pet” to endorse you or collaborate on content, you can tap into their audience, boosting your base of potential customers.

Remember it’s not as simple as tracking down influencers and paying them to help you out in your marketing efforts. You’ll have to adhere to the rules on influencer marketing, and follow a few best practices to yield results. Above all else, keep it authentic.

Try Video

If you aren’t already incorporating video into your marketing strategy, you’re behind the curve. Video is one of the most compelling avenues for attracting new customers; including it in your outreach goals will provide a great way to show dog owners why they should be interested in your business.

For example, using video to highlight how much fun dogs have when using your products/services lets dog owners see your value in action, providing more incentive for them to check you out in real life.

Remember to do whatever you can to make your videos as accessible as possible, like creating thumbnails for your social media videos so that viewers can watch them without sound and still understand what’s happening.

Tying It All Together

Don’t forget the bottom line: pet owners love pet amenities. Consider adding an Evolution Dog Wash to your business in order to make it more marketable to dog owners, and be sure to contact us with any questions.

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