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How to Launch Your Pet Wash Business

How to Launch Your Pet Wash Business

Are you a business owner looking to create an additional stream of revenue? Or are you looking for a new business venture to create passive income with the flexibility of being your own boss with a low-maintenance business model? Look no further than Evolution Dog Wash.

Why a pet wash?

Did you know that 70 percent of households in the U.S. — or 90.5 million households — own a pet? And that number has been steadily increasing, up from 56 percent in 1988! Pets are an integral part of the American family, and as such, Americans will always be willing to spend to care for their pet.

Here are a few other reasons you should consider a pet wash as part of your business plan:

  1. Pet care is recession-proof. The historical growth pattern of the pet industry—even in difficult economic times—proves that people will always take care of their pets.
  2. The pet industry will continue to grow. Millennials and Generation Z consumers have embraced pet-centric lifestyles and are willing to spend more of their earnings on their pets, compared to older generations.
  3. Pet care is steady and dependable. There will always be a need for pet care. Basic needs such as food, pet supplies, grooming and veterinary care are essential for all pet owners.

In addition to these basic facts, self-service is a trend that is being adopted across the globe in various industries and sectors, and the pet industry is no different. Providing a user-friendly, self-serve pet wash option allows the customer to have control over their experience. Plus, a DIY pet wash reduces stress for the pet and creates a bonding opportunity between the pet and its owner.

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Why Evolution Dog Wash?

Evolution Dog Wash was engineered and built with dogs’ safety and well-being in mind. Our machines are built with premium stainless steel and the most advanced technology to ensure a safe, user-friendly experience for customers and their pets.

Features of our automated pet wash machines include:

  • Safety-first, self-contained all-in-one design
  • Easy, hassle-free maintenance
  • High-quality design for maximum longevity, warranty and support

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How to Launch Your Pet Wash Business

How to get started with Evolution Dog Wash

If you’ve made up your mind and are ready to get started with your self-serve pet wash, let’s walk through the next steps.

  1. Fund your dog wash and order your machine. Costs will vary based on market, specific buildout details, which unit you choose, additional rent if needed and marketing execution. Adding one Evolution Dog Wash machine to an existing space could cost between $15,000 and $35,000 depending on room construction needs and initial signage.
  2. Choose your location and prep your space. Depending on the unit selected, all you need is a 7’x7’ or 10’x10’ space with plumbing (incoming water and a sanitary drain) and electrical. The wall behind the unit should be tiled or waterproofed up to the backsplash. Flooring should be non-slip and easy to clean (tile, concrete or epoxy are great options.)
  3. Install your pet wash. Once your space is ready, we can help direct you on the set up or a plumber or maintenance man can handle the simple install.
  4. Market your business. Now the fun begins, and it’s time to get the word out about your pet wash! In addition to signage around your location, other marketing strategies and materials to consider include:
  • Social media
  • Website
  • Online advertising
  • Public relations campaign
  • Partnership with local vets, pet services or pet charity groups
  • Local magazines, newspaper and radio
  • Direct mail to surrounding neighborhoods

A self-serve pet wash is one of the most commonly sought-after amenities for pet lovers. Including Evolution Dog Wash in your business plans will create loyalty with your pet-owning customers or tenants. For more information on our models, pricing or specs, visit our website. Have questions? Give us a call at 888-303-0553.

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